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Summary: He was the copy ninja known as "Kakashi of the Sharingan Eye." IruxKak

He was a ghost on the prowl, his movements, they were like lightning, and his fingers, they were skilled instruments. He was the copy ninja known as "Kakashi of the Sharingan Eye."

His fingers, they were snapped in odd angles, every one of them, broken, appearing to be toothpicks, snapped in half. Rain coated him, blinding his eyes, swelling them from its torrential path. A large crack was down the center of his hitaiate, blood stained it from navy blue to garnet red.

And that was how Iruka found him, torn and broken, his thread already cut, leaving him in the plane of death. He had collapsed over the junins' corpse immediately, anguish-filled tears burning his eyes. His last memories of the elite ninja caressing his mind, filling his heart with immediate despair.

He had left Iruka alone, sprawled out on their bed, half-naked. His hair was down, and it was strewn out lazily, stringy. It looked almost like a deathly halo. Iruka had been left, Kakashi luring him into a peaceful sleep with his promises of sweet nothing, rubbing tiny circles on his lovers back. He had fallen asleep almost instantly. That was the way Kakashi had left him, kissing him on the forehead, staring at his lover with longing eyes, then he turned suddenly, and he closed the door softly behind him. Iruka sleeping on, oblivious to what was about to take place.

He pulled the blood soaked mask from the junins face, and he leaned down, pressing his warm lips against the lips of his deceased love. They were cold, when only hours ago, they had been warm, heated, passionate...when he had been alive. He was frozen with death, his eyes staring heavenward. Iruka chocked back a sob, staring at the socket from where the Sharingan had once been a bloody mass there. The Sharingan had been torn away.

"Gomen..." Iruka whispered, laying his head on the man's chest, blood clinging to his face and hair like a leech.

"What will they think?" He pushed himself up, letting out another sob, and another. He stood up and took a few steps back, his knees weak from anguish, and as such, he fell to the ground, on his butt. He pulled his knees up to his body and laid his face on them. And he cried.

He sat there, until he couldn't sit there anymore, and when he couldn't sit there anymore from his weakness, he let himself fall over, curled up into a ball. He continued to sob, a desperate sound. He couldn't cry anymore, all his tears had long left him; all he could let out were dry, choked coughing noises. He remained there, curled up desperately relishing in his own pain, until he made himself completely weak with depression, and then, he fell into a state of unconsciousness.


That voice, it was calling him. Who could it be, calling him? Kakashi maybe.


No, it was a females voice, and of course Kakashi never referred to him a "sensei".


He shot up, everything coming back to him, hitting him with a full impact.

He attempted to shout the junins' name, but no sound fell from his lips. He looked over to the girl that had been calling him, gazing into the emerald eyes of one of his previous students, Sakura. He had visited her often here, in the medic ward. The was a medic nin now, and a good one at that. But, she couldn't do anything for Kakashi. He was dead, no one could.

"Iruka-sensei." Her gaze was questioning. Yet her she voiced a statement. He watched her as she opened her mouth and then closed it, and she opened it again, reminding him of a caught fish. And then, she sighed, closing her eyes, attempting to keep the tears from overflowing her long lashes.

"Iruka-sensei...Kakashi-sensei is dead."

He had already known, but hearing her say it, it became all the more true. He continued to look at her mouth move as she spoke, but he heard nothing, the sounds around him had died in his ears, it was like he was going through a tunnel, and the void was sucking away all noise in existence.

A warm hand ran over his arm, it brought him back to reality, like waves splashing in the ocean the sounds flooded back, hitting him full force.


He closed his eyes and felt the sting of tears once again. And he turned away, not wanted to let the former student see him cry. She had enough to deal with; he could already see the tears gliding gently down her face. He knew it was hard for her to accept, but it was even harder for him, and he was angry. He was so angry. He just wanted to scream. But, his throat was dry, and he longed for a cool drink of water.

He turned to look at her again, this time her tears were gone, but he could see lines from where they had been, drying on her face.

She smiled at him, but it didn't reach her eyes. And as if she knew what he needed she handed him a cup of water.

"Sensei...I'll take my leave of you now, but I'll be back later to check up on you...farewell." She turned sharply, and almost hastily ran from the room. He felt the sting of water glide gently down his throat. It burnt but at the same time he relished in the taste.

And after he had downed the cup, he simply looked at the off white color of the wall, clenching the cup in his fingertips, them going white from the force.

He sat there for what seemed like hours, but in truth was simply a few minutes. He gazed and gazed, until, he opened his mouth and screamed. He screamed and screamed. A medic nin charged in, the door slammed against the wall. He was forced down, a needle was shoved into the skin on his neck, and then he felt the waves of unconsciousness crash upon him again.

The cup fell from his fingers rolling off the bed and making a small tapping sound as it came to a stop on the floor.

As he looked upthe last thing he saw before falling unconscious was Kakashi's form looming over him, as if to reach for him and caress him, like a scarecrow.

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