Packing her stuff into the back of the car, Emma slid in and shut the door. After they had finished the job, they packed up and moved on. Emma felt lonelier now than she ever had before. In the past few weeks she had lost everything. Her parents, her friends and whatever shred of sanity she had left. Sighing deeply she looked at Dean in the rear view mirror. He and Sam were busy loading up the trunk. The past few days, Emma had avoided the pair of them like the plague. A hot flush of anger and embarrassment flooded over her every time she thought of how Dean and Sam had planned out the whole thing...right down to her sleeping with -

"Dean, come on man, let's go!", Sam shouted, already sliding into the front seat. Emma busied herself with looking out the window. Avoiding any confrontation was the easiest way to deal with this...well for now any ways. She knew she would have to face Dean eventually, and it was not something she was looking forward to.

"Hey, Emma, is...are you, I mean...", Sam said, turning round in his seat to look at her. "It's just you have been quite quiet these past few days...", he stated. Emma was amazed by Sam. He seemed to be embarrassed by nothing, at ease with everything. She looked into his deep, sincere eyes and nodded.

"Yeah", She said smiling weakly, "Ill be fine". Sam looked unconvinced, but turned round as Dean opened the door and slid into the front. She slipped on her iPod to avoid any more interrogations and slumped on the back seat, closing her eyes.

The quicker she got to her Uncles and away from these two brothers, the better.

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