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Chapter 11: Marriage plus Baby

2 years later

Sakura had just turned 18 and Sasuke was already 18. Now that she was of legal age to marry, she couldn't possibly wait! She had picked out April 28th to do her wedding because that was the day they rescued her sister and nephew. Sakura couldn't quite remebered what had happened, but she knows that Orochimaru is dead and will never be heard of again. Akito had turned 2 on November 4. Sakura remembered the day of his birthday party and how he was excited about getting his first shuriken, but it was a fake one. She smiled to herself softly.

Sakura was in her's and Sasuke's bedroom, in front of the vanity and brushing her bubblegum hair. Tomorrow would be the day of her wedding, and that same night is of course, the wedding night. She grinned mischeviously at the thought.

About a couple of months after Orochimaru's death, Konoha held the Anbu exams, and Sasuke,Naruto,Sakura,Neji,Tenten,and Shikamaru passed. Kiba, Shino, and Chouji remained chunnin and taught at the academy while Lee, Ino, and Hinata were jounin genin teachers.


"Come in." Sakura said. The door opened to reveal her sister Serina and nephew Akito. Sakura and Serina smiled warmly at each other and Sakura gestured for her and Akito to sit on the bed.

"So...ready for the big day Sakura-chan?" Serina asked as she took a seat on the bed with Akito on her lap. Sakura walked over to them and kissed Akito on the cheek and he smiled widely. "Yeah, I'm ready, but the question is, is Sasuke ready?" Sakura and Serina smirked.

Quietly in Itachi and Serina's room, Sasuke was pacing aorund back and forth. Itachi sat on the bed, arms crossed and smirking. It seems to be that his little brother was nervous, scared, worried? None of those words fit, but frigthened happened to cover Sasuke's facial expression. Itachi let out a chuckle. Sasuke stopped his pacing and faced his brother.

"What are you laughing at?" Sasuke asked, well more like spat.

"Sasuke, Sasuke, Sasuke, why are you so worried? Its just you wedding.." Itachi said rather arogantly.

"Hn, you should be one to talk, you were nervous as hell for your wedding too!" Sasuke retorted. "Whatever.." (Um..Let's skip ahead to THE WEDDING!)

Dear Guests,

You are cordially invited to the wedding ceremony of

Uchiha Sasuke


Haruno Sakura.

We hope to see you there to share our special day with you all.


5:30-12:00 p.m. Reception


Response----Yes or No

Sakura was in her dressing room, getting her make-up done by Ino and hair done by Tenten and Hinata. Serina was getting the 'Pink' wedding dress from the closet for Sakura. Yes ladies and gentlemen, Sakura had a PINK wedding dress. The dress was an off shoulder pink dress that has a V shape at the bottom of the top. The bottom part of her dress was light pink and puffy with lace and satin. Even her shoes were pink!

"Thank-you girls..this is the most h-happiest day of my life...and..SNIFF...I l-love you all!" Sakura cried out to her best friends.

"Aww!" The girls chorused. "You should not c-cry today Sakura-chan..." Hinata said, while trying so hard to hold back tears.

"Hinata's right Sakura-chan...n-no..tears.." Tenten was biting her lip so she didn't have to cry.

"They're right sis, no t-tears today!" Serina chimed. They looked at Ino. "Group hug one last time...Forehead-girl." Ino smiled as the 5 women hugged each other. After a few minutes, they regained their composture and Sakura dressed up into her dress.

The 4 girls awed at Sakura's beauty. Her hair had big drop curls in them and right upon her head was a silver tiara with pink gem. The tiara was able to hold onto her vail.

As for Seirna, Tenten, Ino, and Hinata, since Serina is the maid of honor, she wore a red gown that went to her ankles and it was tie neck. The other girls were bride's maids and they wore knee-length violet colors dresses.

As for a ring bear and flower girl, Hanabi, Hinata's younger sister who's 10, would be flower girl. Of course, Sakura and Sasuke picked Akito as their ring bear.

With a final hug, Serina, Ino, Tenten, and Hinata left with their partners. The guys were wearing a simple black suit but with the same colored vest as the grils' dresses.

Kakashi walked up to Sakura and stuck his arm out. He would be her temporary father for the ceremony because she thought of him as a father. Sakura smiled to him and linked arms. She held tight onto the red rosed bouquet and walked slowly with Kakashi. As the doors opened, they revealed hundreds of invited guests, and each with a smile on their face.

