"Family Betrayal."

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Summery: Amelia is the seventeen-year-old niece of Lucius Malfoy. Raised by her grandparents, then uncle after her parents' tragic death. Amelia battles with an unhappy self-image and an increasing infatuation with Regulus Black. When an arranged marriage is made for the couple, events lead to a shocking revelation that lead to Regulus' desertion from the Death Eaters and to Amelia forsaking her family forever.

REVISED: 25th August 2006 - I also started submitting this story to Mugglenet fan fiction, and the prologue needed to be at least 500 words. The basic outline is the same, I just added a few extra details to the prologue. Enjoy.


Beatrice Malfoy was the blonde-haired, blue-eyed daughter of Abraxas and Camilla Malfoy. Born to a Pureblood family, she had wealth, values, and prejudices that were common in the aristocratic side of the wizarding world. Like many Malfoys before her, upon starting at Hogwarts Beatrice was sorted into the cunning, ambitious, dark wizard-producing house of Slytherin. During the same year, her younger brother, Lucius, was born.

Beatrice was a cleaver witch who excelled in Care of Magical Creatures. During her career at Hogwarts, she outstood as an dedicated and promising student. However, she always made sure her stance on Muggle-borns and Muggles was always known. After graduating from Hogwarts, Beatrice married the man she had met andbonded with in Care of Magical Creatures. Like her, he was also a descendant from a prestigious Pureblood family. Aaron Thomas was approved by Beatrice's family as the perfect match for someone in such high standing as a woman with the surname Malfoy.

The newly married pair held respectable jobs within the Ministry of Magic, studying dragons. Furthermore, their lives were complete when Beatrice gave birth to their only child, a precious girl they named Amelia. However, just two years after their daughter's birth, tragedy struck and the couple was killed whilst carrying out routine checks on the dragon population in the Ukraine.

The obituaries in The Daily Prophet stated that workers of the Ministry of Magic, who were only twenty-two, had been killed while tending to a wounded dragon. The creature had turned violent, and in its confusion, mauled the pair, leaving little more than skeletons to be identified.

In the years to come, Amelia's aversion for dragons was nothing unexpected, given the circumstances. She firmly believed that they were not more than foul beasts too dangerous to be kept.

This carried on into Amelia's time at school, where she disliked her Care of Magical Creatures Professor, Hagrid, as he had a strong fondness for the beasts. Eventually, in her sixth year Amelia was allowed to drop the subject she detested. She was more than glad to have no more involvement with the animals that killed her parents.

Her parents' tragic demise also had other effects on Amelia, and even as an adult, Amelia constantly worried that something awful would happen to those she loved.

The young Amelia was left parentless, and it fell upon her grandparents to raise the child along with their own son, Amelia's uncle, Lucius; who was about to start his life at Hogwarts. Amelia lived with her grandparents and uncle at the family home, Malfoy Manor, until she reached the age of ten. With Lucius out of Hogwarts and her grandparents too old to care for a growing child, the responsibility of Amelia and Malfoy Manor was left in the hands of Lucius. Abraxas and Camilla retired to a home in warmer climates whilst Lucius married his school sweetheart, the stunning Narcissa Black.

The newly married couple then became the sole guardians of their niece as she embarked on her first year at Hogwarts.