She's The Blade

She's The Blade

Chapter 16: Not At All According To Plan

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It was too much. Too much for her to make sense of. Sawyer, with that roguish grin and tousled hair, wanted her. Rodney Skinner, the Invisible Man, wanted her. She wished she could talk to Constantine, but she was pretty sure that he was still rocky territory. The life buoy that Mina had cast seemed to have vanished: the connection between the stately woman and Remy was gone. Remy was sick of being extraordinary…sick of being wanted. Her brother was alone, her friend Sarabella was alone, and she wanted to join them.

She was alone in the library of the great ship. Nemo, Mina and Constantine were at work, trying to discover the reason for the scorching barrier which had surrounded Sarabella's corpse. Skinner had elected to venture into Rome with some of the crew, in order to supply the ship with food and various other necessities. Sawyer…well, Remy had no inkling as to where he was.

Surrounded by a myriad of different books, from Paradise Lost to Diderot's encyclopedia, Remy felt more peaceful than she had in a long time. She was relieved to know that the books she was throwing herself into had no great expectations of her, pardon the pun, but rather were content to just sit there in fixed inanimation. A small smile settled on her face as she read of Sinbad's adventures in the East. All the endings here were neatly tied up: one villain was defeated, one hero was congratulated, and only one man loved the damsel. Remy sighed. If only she were a fictional character; she could just be swept off her feet by a prince or a knight and be done with it.

"Hello," said a voice against her ear. She yelped and her ignorant bliss was shattered. Yes, she thought grudgingly, to lead the fictional life…

She turned an annoyed look toward a certain blonde American spy.

"Tom," her voice was shaky, "I was reading."

"I can see that," he quipped, nodding at the book which, after being in her hands only a moment before, was splayed over an armchair across the room.

"You scared me," she said, lowering her embarrassed gaze. He smirked.

"I can see that, too," he retrieved her book and returned to her side. As she took the book from him, he made sure that her fingers brushed his. She tried hard not to look at him again as she found her place once more.

Please take the hint, for once, she pleaded inwardly. To her secret delight, he did. Instead of making awkward conversation, he selected another book from her slowly growing pile and took a seat on the floor, only a few feet from her. Remy felt him looking at her instead of at his book, and forced herself to ignore it. She was testing him. Perhaps if he saw her ignoring him, he would cease his chase.

Big mistake. After a few moments, he coughed a little and scooted closer to her.

"Have you been reading all day?" She nodded absently, cursing her judgment. The words on the page before her suddenly slapped her across the face.

George threw his head back and laughed. Eliza swooned breathily against his chest, her deep blue eyes full of starkest adoration.

"Ah, my darling," he smiled down at the damsel in his strong arms, "you surely must know that men love nothing more than a chase. Give yourself to us willingly and we will invariably lose interest. Now my love, let me-"

"You could have told me that before," Remy mumbled angrily at the yellowed page. Sawyer raised his eyebrows.

"What was that?" She jumped and shook her head vigorously.

"Nothing, nothing…" He let out a sigh and looked at her silently. Before long, an idea sprang into her head. If he insisted on chasing her as long as she resisted, what if she resisted no longer? Would they all leave her alone if she gave in? It was worth a try.

"Um, Tom," she bit her lip in what she hoped was a seductive manner. Seductive or not, it certainly got his attention. His eyes burned behind his unkempt blonde locks. She cleared her throat and continued.

"Would you like to…take a walk?" His smile was bigger than she'd ever seen it. He leapt up and offered her his arm.

"But of course," he replied in a fake British accent. Remy couldn't help but match his smile with hers as she took his arm. Soon they were rounding the corner from the library into a bright hallway. The conversation was light and most of it was trivial, until:

"So is this what you've chosen?" Sawyer inquired suddenly.

"What?" Remy was confused. She hoped he wasn't about to get into what she thought he was…

"Me. Have you decided on me?" She shifted uncomfortably. She knew was going to have to lie to avoid conflict. It seemed that everything she did would pull her deeper into the hole she'd dug herself into.

"Well…" she hesitated, "well…yes."

He let a rapid breath of relief and satisfaction escape him as he took hold of her hands.

"Finally," he said huskily, "I was about to give up."

She felt her expression slacken into disbelief as he tucked a strand of her dark hair behind her ear. He was about to give up…and she-

But her thoughts were cast asunder as he slowly lowered his lips to hers. Almost immediately she responded, slowly caressing his lips with her own. She stood on her tiptoes to accommodate him. To her surprise, a happy sigh passed from her lips to his. Her hands guided his to the small curve of her waist, and she settled her own grip around his neck. The quiet sound of their pleasure was reverberated throughout the hall, their small moans and kisses echoed in their own ears. Before they got too loud, Remy pulled away. She answered his look of disappointed confusion by taking his hand and leading him into a run to her room. They arrived and instead of catching their breath, they plunged straight back into each other, Sawyer's hands tugging her messy hair as she herself fumbled with the doorknob.

