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Warning: this IS a Mary-sue legomance if you don't like read no further!


Celebrian was running from the foul yrch that attacked her company. Her child clutched tightly to her as she vaulted gracefully as ever over a fallen lo. Her golden-auburn hair escaping its clip as she began murmuring something in the ancient language knowing it might be her only chance to save her daughter. She had all of Celebrian's physical traits except for her eyes; she had her fathers steely grey orbs that you just couldn't lie to. Celebrian almost finished the incantation when an arrow went through her shoulder causing her to mispronounce the last word so the child instead of ending up at home with her father and siblings, landed in a strange land on the steps of an old widow's porch. The old woman found the child bawling her eyes out and decided to take her in. The child was wrapped snugly in a blue and green blanket of exquisite craftsmanship with the name Tiegra embroidered on one corner in silver. The old woman, Greta, took the child in and raised her.

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