Coming Home To Finn

Please Note: All characters, etc.belong toKate Brian.

Purpose: I finished reading Megan Meade's Guide to the McGowan Boys by Kate Brian, which I loved, but I felt like there was a scene missing at the endbetween the Airport scene and the Ultimate Frisbee scene. I felt so strongly that there was a missing scene that I wrote one myself! It's short, but I really hope you like it!

WARNING: This is my very first fanfic EVER, so don't be too harsh! I proofread it like a gazillion times, trying to get all the words exactly right. And I tried REALLY hard to stay true to Kate Brian's fabulous characters!

As soon as we got back home (I really was beginning to think of it as home), Doug led me around back. I could see the shed, but there weren't any boys trying to break into it anymore.

Doug noticed too and said, "I guess they gave up."

"Do you think he's still in there?" I asked quietly.

"Only one way to find out. But let me do the talkin', will ya?" he said. I just nodded as we approached the door. I didn't know if I could talk anyway, I was so nervous to see him. I mean, Doug had said all that stuff about I had Finn "all up in a twist", but I still didn't know what he meant exactly. Or if it was true. I guess I was going to find out any second.

Doug banged on the shed door with his fist.

"Go away!" Finn's voice came yelling through the wall. Was that pain in his voice?

"Finn, I got something for ya!" Doug yelled back, winking at me. I gave him a quick, worried smile.

"Leave me alone, Doug!"

"Okay," Doug yelled tauntingly, "But I really, really think you'll want this…"

"WHAT!" Finn yelled, obviously frustrated, as he threw the door open. I think he was getting ready to give his little brother a piece of his mind. But when he saw me, he gasped and his eyes got very big. He hesitated, then grabbed my hand and pulled me into his studio behind him. I turned around quickly and saw Doug smiling smugly.

"Told ya so," he said knowingly as Finn closed and locked the door behind us.

Finn turned around and looked right into my eyes, confused. He was shaking his head in disbelief. "I thought you were gone!" he said, just above a whisper.

"I was," I said nodding, eyes down, remembering how close I'd come to actually leaving. Leaving Finn. I had to shake my head to get myself out of the little daze I was in. I raised my eyes back to him. "I mean… I almost was. I almost got on that plane."

"Why didn't you?" he asked, still shaking his head.

"Well, Doug came to talk me out of it. And… I guess I wanted to see if what he told me was true."

"What did he say?" Finn asked.

I shrugged. "He said a bunch of things about how your family really needed a sister…" I stopped mid-thought, trying to build my courage up—so I could tell him why I really came back. For him. But then I saw Finn's face drop and he looked down. I was confused for a second then realized what I had just said. And how it must have sounded to him. Oh great! Now he thinks I just want to be his sister.

I hurried to explain. "But of all the stuff he told me, there was one thing he said that really hit me… right here."

He looked up to see my hand placed over my heart, but he didn't say anything right away, so I dropped my hand and went on. "It was about you."

Finn looked back up at me, hesitantly. "Me?"

I took a deep breath and bravely said, "He told me that I have you… 'all up in a twist'. Any idea what he meant by that?"

I guess Finn had been holding his breath, because when I finished, he breathed out quickly. He looked deep into my eyes, as if he was searching for something. Whatever it was he was looking for, I think he found it.

"Yeah," he said, giving me a quick little half-smile, "I think I do."

Then he pulled me close to him and kissed me.