I think he's been convinced of your affections enough, said a small voice in Remy's mind. Another, more authoritative voice beat it back. Just a little more, that's all he needs.

As they burst through her door, a loud guffaw escaped his lips. She shushed him with her lips and they soon resumed their activities.

-- -- - - - -- -- - - - - - - -- - -- - - - -- - -- - - -- - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

"Wait." Constantine heard a loud guffaw somewhere close by, but ignored it for the time being. A very important thought had just found its way into his mind.

"The barrier. I think I know what it is."

"We just now agreed that it was a warning; it says here in-"Nemo was interrupted by Constantine shaking his head.

"No. No, I don't think that's it. Why would Rasputin give us warning? I'm sure…well I'm confident...that the barrier was something far bigger."

"Such as?" Mina asked, setting down a book she'd been perusing to listen intently.

"I think it was the Stairs. Listen," he continued under the curious gaze of both Nemo and Mina, "I think I know what the ritual for the Stairs is. I've seen something like it before in my studies."

"And?" Mina pushed.

"The ritual should require a human sacrifice. One human who has committed the seven deadly sins in seven straight days. It would make sense, seeing as the ritual for passing from Heaven to earth is the opposite. To come to earth from Heaven, someone must be offered who has committed to the seven heavenly virtues."

"And what would those be?" Nemo asked, having a limited knowledge of the Christian religion.

"Those would be chastity, patience, temperance, charity, diligence, kindness and humility. If the usual inverses between Heaven and Hell remain true here, the ritual for entering earth from Hell should be the exact opposite."

"Genius," Nemo breathed. He was grateful that this issue was solved.

"But how do we make sure," Mina inquired with a degree of doubt in her voice.

"We have to ask Remy about her friend. I'll go find her now."

-- -- - - - -- -- - - - - - - -- - -- - - - -- - -- - - -- - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Back in Remy's room, Remy was still not finished convincing him. Whenever the small voice in her head told her enough was enough, she replied to it with a noncommittal "just a little more". Just a little more of his hair, a little more of his lips. Just a little more…

A knock at her door caused them to spring apart all too soon. Before they could act, the door swung open to reveal a flustered Constantine.

"Remy, I think we know-…oh." He looked from Sawyer's breathless attempt at nonchalance to Remy's blotchy, horrified face. She was going to die on the spot, she knew it. She waited for him to begin yelling, or to storm out of the room. But amazingly, he did neither. He cleared his throat with –was that a smirk on his face? - and gave her a look that commanded a talk outside. Remy bit her lip as she looked at Sawyer's guilty-yet-satisfied face and exited the room.

"Having fun in there?" he asked. She quickly changed the subject.

"Wh-what is it you need, Judas?" He seemed to remember his urgent news and instantly got back on track.

"Remy, I think that the barrier around your friend-"

"Sarabella," she interrupted.

"Right, Sarabella. I think the barrier around her was the Stairs."

Remy's eyes were wider than they were a few moments ago in her room.

"Are…are you certain?" He nodded feverishly.

"Yes, I think I am. You remember the ritual for passing from Heaven's plane to that of earth, don't you? Well, I think that to pass from Hell's plane, it's just the opposite. All I need to know is-"

"If Sarabella committed the seven deadly sins-"

"In seven days straight, yes," he finished. Remy was silent, a pensive expression soon cooled her blushing cheeks as she tried to remember her friend's more sinful actions before her death. Constantine resisted the urge to tell her to think faster.

"Well…she was...yes. It makes perfect sense. Judas, I think you're right!" He breathed a sigh of relief as his theory was confirmed. He grabbed her hand suddenly and gave a rare, sincere grin.

"Now that's settled," he cocked a jokingly sardonic eyebrow, "get back in there and show him what you're made of."

"Wh-wha-…Judas?" He scoffed at her indecision.

"Remy," he said softly, suddenly very serious, "Just because I was your first, doesn't mean I have to be your last. Go."

Her eyes looked oddly wet and shiny. Without warning, she threw her arms around his tall frame. Always and forever, Judas, she thought happily, I will love you.

And with him smiling a little behind her back, she returned to Sawyer who was waiting in her room.

"Now," she said, beaming, "where were we?"

-- -- - - - -- -- - - - - - - -- - -- - - - -- - -- - - -- - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


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