Title: I Knew You'd Look Good in Black Leather

Author: sglab

Fandom: Stargate Atlantis

Pairing: Sheppard/Weir UST

Category: Humor

Rating: K

Notes: The Sheppard/Weir ship thread at Gateworld has inspired me once more. The talk about John and Elizabeth in leather jackets after seeing the s3 promo pics brought this fic to life. Thanks to Trialia for giving it a quick once over.


The Daedalus had just arrived and John Sheppard was waiting for Elizabeth Weir to get off the space ship. The expedition leader had been gone for over a month spending her time in meetings on Earth.

John smiled when he got his first glimpse of her. As she got closer his eyes widened and his mouth turned in a little o. Wow, was the first thing to come to mind when he had a clearer view of her.

Elizabeth's hair had grown since John had last seen her. It fell in soft curls framing her face just past her shoulders.

"Colonel," she greeted with a smile. "I see my city is still in one piece."

Pulling himself together, John grinned at her. "How was the trip?"

"Long," she groaned dropping a few more bags down next to her than John remembered her taking with her.

"Did some shopping while on Earth?" He asked picking up a couple of the bags.

There was a twinkle in her eyes as she grinned at him and he realized he had taken an involuntary step back.

"Actually, I've brought some new uniforms for the off world teams," she looked behind her as a group of Marines were carrying several more of the bags John was holding. "The bags you're holding are for your team."

John was eyeing the woman before him. He could swear there was a spark of utter glee in her eyes. "What about that bag?" He pointed at the last one on the floor next to her.

Her smile grew. "That one is the one from my shopping trip. What do you say to lunch tomorrow? You can fill me in on all the goings on here for the last month."

"Sounds like a plan," he nodded giving her a weary smile. There was something up with her and it was driving him crazy.

"Oh, and John?" Her voice stopped him and he turned back around to her. "Why don't you try on your new uniform tomorrow."

"Sure," he turned back and went on his way.


John was walking through the city the next day frowning. He had been trying to get to Elizabeth's office for the last twenty minutes only to be stopped numerous times for things that had nothing to do with being head of the military in Atlantis.

"Hey, Elizabeth, do you know what's gotten into…?" He stopped mid sentence when he finally looked at her. She was standing behind her desk wearing a brown leather jacket that accentuated her curves along with the form fitting v-necked red top underneath. His eyes drifted down further to the very well tailored dark jeans.

"Wow," Elizabeth's voice startled John out of his thoughts. It was probably a good thing any; he didn't think the direction his thoughts were going about his boss were appropriate.

"I knew I made the right choice."

John looked at her confused and he was sure he caught that spark of glee in her eyes once more. "I chose the uniforms," she said grinning even more. "I just knew you'd look good in black leather."