Sakura saw Mikoto and Fugaku smile and flash a camera. Mikoto seemed to be tearing slightly but none the less smiled. Sakura looked ahead and saw everyone next to the alter. Tsunade looked quite well today. She wore a gold and white robe instead of her normal attire. A few more looks and Sakura spotted him.

Uchiha Sasuke, her soon to be hubbie! Sasuke was wearing a slick black tuxedo with a pink rose inside his chest pocket. Instead os spiking his hair to the back, Itachi and Naruto had convinced him to leave it down just for today.

Sakura smiled softly at him and he smiled back. When Sakura and Kakashi arrived to the alter, Sakura and Kakashi turned to face each other and hugged. She kissed him on the cheek and Kakashi walked away. Sakura stood in front of Sasuke and whispered to him, "I love you."

He whispered back, "I love you too." And so the ceremony began.

"Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to bring together this man and woman. If anyone obejects, please speak now or forever hold your peace." Tsunade spoke. A few seconds passed and no one spoke. Until...Lee came running through the doors.

"OH SAKURA-SAN! WHY MUST YOU MARRY HIM! I KNOW YOU DON'T LOVE HIM BECAUSE YOUR YOUTH BELONGS TO ME!" Lee yelled. Many people stood up from their seats, shocked and angry with Lee's outburst, but Sakura and Sasuke were the most furious.

Sasuke saw Sakura grit her teeth, so hhe looked at Itachi and nodded his head. Itachi, understading what he meant, looked at his friends, Kisame and Deidara. He also nodded his head towards them and smirked. Kisame and Deidara grinned evily and stood up from their seats and walked over to Lee.

"SAKURA-SAN, YOUR YOUTH WILL STAY YOUNG AND ALIVE WITH M-" Lee never got to finish because Kisame and Deidara knocked him out.

"Sorry about that everyone." Deidara said. He and kisame lugged Lee's body outside and watched him there until the ceremony was over.

"Right...well let's continue. Do you Sasuke, take Sakura to love and to hold, to kiss and to cherish, throught thick and think, in sickness and in health, till death do you part?" Tsunade asked.

"I do." He smiled.

And do you Sakura, take Sasuke to love and to hold, to kiss and to cherish, throught thick and think, in sickness and in health, till death do you part?"

"I do!" She exclaimed and smiled.

"Well, by the power invested in me, i now pronouce you, shinobi and kunoichi! I mean man and wife! You may now... kiss... the..bride...oh nevermind" Tsunade said. Right in the middle of her sentence, Sasuke and Sakura already started their kissing. Sasuke dipped her low and kissed her. When he brought her back up and parted, the newly wed couple stared at everyone and then clapping and cheers were heard.

Reception Time!
Oh the joys of weddings! Sakura and now married to her one and only love, Uchiha Sasuke. She was now Mrs.Uchiha Sasuke. As the partying went on, Sakura spied with her little eyes, three young men, slow dancing and whispering different thoughts in the ears of their girlfriends. She saw that Serina and Itachi were sloe dancing too but in between them wa their little son. Even Mikoto and Fugaku were slow dancing, but maybe a little too slow, lol.

Sakura felt a tap on her shoulder and she turned around to meet face to face with her husband. He leaned in and whispered into her ear, "How about we let our guests be and have our own little party back at the hotel?" You see, unlike Serina and Itachi, Sakura and Sasuke decided to stay at a konoha private hotel where they would be close to home yet a little far away for no intrusions. Sakura playfully grinned and nodded. Ssuke smirked and grabbed her hand.

They started to run back to the hotel, but Sakura was having a hard time because of her heels. Sasuke picked her up bridal style and poofed to their hotel room instead. He locked the door and Sakura ran into the bathroom to change. He undressed himself and was only left in silk black boxers. After a few minutes, Sakura came out of the bathroom, a cherry blossom aroma filled the room as she seductively walked towards Sasuke.

Sakura is only wearing a see through night gown which she recieved from her teacher, Tsunade. Sasuke smirks more as she crawls on top of him. Sakura smiles grins and starts kissin his lips as his hands stroke up and down along her thighs. Soon, Ssuke flips her over and he starts his fun.

"Sasu-kun.." Sakura moaned into his mouth. He stops kissing her lips and moves down to her neck, marking her as his forever. Sakura's robe is slipping off her shoulders and showing more and more skin. She, feeling it's unfair, takes off Sasuke's boxers and throws them onto the floor.

