Digital Love

Cyber-sex took on a whole new meaning when your lover was a cyborg.

Contrary to what some people believed (and Gar couldn't really fault them for it) Vic was, in fact, 'intact.' But he had the unenviable position of being too big for even most clothes from the Big & Tall store, and also an allergy to cotton. Thus, he 'wore' a bit – quite a bit – more metal than he actually needed to just so he could get out of wearing clothes.

Gar spent so much time in animal form for much the same reason. Most clothing wasn't really comfortable worn over fur, and even if his body hair wasn't really long, it was still…furry. And kept him warm enough to not need to wear clothing.

But spending so much time virtually naked led to certain…situations. Especially when Gar and Vic were alone. They were both very creative men, and when they got together… Well, the word 'gestalt' seemed to have been invented with their sex life in mind.

It was Gar who brought up the possibility. Pretty much every Sci-Fi show ever invented had some character who was part machine, and Space Trek had been no different. It had been a character named Zayne, who had a 'dataport' in the back of his neck that allowed him to 'interface' with computers.

Even at age eight, Gar had thought that was a hilariously kinky thing to have. 'Necking' was never so apt a term. But when Gar thought about it with Vic in mind…well, 'hilarious' wasn't the word he would have used to describe it.

'Kinky,' definitely. But then, when you were a furry, fanged, green shapeshifter and a half-black cyborg who occasionally saved the city, the world, and the universe, pretty much everything was not only kinky, but also pretty fucked up.

It was Gar's idea, but it was Vic who handled the application. He'd actually been pretty nervous about it at first, and why wouldn't he be? Voluntarily mutilating – to his mind; Gar preferred to think of it as an addition – his best friend and lover was generally not at the top of anyone sane's Things To Do list.

Gar could be very persuasive when he wanted to be. But it didn't hurt that he'd been kidnapped/lost/beamed to an unknown location three times since his conception of the idea, and the 'dataport' would have an implanted tracking device.

To make a long story short, Vic spent two months designing the dataport, and an hour installing it, only for Gar to spend the next three weeks unable to shapeshift while the incision site healed. He'd originally worried about it keeping him from shapeshifting to something smaller than himself, but Vic had handled that with nanobots and some of the Atom's DNA and lots of really complicated science that Gar didn't understand anymore than he understood the unstable molecules in his Beast Boy uniform.

But once those three weeks were up, he could change just as easily as ever – even if the back of his neck did itch, which Vic swore was just psychosomatic – and it was time to test their new 'interfacing link' out.

Test it and enjoy it a whole fucking lot. Or maybe it was just a whole lot of fucking. Either way, it was fantastic, like nothing either of them had ever felt before. It was impossible to describe what in felt like to truly be inside each other at the same time, sharing thoughts, feelings….everything…with the person who was your soul's mate.

It was truly transcendental. No one else would ever know Vic like this; he'd never trust them enough to put in a link to his cybernetic brain. And Gar…well, he'd never trust anyone but Vic to put a dataport in his neck, either.

So maybe it wasn't so much cyber-sex as making love. Either way, whatever it meant, it was a perfect fit for them and their relationship.

Kinky or not.