To think that this day would come

(A/N: When I use this font, it means flashback, expect at the beginning, those are song lyrics.I hope this isn't too complicated...)

"The evening lights, coloring the nights busy avenues,

down the street brings back memories of you.

Now I am watching, as lovers pass me by,

finding your shadows, in the views of my eyes

Now I am here, all alone

Remembering the time we used to laugh together

in the fall of the cold

I still think of you,

Wondering if you feel the same

Save, your smile for me,

even although you cry for me

Remember me and love me always

Love, and smile for me,

Hold on to all that we had

remembering and love me again..."

I know that what I did was wrong.

The words I chose were unfair.

And most of all, I hurted him.

I really hurted him.

That is what I regret most.



Because I love him. I do love him. I really do.

That is why that all seems so absurd now.

It is absurd.

"You are a coward, Howell Jenkins, you have always been and you will always be!" Sophie Hatter screamed her lungs out. She was really mad with Howl this time. Howl thought he could always just walk away every time when things were getting heated up between Sophie and himself and that was the reason why Sophie was so furious.

It all had begun so innocently, Sophie asking what had took Howl so long while he had been away. Howl had tried his best to avoid answering directly to her, which had annoyed Sophie enormously and when Howl tried to walk away from the whole situation, Sophie had freaked out, calling him coward. But that wasn't the thing that hurted Howl the most, no.

"Sometimes I wonder why I have still stayed here in this pathetic so-called-castle with you, especially with you! Lettie told me to find a better man than you are for myself and you know what? She was right! She was absolutely right!" Sophie was so mad that tears were streaming down her eyes, but it was nothing compared to way Howl looked.

You could tell from his eyes that this time he was really hurt.

And Sophie regretted immediately saying those horrible words to him.

"Very well. If that is what you think..." Howl replied with a cold tone and turned around.

"Howl, please, don't go, let's talk...!" Sophie pleaded as Howl walked to the door.

"I think we don't have much to discuss right now", Howl answered with the same horrible emotionless tone and stepped outside.

"Howl...! WAIT!" Sophie screamed at him as she ran to the door. But he was already gone...

It had been almost a month since Howl had been in the castle last time and Sophie was worried to sick.

Something was defianately wrong with Howl and it was Sophie's fault.

If only she hadn't been so cold and unfair, if only she hadn't said those words...

If only...

Sophie was putting all her energy to cleaning the castle and doing the housework. She was trying to get herself as occupied as possible in case to forget about what happened between Howl and herself.

But it was impossible, she wanted him back so badly. No matter what she did, she would suddenly find herself crying her heart out.

It was one of those days again and Sophie sat in front of the fireplace, sewing and crying at the same time.

"Sophie, you know Howl's like that. He comes and he goes, he does exactly as he pleases," Calcifer, the fire demon, tried to calm her down a bit.

"Howl can be quite childish, but now he really had a reason to leave! I wonder if he's coming back ever again?" Sophie sniffed and buried her face to Howl's shirt she was repairing.

"Quite childish you say? We all know that he's just a big baby and an idiot also!" Calcifer replied.

Sophie couldn't help laughing but she got serious again almost immediately.

"I don't care if he's an idiot or a cry baby, I just want to have him back..." Sophie answered, inhailing deeply Howl's scent from the shirt.

"No matter what cost?" Calcifer asked with a serious tone.

"Of course! I love him!" Sophie gave Calcifer a sharp look

"All right then, I think I know who can help you... If she can't, then nobody can..." Calcifer was talking to himself as much as he was talking to Sophie.

"Who? Who is this 'she' you are talking about? Calcifer?" Sophie pleaded desperately, with a glint of hope growning within her.

"Well, she's..." Calcifer begun.

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