Ok as you get into this story it may seem oddly familar that because it probably is, because I co-wrote ths with one of my best-friends Daystar Flame...Fro those of you or have read moer than one of my stories partically Dreams Don't always mean truth Daystar will be familar to you, she is the one who co-wrote the last chapter. So if you haven't already guessed this will have Darien bashing, so if you are a big fan of Darien then I don't know if you will want to read this.

Lost & Found: A Love Story
Chapter 1
In the far reaches of space sat a lonely girl. She was crying. "My brothers! You are lost!" she cried.
This girl, she had purple hair flowing behind her and when she looked up you could see a fire of hatred in her violet eyes...

"My Princess... I really do love you." A man said in the background.
"What!?" the woman asked confused.
"I lied to you... I really do love you." The voice said again.

Serena sat up in her bed. She was shaking all over and she was crying. "What was that about?" she asked herself. She looked at her clock, it read 2:30 a.m. "That sure was a strange dream..."
"Serena what are you doing awake at this time of night? There's no battle going on."
"I just had the strangest dream Luna." Serena said.
"Serena don't worry about it. It's of course just a dream," said Luna yawning.
"All right then. Good Night Luna." Serena said as she lay back down.
"Good Night Serena." Luna said also lying down.

"Serena wake..." Luna started saying but as she looked on the bed there was no Serena. "Serena?"
"I'm in the bathroom Luna" she called out.
"Serena?" she asked again.
"Sorry Luna but I have to leave now." Serena said as she walked down the stairs.

~2 weeks later~
Serena was leaving again. 'Serena is always on time to scout meetings and school since the battle with Wiseman.' Luna thought as Serena left for school.

Serena walked into school once again early. Everybody stared at her as she walked by. 'Who is that guy in my dreams?' Serena thought as she walked into school. 'Even though I don't know who it is, I think I'm falling in love with him'.

"Serena go out with me to the carnival?" Darien asked his girlfriend.
"I really don't want to go to the carnival." Serena sighed.
"But you love the carnival." Darien said.
"Used to, is more like it." Serena said starting to walk away from him.
"Serena why are you being so cold to me now?" Darien asked as he grabbed her hand.
"Darien, let go of me. Now." Serena said.
Darien dropped her hand and stared at his Serena. 'What has happened to Bunny? She's so cold and distant.' He thought.
end of flashback

Serena shook her head to rid herself of thoughts of Darien. 'I am trying to think of who this man could be.' Serena thought to herself as she sat down at her desk.
"Hey Serena!" Mina called.
"Yes?" Serena asked quietly.
"There's a meeting today."
"All right."
"Hey guys!" Ami and Lita said as they sat in their seats.
' Who could it...' "Diamond." She said as she passed out onto the floor.
Ok I know it was short but I couldn't help it!