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Aaarch...! Disclaimer: Even if this dearest country of mine could win the world cup, GS/D would never be mine...

It hurts.

Damn, it hurts.

It always hurt…to see your tears.

You wish to protect your land, I wish to protect yourself.

You wish your people to be happy, I wish you to be happy.

You wish to see your people smile, I wish I never see you cry… again.

You let your happiness gone for their sake…

I tried to bring it back but all I did was stupid mistakes.

You wish to fight for your people, I wish to fight for you.

You cry upon their sadness, I… I wince to see your pain.

Cause I am the one who make you suffer more.

I want to make you happy.

I want to erase your tears.

I'm willing to fight for you.

I want to protect you.

I want to make you smile.

I want to bring happiness back to you.

But how?

Tell me, my princess, how is the way to make you smile?

Sometimes I envy your people…


I always envy them.

Because they'll always be number one in your heart without needing to do anything.

Oh, is that how to make you happy, my love?

By winning over your people?

By protecting them, by making them happy, by bringing happiness back to them?


That's not easy… you know that too, right?

To turn my back against my people… my self just won't easily forgive me.

The soul of a soldier that remains in my heart is very stubborn, since ZAFT has always been a part in my life.

But I'm willing to do anything for you…

Even if it means to betray my own race.

Even if it means to kill my own comrades.

Even if it means to leave my homeland.

And here I am, standing all alone in Archangel's hangar while watching my infinite justice.



as if there's such thing in this world.

Hey, how can I feel the justice if you and I were to sacrifice our love?

After all, I'll never be the one in your heart. Your people have won that place.

See, is that fair? The whole citizens of Orb against one Athrun Zala?

I must do everything just to see your smile and all they gotta do is call your name.

I know I did a lot of mistake.

Meer, Lunamaria, Meyrin… with a lot of girls around, you should've been mad at me…

But you did the same. You successfully tore my heart in to pieces with your marriage plan to that disgusting bastard Yuuna Roma Seiran.

And your reason to do it?

There would only be one definite reason why you happily jumped to a living hell like that.


The sake of Orb.

The one that makes you cry.

The one that makes you suffer.

The one that makes your happiness gone…

but also the one that make you smile.

The one that makes you happy.

The one that gives you hope to go toward the future.

But Orb is also... the only object which is able to make you reject my love.

And now as I lean on this cold metal railing, I wonder if you will give me a second chance.

Maybe for you, Orb is number one.

I used to be like that, the difference is my number one was ZAFT.

My number one is no longer ZAFT.

My number one now…

is you.

Athrun's POV

"Athrun?" someone put his hand on my left shoulder. I turned my head and met Kira's concerned face. Lacus stood behind him, her usual calm smile was on her face.

"Yes, Kira?" I replied.

"The Archangel will land in a few minutes. Let's go to the bridge," he said. My best friend looked tire, but still he smiled. I nodded my head and they lead me to the bridge. I followed the couple quietly, my mind was still flowing all-around.

Fifteen minutes later

Soon, the Archangel landed. And as the main exit opened, I saw a blonde haired princess. I ran as fast as I could without considering the place I was in, one question was banging inside my head. The princess looked astonished when she saw me going to her direction. She looked as if she wanted to runaway when she saw me, but she stood still. I wrapped my arms around her shoulder, making her surprised even more. Ah, my question needed to get its answer quickly.


Lacus: You forget to put the meaning of 'kuso'

Solid: It means 'sh!t'... (sighed)When, oh, when will my country win the world cup?

Lacus: (cluelessly) What is a world cup?

Solid: It's the biggest party on soccer world! (got excited and morphed to a hooligan)

Lacus: (still cluelessly) What does soccer means?

Solid: It's the game/sport that Kira and Cagalli is playing (pointed a finger to the nearest football field while grinning madly)