My hand ghosts across his hip to his stomach, warm and inviting. His skin whispers to be touched. This is how it starts most days. I'm wrapped around the man whose bed I share. But today is different. I lay here warm in his embrace. My fingers whisper through the soft hair on his chest and I savor the quiet of the early morning. I can just see him through my lashes and he's watching me. Always watching me. The warmth of his body curls around me and a soft contented sigh escapes my lips.

I shift and snuggle closer and smell the soft musky scent of last night on him. A small smile quirks my lips as I think of making love with him. It's not just sex between us, it's something more. He whispers my name when we come, his warmth and desire filling the dark chasm deep in my soul. I've never had love before, really. A love without strings attached. For my mother, I was just an object to display before her friends with my perfect little manners and perfect little Malfoy demeanor. For my Father, I was nothing but a puppet-on-a-string, doing whatever he wished to earn his faint approval. But, he asks for nothing in return.

I feel him tense, and then, ever so softly, his fingers whisper across my cheek, brushing my hair from my face. I open my eyes needing to see him, the one who touches me so tenderly.

His eyes glow emerald green in the faint light between dusk and dawn, where dreams come true and reality emerges with the coming light. I frown at the earnest and worried expression clouding his eyes. And in this soft and sleepy time, I need to comfort him.

My hands devour his chest, his face, his neck, until I can bring his lips to mine. His tongue whispers across my lips and I draw him in. I feel the need, the desire, the urgency with each stroke of his tongue. I feel his hand caress my nipple and travel down my chest to rest on my stomach, trembling, as his mouth ravishes mine.

I feel him start to embrace me, but I grasp his hand and place it over my heart. I need to tell him the one thing that means the most to me in this dream-like reality. I break the kiss and I tell him that it is his and his alone. And he whispers, "I know."