The Son of the Devil and the Daughter of the Sea

Disclaimer: I do not own anything that pertains to the movie Van Helsing

Tara and Ana walked into the main square of the town and paused slightly as a group of dreary women walked in front of them. The atmosphere was sombre and grey, which of course suited the weather perfectly. They began their expedition at the tailor's before moving on to the boot-maker's and finally to the smith's for weapons. They had just finished their shopping when the villagers began to crowd around two strange men "wait here" Said Ana before going to confront the strangers. Tara watched from afar and then she saw the vampires approaching luckily so did one of the strangers the one she now recognized as Van Helsing. She carefully avoided the masses of panicked people and the three brides when she caught up with Ana and steered her away from the building the vampires were in. Tara backed up against the wall of the alley breathing heavily Ana had gone to help Van Helsing deal with Marishka and she had hidden herself from the brides searching gazes.

She turned around slowly only to come face to face with Aleera. She jumped and gasped in shock and dismay as Aleera in her human guise gripped her upper arm with super-human strength. She struggled to get free but Aleera simply laughed and squeezed her arm none to gently and Tara was sure she would have a large bruise there in the days to follow, if she even lived to see the days to follow. "You will make a lovely treat for the master" she said in a breathy baby voice that grated on her nerves. The vampire took to the air in her Hellbeast form bringing Tara with her. She then shrieked in agony and her taloned foot clutched convulsively around my wrist and I screamed in pain with her as a bone in my wrist snapped. I looked to the ground and saw the shapes of what must be Ana and Van Helsing trying to follow Aleera but the bride was to fast for them and soon I was the strange human shaped ball in a game of catch the female vampires were playing.

Sorry this one is so short I have been getting writer's block lately when it comes to this story. Hope you like. Dracula will be coming in the next chapter I promise.