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Beyond Harm

Chapter 1: Their New Lives

It was the two days after Serina and Itachi's wedding, and it was two days after Sasuke and Sakura's new engagement. The two couples were extremely happy and thought that their lives would now be better without Orochimaru. Serina and Itachi were going to their honeymoon tomorrow at Kanazawa, Japan, a very beautiful city indeed. Sasuke and Sakura would always hangout or train together. But what good is always training with the same person if you don't have some friends to join in. So Naruto, Hinata, Ino, Shikamaru, Neji, Tenten, and sometimes Shino, Lee, Chouji, and Kiba would join.

Serina and Itachi were in their bedroom, and then their bedroom door burst open once again. In came Sakura and Sasuke, and this time they were not trying to kill each other, for once…

"Hi guys." Serina said. She was currently folding clothes and packing them into her suitcase for the honeymoon.

"Hn.." Itachi said. He was lying down on the bed with the remote controller in one hand, and the other hand behind his head.

"Hi Serina, Itachi!" Sakura smiled. She turned towards Sasuke who currently had his hands in his pockets and looked like he was sulking. He really didn't want to be here. She nudged him in the ribs, and Sasuke yelped.

"Ahh, woman! Watch your strength!" Sasuke yelled. He rubbed his rib cage, and then spoke.

"Um…yeah, hi guys.." Sasuke said as he rolled his eyes. Sakura somewhat smiled and then spoke.

"So are you guys excited about going to Kanazawa? I heard it's a geisha district. That's so cool!" Sakura sat down in on the computer chair, which was in the bedroom. Sasuke took a seat on the bed and watched t.v. with Itachi. Both were quiet and their eyes scanned the television set closely. Serina continued packing.

"Yes, I'm very excited, but I'm not so sure about Itachi, cause he's not interested in sight seeing, right Itachi?" Serina looked over towards him and Itachi gave a smirk.

"Right cause sight seeing is boring!" Itachi said. Sasuke agreed with that as well. Sakura and Serina sighed. Boys will never enjoy the wonders of nature…

"So what are you guys really here for?" Serina asked. Sakura thought that Sasuke was going to speak, but when he didn't, she spoke instead.

"We just came by to say goodbye for the honeymoon and all, and I have to tell Itachi something too." Sakura grabbed Itachi by his neck, he was as shocked as everyone else, and then Sakura dragged him into the hallway and spoke to him.

"Itachi, if Serina comes back from the honeymoon pregnant, I will kill you! She's 18, so there's no need to rush it about having a child, understood!" Sakura yelled at him. Serina and Sasuke listened to the conversation behind the door. Itachi nodded nervously as a response. Sakura scared the daylights out of him, so he slowly went back into the room and sat on the bed. Serina and Sasuke backed away from the door when they heard that Itachi and Sakura were coming back into the bedroom. Sakura came in smiling. Sasuke raised an eyebrow at her.

"Have a nice talk?" He said. She nodded and smiled.

"Well, I'm done packing, and so is Itachi, so now all's we have to do is bid people goodbye and say hello to our honeymoon in Kanazawa" Serina said, and sighed in relief. Serina called their friends to say goodbye for 2 weeks. It really only took up one hour to do. Sasuke and Sakura were now in the entertainment room with Itachi. They were watching t.v., but Sasuke and Sakura kept fighting over the remote. Itachi just sank low on the couch, and sighed.

"I want to watch soap operas!" Sakura said as she tugged harder on the remote.

"And I want to watch the sports channel!" Sasuke said as he pulled on the other side of the remote.

"No! We are not watch sports!" Sakura screamed at him. She glared at him.

"Well then we are not watching your soap operas then!" Sasuke yelled back. He glared right back at her.





"Will you two shut the fuck up! Your going to break the god damn remote if you keep pulling it like that! Now pick a channel and stay quiet! Geez!" Itachi burst out. They quickly shut their mouths. Serina came into the room and took a seat by Itachi. She unfortunately could hear the whole conversation all the way from upstairs.

"Why do they fight so much?" Itachi whispered to Serina.

"I don't really know buts that's their way of showing each other affection I guess.." Serina answered back. Itachi put an arm on Serina shoulder and she laid her head on his shoulder while they watched the younger couple argue some more, but this time over nothing.

