The Rainbow Connection

They were a team of four now: Aang, Katara, Sokka, and now Toph. Avatar/Airbender, Waterbender, Warrior, and Earthbender, and Toph had her money riding on Zuko joining up to make five with the Firebender. Maybe it was the sheer horror of that thought (or just a desperate attempt to escape it) that made Sokka declare, "That's it! We're becoming the Power Rangers!"

"The Power Rangers?" Katara repeated while Toph turned her head in the direction of his voice, looking confused.

"I didn't think anyone still remembered those stories!" Aang declared happily.

Ten thousand years before the first Avatar, the Rangers had been the world's heroes. Most of the time, there was a group of five or six young adults that banded together to fight the greatest evil that threatened the world. Then thousands of years after the first Rangers were chosen, the forces of evil gathered their powers together and nearly destroyed the world, melting the polar ice caps and flooding the world except for the land areas that became home to the Four Nations. The last Rangers banded together and finally banished the great evil—probably creating Souzen's comet in the process, now that Aang thought about it. While they all hadn't been Benders, the Power Rangers had done whatever they could to bring balance to the world, before the spirits decided that a Master Bender, the Avatar, was necessary.

"What makes you think we're becoming Power Rangers?" Katara asked.

"Look at us," Sokka argued. "Four people out to save the world from a dangerous enemy, and Toph says Zuko's bound to join us. That makes five. We've got a prerequisite mentor in the form of Avatar Roku—two, if you count King Bumi—"

"Zuko's uncle too," Toph realized. "That makes three."

"See?" Sokka asked. "Three mentors—that's way more than your average world-saving group of kids has. And to add to that, we're all wearing a solid color."

"He's got a point," Aang agreed. "I'm in yellow, Toph's green, Zuko's usually in red, and Katara and Sokka are blue."

"Five color-coded heroes," Katara answered. But then she and Sokka looked at each other and raised an eyebrow each. "But there should be only one Blue Ranger."

"Yeah," Sokka agreed. "The legends say that no two Rangers on the same team had the same color."

"I think they had a Navy one once," Toph commented, trying to remember the stories she'd heard while locked away at home.

"That's it then," Katara decided. "Aang's the Yellow Ranger, you're Green, Zuko's Red if he ever wants to join us, I'm Blue, and Sokka's Navy—"

"Wait a minute, why do I have to be Navy?"

"I've heard of girl Blue Rangers, but never girl Navy Rangers," Aang admitted.

"But I'm more of a Blue personality than Katara is," Sokka protested. "Just look at some of the great Blue Rangers! My personality matches theirs! I'm good with mechanics, I think my way out of tough situations while you guys bend your way into trouble, I'm—"

"Out of touch with reality?" Katara supplied, making Aang and Toph laugh.

"Very funny," Sokka growled.

"Well, look at it this way," Toph replied. "Either you're Navy or you're Pink."

"...Navy's good."

I do not own Avatar: the Last Airbender or Power Rangers. This is just a cracky idea that I put up on my LiveJournal, and my friend Shaun Garin encouraged me to clean it up a little and post it. The title "The Rainbow Connection" is the name of a song from The Muppet Movie, and it was all too appropriate.