This is the second story from A New Stranger which explains how Emma joined them on there journey.

A Passion of Lust

Emma sat on the bed in the cheap motel, fanning herself with a magazine. Dean's shirt came just past her waist. The door flew open and Dean came in. He took one look at Emma, lying on the bed wearing his shirt with her legs up and revealing just enough, went hard. Emma caught all this in a second. She smiled suggestively at him and patted the bed next to her. "Um…Emma, what are-", Dean was cut of mid sentence as Emma kissed him hard on the lips. Dean resisted at first but soon found his hand travelling up her smooth back. Emma leaned back onto the bed forcing Dean down on-top of her. Dean sat up on his elbow and stared into her eyes. Emma was desperate and quickly pulled his shirt up over his head. She needed Dean right now. He leaned back down and kissed her fiercely, his right hand slowly moving down her side, moving closer –

Emma jumped up from her sleep, breathing hard. Dean and Sam had been sitting on the other bed and turned to look at her with concern. "Hey, are you alright?", Dean asked. The dream she had just been having flooded back to her at the sound of his voice. His deep, strong, hansom…Emma blushed and avoided eye contact with both of them. She pulled the sheets up round her, as if they would be able to see what she was dreaming of.

"Um, I'm fine, you know. It was just a dream. Not like it meant anything – or that that's the way I feel or anything", Emma babbled. Dean and Sam looked more confused than ever.

"Um, sure. That's cool", Sam said and turned to get his stuff together. "We're going across to the diner to grab some breakfast. You coming?", Sam asked.

"I wanna go get a shower first", she said. 'A very cold one', She thought to herself. Sam headed towards the door but Dean continued to stare at her.

"You sure your alright", he asked, and moved towards her. When he laid his hand on Emma she flinched as if she had been burned by fire. Emma jumped up from the bed and grabbed some clothes.

"I'm fine. I'll meet you guys there", she quickly garbled as she ran for the bathroom. Leaning on the door she held her breath until she heard them leave. She didn't like Dean. It was just a dream. A really hot dream. One that she wouldn't mind having again. 'Ok time to shower', she said to herself and turned the water to as cold a setting as she could find. Even just thinking about it made her wish that Dean was in the shower with her. Emma hung her head with embarrassment and thanked god that he couldn't read her thoughts.

At the diner Dean was still confused by the reaction of Emma this morning. He was frowning into space when Sam kicked him under the table. "Dude, what the hell. I've been talking to you for the last five minutes and you've been totally ignoring me". Sam looked at Dean expectantly.

"Yeah, sorry. What were you saying", Dean said, his focus drifting again. Sam's brow furrowed with concern.

"You still worried about Emma?", he asked. Dean's head jerked up at the mention of her name. "Look man, she'll be fine. Just a dream that's all", Sam told him. But dean wasn't consoled. When Emma walked in, things just got worse.

"Hey, how are you feeling?", he asked her, as soon as she got close enough. Emma pulled out her chair and sat down, all whilst looking at the table as if it were the most fascinating thing in the world.

"Um, sure I'm fine. Why?", Emma said softly. Dean leaned across the table and put his hand on top of Emma's, whose heart jumped into her throat.

"It's just this morning. You seemed a little out of it", He said, looking at her so intently as if he would see the problem written on her face. Emma looked up and stared straight into his eyes.

"Of course, every things fine", she said smiling.