"You are a baka, do you know that?" Sakura asked as she crossed her arms over her chest and crossed her legs.

"I know, which is why I'm your boyfriend, right?" Sasuke said with a grin.

"Why do you always win our fights?" Sakura asked as she rolled her eyes.

"Because I always win, no matter what." Sasuke smirked and then stuck his tongue out at her.

"Whatever." Sakura simply said. "So are you guys leaving anytime soon?" Itachi asked.

"Soon." Sasuke said. Sasuke was by the way sitting across from Sakura in the entertainment room. They were both in separate armchairs, and Serina and Itachi were in between on the love seat. A huge, plasma screen t.v. was in front of them. Sasuke and Sakura were both observing everything in the room now. The house didn't look like this when Serina and Itachi moved in a while ago. The house was now looking outstanding!

"How do you guys do it?" Sakura asked amazed as she stared at the Dance Dance Revolution, or DDR set next to the plasma.

"How do we do what?" Serina questioned.

"She means, how you guys bought all this stuff and fixed it up within a month." Sasuke said. He was currently eyeing a foosball table.

"I dunno, we just bought this stuff with only one-fourth of our money from the missions hokage-sama give us." Itachi said. Serina nodded. Sakura and Sasuke's jaws dropped.

"Only one-fourth? You mean you get that much money from being an Anbu? And you spent only one-fourth on buying everything in this house!" Sakura was amazed. Itachi and Serina both nodded.

"Damn, now I really want to be an Anbu member! And I will become one before I turn age 16." Sasuke exclaimed. Sakura nodded as she also agreed. Serina giggled. Itachi chuckled.

"Whats so funny?" Sakura asked.

"You guys." Serina spoke. "How do you expect to become members in the Anbu, if you can't even pass their exams yet? And plus since Serina and I are the Anbu squad head, so we have to approve you guys, so tough luck with becoming an Anbu before you turn 16!" Itachi laughed now. "I'll show you nii-san." Sasuke said. "Is that a challenge?" Itachi said back. "Hell yes!" Sasuke was smirking. "Fine but its not like your gunna win." "Do you wanna take this outside?" Sasuke was furious now. He lost his cool. "Okay, bring it on little brother!" Itachi stuck out his hand and signaled Sasuke to come after him. Both boys sat up from the couches and were about to collide into each other. Serina quickly sat up from the couch and yelled.

"IF YOU GUYS ARE GUNNA FIGHT, DO IT OUTSIDE! I JUST FINISHED DECORATING THIS ROOM!" Serina screamed the loudest ever. Sakura laughed and pointed at the two brothers but she quickly stopped when she got 3 glares.

"Fine, I won't fight with you know little brother." Itachi ruffled Sasuke's hair. Sasuke groaned.

"Your wife always spoils my fun, do you know that?" Sasuke said. Serina grew angry, and a vein popped on her head.

"What was that lovely little brother-in-law?" Serina gritted her teeth. Serina was balling her right hand into a fist already.

"No! I didn't mean it! I'm sorry!" Sasuke said as he quickly backed away. Sakura went beside him and then the both sat down in one chair.

"Good little Sasuke, now, what were we doing before?" Serina asked calmly now.

"Um…something about Anbu." Sakura said. She put her hands on her lap.

"Oh yeah, well there's going to be an Anbu Exam in a few months, so tell your friends and train up. When we come back, I expect Sakura to be able to use level 2 of Cresent Moon, and Sasuke you should improve with the Sharingan as well." Serina said firmly.

"Make sure to train, and watch the house while we're gone, and don't get into fights, please.." Itachi said. Sakura and Sasuke nodded their heads. After one more hour, Sakura and Sasuke bid their siblings a good night and to have a safe trip. Everyone got dressed for bed and slept peacefully, not knowing what would happen in the next few months.

Hokage's Office

"Tsunade-sama!" Shizune screamed. She ran into the hokage's office.

"What is it Shizune?" Tsunade asked. "He's… back… Tsunade-sama!" Shizune said while panting.

"WHAT! Oh dear, well we are going to have to just keep an eye out or him. Tell the Special Anbus right away, except Itachi and Serina. Well what are you waiting for? Go!" Tsunade ordered. Shizune nodded and ran out the door.

"What will happen now.." The 5th thought.

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