Chapter 3

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Tiegra sat on the edge of a fountain in one of the inner gardens watching a fallen leaf float serenely around. She was stunned; she was in an entirely different world. A world she knew nothing about, with the only things to fall back on being her family. She could say that now, her family…


She laughed and shrieked with Arwen as the twins ganged up on them and began spraying water everywhere. It had been Adar's idea that the siblings should go on a picnic by the stream that wound its way through Imladris, while he and Mithrandir attempted to find out how Tiegra had been able to return to them and why she had been rendered human from her stay on Earth. Aragorn had left early that morning on important business and Arwen had looked worried. After spending most of the day together Tiegra finally got up the nerve to ask her sister why while the ellons were otherwise occupied. "Why are you so worried about Aragorn, Arwen? He seems like a strong man I'm sure he will be fine" she said trying to be reassuring "it's not that I don't know that Tiegra but I always worry I love Aragorn and if anything were to happen to him…" she trailed off looking sad. Tiegra embraced her twin comfortingly "it will all turn out as it's meant, and if you want to help sway what's meant to happen than you have to get off your lazing rump and do something. It was a favourite saying of my nana's, So I propose we go and meet him on his way back to make sure he stays in one piece." She said looking at Arwen with a determined face. Arwen had a cheeky grin begin to spread over her face and said "alright" and a spray of ice-cold water promptly cut them off…

End Flashback

Tiegra chuckled at the memory the twins had regretted doing that Arwen and she made sure of it. She rose from her place at the fountain gently brushing a leaf off of her beautiful peach and white gown. Then she stared at her reflection a mildly disgusted look coming on to her face and she took of at a run to the smithy and commissioned herself some weapons she then paid for a few sets of breeches and shirts and tunics and skirts and some arm guards.

She had been given a rather large amount of money from her father and Arwen had taken her shopping for dresses shoes accessories and necessities but she hadn't even thought to buy training clothes or anything else of that sort. She was disgusted with herself, Adar had explained about the stirrings of war. She felt repulsed by the fact that she had neglected her practices and had become complacent with relying on others for her needs. She hurried back to her quarters to make up for lost time in the form of push-ups and crunches and her elfish maids were surprised to see that she was dressed and ready that they didn't even fuss about her doing it herself as they had the first few times she had tried.

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