On the bridge of the Interdictor Defiance, Darth Revan looked over the battle raging in front of her. She could feel death resonating in the Force, and while it was not an altogether pleasant feeling, it was a sign that things were going as planned.

"Commander, bring me the prisoners. I want to see if they can be of any use."

"Right away, Lord Revan."

After a few more minutes of observing the two fleets clashing in orbit over Foerost, Revan heard the Commander return with the Republic captives.

"I'm glad you could join me here on the bridge," said Darth Revan in a falsely sweet tone. "But if you'd be so kind as to tell me the weakness in the Republic forces."

"You think we'd betray the Republic that easily?" one of the soldiers barked. "You're a fool."

"Of course I didn't, but I thought I'd be kind enough to give you that option." The twisted amusement was clear in her modified voice, and a cruel, though hidden grin stretched across her face. "Well Commander, since our guests refuse to be forthcoming, you'll have to persuade them to talk."

"As you wish, Lord Revan."

Wielding a stun stick, the Commander tormented the captives. Their cries of pain went unheeded as Revan watched the abuse expectantly.

"Ready to talk now?" she asked, her impatience obvious even through her mask's voice modulation.

"N… never!" a soldier panted.

"I see. Well, we've wasted enough time here." Focusing her gaze on the Commander, Darth Revan made a flourishing gesture towards the Republic prisoners. "Kill them."

"But… but my Lord, can't we make some use of them?"

"Are you disobeying an order, Commander?"

"Of… of course not, I was… just… wondering if you really meant it, that's all."

"I gave the order, didn't I?" Her eyes, although hidden, burned with fury at the insubordination, no matter how minor it was. "I am ordering you to kill them. So, kill them!"

"Right away, my Lord."

Returning to the battle outside, Darth Revan shivered slightly with delight as she heard the sound of a blaster firing.

Thrashing about and muttering nonsense, Revan roused the man sleeping next to her, causing him to gather her in his arms to calm her obvious distress.

"Wake up, wake up. It's only a dream," Carth whispered as he gently shook Revan awake. "You all right?"

Slowly blinking her eyes open, Revan became aware of the familiar, comforting sight of the Corusanti apartment she shared with Carth. Gazing upon Carth's worried expression, she couldn't help but feel affection for him. "Yeah, I'm fine. Like you said, it was only a dream."

"You sure? Because you were really thrashing about there."

"Yes, I said I'm fine! Are you disregarding my answer?" Revan hissed through gritted teeth.

"No I just wondered if you meant it, that's all."

"Yes, I said it, didn't I? Just get me some caffa, Commander."

Carth cocked his eyebrow at this, but from the angry look on Revan's face he knew she wasn't playing around this time. "Right away, beautiful."

A shiver ran down Revan's spine as she realized how much the confrontation with Carth sounded like the Revan in her dream. iHow much have I really changed? What would it take for me to become her again? Shouting orders and expecting them to be carried out, no matter what/i But as Carth walked off to do as she asked, Revan was greeted with the sight of his glorious bare backside. She couldn't repress a pleased grin. "Well, maybe it isn't that bad that some things haven't changed."