Chapter Twenty-Five: Note

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After asking great many questions about the incident and such, Dumbledore finally waved them on their way in a kind manner, stopping Hermione before she left.

"Miss Granger is there anything you would like to say that hasn't been mentioned yet?" He inquired her gently. He knew he had to be patient for it wasn't the first time that one of his students, brighter than the others seemed to always be around odd incidents. Of course he didn't suspect her to be the cause... But he needed to know.

"No, sir." She'd looked up at him meeting his blue eyes void of the usual twinkle before making a split second decision.

"Well actually yes, sir." She stared at him, studying his face before she continued..

"I can do wandless magic."

He looked at her evenly before sighing softly and nodding to himself.

"Yes. Yes, I had the notion of something of this sort." His facial expression changed slightly to a mask of ancient sadness.

This surprised her. She knew he knew almost everything but Hermione wouldn't expect him to realize it so easily. There was something else he knew though.


He looked up from examining gnarly old hands and pierced her with his gaze, she realized that he was using Legillimency. She knew enough to only let him see his question. She'd blocked out everything she knew she wasn't meant to know or have seen.

"Yes Miss Granger. I do know more. But perhaps this is not the time."

"On the contrary sir, I believe this is the perfect time." She surprised herself by so openly speaking to her Headmaster. He seemed slightly taken aback and Hermione took advantage of that.

"Sir, do you remember last year when Harry threw all the tantrums, about being kept in the dark and being left out of things?" She gave him a hard stare.

"He had a point you know. He was completely right. We are more involved than any sixteen-year-olds should be. And not by our own interference either. I was foolish when I did not believe in prophecies and such. Fate is very much part of our lives. I know that each and every one of the people that were in this room few minutes ago have their own part in the battle. And I know that you know about it. You know more... Yet you try to hide it from us. You should have learned from last year when Sirius died. It is better to 'corrupt our youthful innocence' by knowledge then let our dreams and lives be destroyed by the blows that should await us if we are unprepared. Surely you must understand. Why keep things from us?"

Hermione stopped to study his expression after her speech. It was not like her at all to say such things but she knew that it was the truth.

Dumbledore took off his half-moon spectacles and pinched the bridge of his crooked nose. He exhaled painfully before putting his glasses back on. After joining his hands he finally lifted his head up and peered at her over his glasses at last. The expression in his eyes could only be described as... Resigned.


She lifted her eyebrow in a manner that suggested her spending too much time around Draco before he continued.

"I believe you are right. Partly. You need to know things, and although I was reluctant to tell you I think that this is finally the proof. You have figured it out for yourself... It all starts with a legend which is so old it is not even in the Hogwarts: A History."

Hermione was confused. What did a legend have to do with Harry being petrified and her being able to do wandless magic?

" This legend supposedly goes back to time just after the last Hogwarts founder (Helga Hufflepuff) has passed away. According to it, every few centuries, a wizard or a witch is born with powers far stronger than those of their peers. It is not always the same power- some even seem far fetched- according to a legend there was a child that was born with extensive animagus abilities- VERY in touch with his wild side- apparently he could morph into over twenty different animals. There is a story of a girl that had such strong elemental magic that she could control her surroundings- especially the wind, fire and water although earth was one that she could not grasp. Also there was a student with regenerative powers, his abilities were quite similar to how Phoenix is reborn, he would burst into flames, although instead of becoming a child again he would simply be the way he was before, therefore he could age normally. Every one of these 'gifted' children had a different power."

Hermione stared at the old man with her mouth open. She almost understood what he was getting at... Almost.

"You are one of them Hermione. These people are born for a reason. They are to be the protectors of Hogwarts and the Good Side for the time being."

"For the time being?" Her brow furrowed in confusion.

"They do not live forever." He stated simply, shocking Hermione.

"You mean I'm some sort of sacrificial lamb and I have no right for a life I chose?" She was getting slightly angry... Just a little.

"Of course you do. Although with a great power comes a great responsibility. As you said Fate is not to be ignored as it will catch up with you sooner or later. What is meant to be will be. Your power like the other ones, are not completely new sort of magic, as you surely know, there are animagi and wizards more skilled with their elemental power and some can do simple magic wandlessly- not in the way child does accidental magic, but a spell which they wanted to use. But all is limited. Farthest an ordinary person can train themselves to exercise wandless magic is bellow what a Second-year student can perform. For ordinary wizard it is possible to become an animagi but it is limited to one animal- which is already set for them. As you can see these powers are limited for us 'mere mortals'." He chuckled before continuing.

"For you, your gift gives endless power. You can perform any magic wandlessly. If you wished you could do spells as complex as Fidelius charm without use of a wand. For you it is all in your mind. Of course I would recommend you hide your talent from any outsider. Your friends knowing is too many people already but so far they seem trustworthy."

The old Professor seemed more than pleased that he managed to tell her without a yelling match. He did not expect her to take it so calmly. Perhaps he underestimated her. He did not feel the need to tell her about the 'gifted' that went to the Dark Side as that would only give her an unnecessary possibility to think about. Temptation is something he knew to lead to actions that were often regretted.