"Sakura..." Sasuke groaned. He took off her robe and the two start to make love. 'I love this side of him/her!' They both thought as Sasuke then started to massage and nibble on both of Sakura's breasts. She took her hands and started to slowy massage him as well...

5 Months Later
It's been 5 months since their wedding night and Sasuke and Sakura are now living right next to their siblings. Today, Sakura and Sasuke were going over Serina and Itachi's house. The girls, seemed to have a surprise for the both of them.

Itachi and Sasuke were both sitting at the kitchen table, with Akito in his high chair. Serina and Sakura stood before the two brothers.

"Ano, Sasu-kun, Ita-kun..." Sasuke and Itachi looked at themselves. Whenever the girls used their nicknames with the suffix kun-, it can only mean one thing, trouble.

"We have something to tell you. We both are pregnant!" The girls screamed. Sasuke and Itachi started wide eyed and Sasuke got up from his seat and hugged Sakura.

"Thankyou Sakura!" They both smiled as he picked her up and swung her around and then set her gently on the ground.


"Good lord man! Why can't Itachi ever do that to me like what Sasuke did to you sis!" Serina yelled. Itachi passed out and Akito giggled at his daddy. Sasuke, Sakura, and Serina broke into fits of laughter.

"Shh! Dada sleeping!" Akito said. The 3 adults looked at the small child and Serina giggled and hugged her son. "Well, let's help Itachi now." Sasuke picked up his brother and Serina and Sakura went to quickly bring him back to being awake.

Itachi has regained conciousness! "Uh...What happened?" Itachi finally asked. "Who fell unconcious when Serina told you that she was pregnant." Sasuke answered. "Oh...THUD..."

Looks like Itachi fainted, again..."Ah...BAKA!" Serina, Sakura, and Sasuke sighed, but then laughed. Sakura put a hand on her belly, Sasuke, then placed his own hand over hers. Just think, in 9 months, their baby will be born and so will Serina and Itachi child, if Itachi ever can wake up...


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"AHH!" Sakura screamed out. It's been 9 months and she was going to have her baby now. The gender was kept a secret because Sasuke and Sakura wanted it to be a surprise. Serina and Itachi had their baby the week before on July 18th. It was July 23 today and it was also someone special's birthday!

"Come on Sakura, push!" Tsunade yelled. Sakura was screaming her lungs out and choking Sasuke to death! "S-Sakura..t-t-too t-t-t-tight!" Sasuke chocked out. "WELL SORRY SASUKE! IT'S JUST I HAVE A BABY IN ME WHO'S TO STUBBORN TO GET OUT AND...YOU SHOULD TRY HAVING ONE IN YOUR WOMB!" Sakura screamed, but what she didn't know was that the baby was already out..."Um, Sakura dear, you have a baby..boy!" Tsunade exclaimed. Sakura and Sasuke looked over at the small baby boy and Sakura broke out into a smile.

Tsunade handed the baby to his mother. "He's so beautiful..." Sakura whispered. She had already stopped chocking her husband. Together they watched their child. "What willhis name be?" Tsunade asked. "...Um..How about-" Sasuke was cut short. "Sanosuke!" Sakura said. Sasuke and Tsunade looked at her. "Sanosuke it is!" "Yeah, Sansuke Uchiha..." Sakura whispered.

The small boy appeared to have black fuzzy hair and shining emerald eyes like his mother! "Sasuke what were you gunna say before?" Sakura asked. "I was gunna name our child Sasuke jr! But Sanosuke sounds better." Sasuke grinned. Sakura rolled her eyes." Like I would name our child Sasuke." They both laughed.

"Ano, Happy Birthday Sasu-kun.." Sakura whispered low and kissed him on the cheek. Sasuke smiled softly and as soon as he wsa about to speak, Itachi, Serina, Akito, Mikoto, Fugaku, Naruto, Hinata, Ino, Shikamaru, Tenten, and Neji walked in.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY SASUKE!" They all yelled. This caused the baby to wail loudly cuasing everyone to focuz their attention on Sansuke.

"Aww! He's so cute Sakura-chan!" The females in the room cried. Sakura smiled. "So what's his name?" Ino asked.

Sakura and Sasuke looked at each other and then the baby. "His name is Sanosuke Uchiha." And so, it began the new life of Sakura and Sasuke, with their new born child.

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