Mistakes of the Present

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Summary:After the events following Sarkáhn's demise, Aragorn faces a greater pain than the everyday injury: exile. Problems arise. Can Legolas and Aragorn, with the help of the Twins mend the mistakes of the present and forget the mistakes of the past?

Author's Note: Wow! It's been a long time since Mistakes of the Past. Sheesh. I need to start some serious writing to keep me sane. If you haven't read my previous story, I don't know at the moment how much you are going to understand from this story since I am writing as I go (kind of the same way I wrote the last one. I learned what happened as I went. I still have no plan to the story yet). Well, I have written the intro and here it is….


The woods were silent as a lone man walked quietly through the surrounding trees. His clothes were worn and battered from years and years of abuse from the weather and various encounters with orcs. His head was hooded and bowed as though he were trying to hide from the world.

From his appearance, no one would dare attempt to walk up to him and start a conversation. Yet, there was something in his eyes that seemed to reflect years of experience…and pain. Through these eyes you could see his heart breaking for it truly was. The blue orbs glistened with unshed tears of anguish and frustration. Of course, had anyone been in his place they would not be so different, especially if they had lost their entire family and all that they held dear.

Exile is such a simple word, but one that can shatter a heart in mere seconds. This man had been banished from all that he knew and loved. Nothing would ever be the same again, at least not for him. All it took was one mistake and everything ended—the love, the respect, the hope. It was gone, and nothing would be able bring it back.

This hopeless and despondent man was Aragorn, son of great kings and the hope of the future. He was a man of great strength and honor. But he did not feel strong for he wished desperately to release the tears of anguish and alleviate his aching heart. He knew what he did was wrong, but he also knew that the blame was not solely his. For everything started the day that Sarkáhn was destroyed and their pain had ended...yet it was only the beginning

A few weeks earlier:

After the defeat of Sarkáhn, Legolas returned to his home after he received an urgent message from his father who had been extremely worried about his son's safety. He was asked to return for an upcoming festival that he was not allowed to miss due to his importance as Prince of Mirkwood. It all went rather well, and Legolas began planning his return to Rivendell when he received a message from Aragorn that said:

Dear Mellon nin,

I know you are planning to return to Rivendell, but I thought it would be courteous to inform you that I will not be there. I do not wish to explain to you the reasons for this in a letter, so I would like you to meet me in the woods where we first encountered Mistad. I must talk to you. Meet me in a week's time. I will see you then, Legolas.

Your Mellon,


This message had been unexpected and he was rather curious as to why Aragorn did not wish to reveal his information in the letter. Without further thought on the subject, Legolas put the letter down, gathered his supplies, informed his father of his departure, and left the confines of Mirkwood in pursuit of his best friend. But he did not realize that his friend was in more trouble than he could have imagined.


Aragorn was sitting quietly by his campfire as the stars shone brightly in the evening sky. He could not believe what had happened since the last encounter with Legolas. He waited patiently for his friend to arrive. He was so deep in thought that he did not notice that there was a shadow looming behind him. Suddenly, he noticed the possible danger, so he hastily took out the dagger from his boot and spun completely around with the dagger at the stranger's throat.

As soon as he noticed who the person was, he breathed a sigh of relief and lowered his knife from the stranger's throat.

"Legolas…I am glad you have come," Aragorn said though 'glad' was not how his voice sounded. To Legolas, he looked tired and deeply troubled.

"I came as soon as I received your letter. What is it that troubles you so? I can see that you have much on your mind."

"I do not know how to explain it," he said with exasperation. "It is so hard to believe…even I do not believe it. It is just not possible. There is no way that…"

"Calm down, mellon nin, you are not making sense. You are rambling like a female," interrupted Legolas who wanted to know desperately what was wrong. He knew what words to use that would snap his friend out of his daze. He could see that Aragorn was troubled, but something else was there, a look of fear he had not see since…no, it couldn't be possible. But he chose to hold his tongue.

"I am not a female, you uptight elf! I cannot believe that you would jest at a time like this!" Aragorn exclaimed at his friend's behavior. He forgot that he had not told Legolas what was going on, and when he saw the confused look on his friend's face he finally began to tell him what happened.

"I am sorry, mellon nin. I am on edge, and I have forgotten that you do not know. This is hard for me to say but…" Aragorn never finished his sentence for out of nowhere an arrow zoomed by his face and imbedded itself in the tree behind him.

"Orcs!" exclaimed Legolas. Both friends were so preoccupied that they never heard the approach of a band of orcs who just happened to be walking nearby. Knowing that they were outnumbered, Aragorn and Legolas decided that the best course of action would be to run and seek some sort of shelter to weather the fight. After firing a few arrows at the orcs, both friends turned and fled.

After running for twenty minutes, the two friends came to deep cave. Knowing that it would be their only chance of finding shelter, they immediately went inside. Legolas made sure to cover the entrance with brush enough so that it would not be as obvious as to where the two friends were hiding. Aragorn, went on ahead to scout the rest of the cave.

Holding a torch that he has found on the side wall of the cave, the path began to illuminate in front of him. He could see that the cave continued on a great distance. With one look back to make sure that Legolas was alright, Aragorn continued through their new shelter. He could see paintings and drawings on the wall, as if someone took a rock and carved out pictures in the walls of the cave. There were strange images of a certain human who seemed to be portrayed in each and every image beginning with the first one. As Aragorn looked closely he began to follow the pictures as if they told a story. The pictures followed on after the other down the side of the cave wall, and as each continued, Aragorn kept moving down the wall trying to interpret every image.

The first picture looked as though the person in it had been wounded severely, and there were little scratches underneath the picture but Aragorn dismissed them as unimportant. The next followed a man coming to a strange room. The blood from the wounded man fell to the ground and seemed to sizzle when it touched. The next picture showed the person coming to what seemed like an altar, engraved with strange symbols and ciphers. Aragorn could not quite make out what it was, but he knew that no good would come from it. When he went to look at the next picture, his next step faltered as the floor fell out beneath him. Aragorn tried to remain upright but he could not regain his balance, and he plummeted to the impending wooden spikes that littered the ground beneath him.

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