Hermione has not spoken for a while and it was evident that she was getting used to the idea of being 'special' and having no real choice whether or not she wanted to involve herself like that (of course she'd involve herself.. But still.. she WOULD like a choice) It was daunting that all this information has been sprung on her, and with it more responsibility. She did not expect Dumbledore to tell her all this. She thought he was going to act coy and tell her that it is not the right time or something along the lines.

She stood up and turned to leave wordlessly. She was stopped by him clearing his throat softly.

"One more thing..." She paused in her tracks and turned back to him.

"I know you know Dagen's true identity and that sooner or later the two (or more) of you will hunt for his parents murderers. There is some information that I do have which would perhaps help."

With that he stood and moved over to one of the portraits hanging behind his desk. The burly red-haired former Headmaster swung around to reveal a vault. Dumbledore moved, obscuring her view for a short time, while she heard clicking noise and snap, before he turned around revealing the vault locked once more, before the portrait covered the wall once again. In his hands was a small chest with number of locks. He walked briskly to Hermione and handed it to her.

The chest was extremely light but she instinctively knew that it hid something huge. Whether literally or figuratively she could not tell. She examined it closely, noticing the locks had odd key holes which would not fit any normal key. Her eyes bulged slightly when she noticed the sign on top of it. She knew it, it was so very familiar, yet she could not place where exactly had she seen it.

"I believe you and Draco will figure it out. It has been found with their parents. I think that it is the only clue that will still be useful at this point, if the two of you should feel the need to leave Hogwarts for any reason, see me and something can be arranged, but make sure that the two of you stay together if you are to leave." He said that in a way that made her wonder if he knew more than he was telling her. Perhaps he already figured it out?

He saw the questions in her mind and he smiled in a sad but slightly amused manner.

"I can see how you've stopped trusting me completely Hermione, but you must believe me. Everything is for a reason and by telling you what I have today I have already gone much too far. I do not know anything about this chest. It is Draco's secret to figure out and it would not be right for me to be nosing around in his personal affairs."

Hermione nodded slightly and her respect for her Headmaster which has suffered today so much has risen by couple of notches again. Then she thanked him in the 'old Hermione' manner before finally leaving.

It was a relief to be descending the circular staircase once again. She felt exhausted and she wanted to see Harry and Draco. The former out of worry about her best friend, he was petrified after all, and the latter because.. well not only did she miss him, but also there was this weighty matter that was to be discussed. While still in the safety behind the gargoyle, Hermione tried her wandless magic by using a disillusionment charm on the chest. It worked perfectly. Hm, impressive. She thought to herself. Then she let go of it (not to look suspicious carrying an invisible object) and levitated it in front of her with her mind.

"Hermione, I don't know what to think. This seems so far fetched." Draco's voice sounded painfully genuine.

"So how do you explain my ability of doing wandless magic? You're not trying to tell me that you can do complex magic wandlessly?" She snapped at him, annoyed that he seemed to find Dumbledore's story less than credible.

"I'm not saying that.. But that legend... There is no record of it what-so-ever. Do you not think that I would have heard of it?" He tried to say that most children in magical world knew all the stories and the non-written ones were passed down generations through bedtime stories orally.

"Are you saying that you as a pureblood know better?" Her tone was cutting. This was not like the mild Hermione he knew. This girl was just as passionate but slightly more vicious.

"No. That is not what I was implying, I meant that every kid that grows up in our world knows stories just like every kid in muggle world knows stories about Little Red Riding Hood, and Seven Dwarfs and Snow-white and so on..." He looked at her pleadingly, surprised to find her beaming at him.

"You know muggle stories?" She laughed in delight.

"Yeah, Mum thought I should be more open-minded and she secretly smuggled me books from muggle bookstores." He smiled at her gently.

"I really don't know about that legend 'Mione. I want to believe it... Although.. Not really... Secret guardian? It sounds pretty dangerous. Things only need guardians if there is dangerous people trying to take advantage or something..."

She sighed.

"There is one more thing." She concentrated for a second before a small chest seemingly appeared out of thin air.

"Wha-?" Draco's grey eyes bulged at the sight.

Hermione snatched it out of the thin air and handed it to him.

"Hermione where the bloody hell did you get this?" He almost shrieked

"Er, Dumbledore gave it to me cause he thought... Well he suspected we are going to go after your parents' killer and he said it was a clue."

He stared at her incredulously before he reached under his t-shirt and pulled out a necklace-pendant. It was a key... An odd key...

"You have a key?"

"Course I do... But the other six keys are... Well... all over the place." He placed the key in the rightful lock and turned three times.

The chest sprung open revealing a shallow inside of the chest. There was a yellow scroll of parchment with Draco's name on it. Draco pulled it out and unrolled it to reveal a tidy calligraphy which Hermione did not recognize, but Draco knew absolutely surely. It was his mothers writing. Another bizarre thing he saw was the date: 4 December, 1990. It was the dated to the day when he was born. Air whooshed in and out of his lungs before everything went black.

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