Maureen and Joanne Life after Rent chapter 6

Every one got Mimi up off the floor we then introduced Megan and Lauren to the Group.

The four of us went home a little later we then went to bed. Joanne woke me up at 6 and said "What" and she said "I am going to work and you have to get the girls up and take them to school" I then said "ok". I got the Girls up and took them to school I then went to the Loft to se how Mimi was doing. Roger said that she had left for work and that she would be back later. I then called Joanne at work to ttell her what I found out about Mimi.

The Girls came home and told me that they were in Once upon a Mattress. They said that Megan was Lady Larkin and that Lauren was Princess Winifred. When Joanne came home they told her to. We all went out to thhe Life Café to Celebrate.