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Chapter 4
"I will not." Serena said finally standing up to Darien.
"Yes you will." Darien said stepping forward.
"No she won't." said Diamond stepping forward next to Serena, his princess.
"I'll be back." Darien said turning around and walking away.
Serena sighed deeply. "He's going to tell the scouts."
"Don't worry." He said. Then whispered in her, "Love."
"I love you." Serena said in his ear.
"I love you too." He said.
"What are you talking about?" Rubeus said slyly.
"None of your business." Diamond growled.
"Settle down, twin..." Amethyst said.
"Huh? You're twins?" Serena asked.
"Yes." Amethyst said smiling.
"We should probably go to the scouts and talk to them." Serena said.
"Yes we should." Rubeus said quickly.
"You just want to see Sailor Venus." Saffire said smiling.
"So!" Rubeus cried to them.
"Well then, let's go" Serena said smiling.
They all left for the scouts and each expecting a different reaction.
"What are you talking about! Diamond, Saffire, and Rubeus are all dead! Man Darien you must be delusional!" they heard Rei yell from inside.
"Well this should be fun!" Amethyst said happily.
"For you maybe. You don't have that many people in one place that want to kill you." Diamond mumbled.
"I heard that!" Amethyst cried.
They all suddenly became quiet as they stood at the front door. Then they walked in. The room became dead silent.
"Serena?" Rei choked out.
"Yes?" Serena asked sweetly.
"Uh...uh...uh..." Rei stuttered.
"Spit it out!" Rubeus said.
"I...uh...uh..." Rei stuttered again.
Rubeus just rolled his eyes and Amethyst asked, "Can she, uh, talk?"
"Of course I can talk! I was just, uh, surprised. Just, uh, little bit, that is." Rei said still stuttering a little.
Amethyst giggled a little.
"Why are you with them?" Lita asked shocked.
"Why are you with them." Serena asked.
Diamond smirked a little. 'She sure has gotten quite an attitude.' He thought.
Rubeus was also smirking. 'I like her a lot better this way!' he thought.
"What is wrong with YOU!?" Rei said finally getting her words together.
"The question is, what's wrong with YOU!? Jeez! Just let me explain!" Serena yelled.
Everyone became quiet once again.
"Thank you." Serena said sarcastically. "Ok. Diamond and Amethyst are twins. Rubeus and Saffire are also their brothers. Amethyst brought them all back because they died an untrue death. I have been having dreams every night about a man and I finally found out who he was... Diamond." Serena explained.
There was a sudden flash and when the light died down Sailor Pluto stood before them.
"Hello princess. What you say is true though this story starts long before now." She said.
"What?" Darien asked.
"Silence!" Sailor Pluto said turning to him.
'Wow! She is way hot!' Saffire thought.
"All right no one is to interrupt me, understood?" Sailor Pluto said. At their nod she began. "When Princess Serenity was born she was betrothed to the Earth Prince who was 3 years older than her. The two were kept apart before Serenity came of age. But a soldier of the princess fell in love with her and she the same with him. Being that he wasn't royalty and she was betrothed the soldier and his family were banished to a distant moon. The Princess was forced to marry the Earth Prince even though her love was with another." Sailor Pluto said.
Serena was crying and Diamond was looking into space. "I remember..." she cried then Diamond pulled her into a hug.
"He was the soldier, wasn't he?" Darien asked.
"Yes. Prince Endymion, you forced the princess to marry you." Sailor Pluto said.
"What! Me? No way!" Darien cried.
"SILENCE! You cannot deny. It was you and only you!" Sailor Pluto said.

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