The thin line between love and hate

A/N: Hello and welcome to my new fanfiction. I'm kind of new into the Naruto fan fiction so I hope to do this enjoyable and worth to be posted. From the pairings made in the Naruto fiction universe, my favorite is Sasuke x Hinata, the best. But this time Hinata will be mostly out of character, I'll show a Hinata grown up and changed by a certain Uchiha boy.

I'm not well informed about the jutsus or techniques, I only know the Sharingan and the byakugan for obvious reasons, the rest of any jutsu that appears here, I made up myself without knowing if exists in the manga or in the anime. I'm also had a bad grammar, if someone wants to be my beta, feel free to help 

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Chapter one:

Unexpected rival

Endless darkness, the sound of flying kunais everywhere. The screams, the pleas, everything that sounded familiar to desperation. A team of Konoha's ANBU is running to the light, not knowing what they will see in the end.

"I don't care what you said Orochimaru, Sasuke will come back to Konoha!" screamed again Naruto while trying to take down his teammate. Yes, as sad as it sounds, as empty that maybe can be heard by the rest of the ninjas in the room that was the common feeling of the remaining Team 7. Sakura watches the scene in shock, Naruto had been fighting for a long time, and he couldn't be capable to lay a finger on the Uchiha prodigy.

"And what makes you believe that I want to come back?" asked the main topic himself, with a cold glare that can only be compared to his brother. Naruto saw that face before…in the face of the reason of all this suffering, this three years that caused a major bridge between him a his ex-rival, now best friend.

Orochimaru is just against a wall, watching quite pleased that Sasuke wasn't willing to give up, that his thirst of revenge is above everything, even his own life. This vessel will be the ultimate body, I crave this power and body more than ever, I can't wait.

While the fight is keeping going at its high peak, the rest of Konoha's teammates are just watching, respecting Naruto's wish to make this on his own. And he meant his own, no Nine-tails on the way, no Kakashi, no Sakura's tears on the way. If he wants so much to prevent this soul to be drowned to hell, it must be this way.

Suddenly, with a final blow, Sasuke sends Naruto to the nearest wall; this time…he can't get up. He is now facing down, unwilling to move. "I just hit to the right spots of your spine, right now you're numb from waist to toes."

Damn it!

That was all that Naruto could think when the sound of Sasuke's sword echoed the whole room. "You should never come to try to fix the bonds that were already broken." But then, he couldn't move. When he could move his face to see the other side of the room, he noticed it. Four ninjas with rare animal masks were at the huge double doors of the fighting room.

In that moment, an injured Kakashi watched in surprise the scene. "Is an ANBU team, but how…?" in that moment, one of the ANBU members, with a mask that was different form the others, steps into the fighting field and stands in defense mode. The rest f the team was going to follow it when with his right hand on the air stops them. The team nods in agreement and steps aside of the rest.

Kakashi looks at them in confusion, Why aren't they together in the fight? in that moment one of the ANBU notices the presence of Sakura, and in a fast move, takes her and brings her back in a safe place with the others. It took her time to realize that she wasn't in the same place anymore, and proceeded to check her captain with his injuries, while looking at was happening in the battlefield. Naruto looked at the masked ninja with surprise, but his eyes widened when he saw that this ninja even caught Sasuke's attention. He even put his sword back and turned in offensive pose.

"Is an ANBU captain." Mentioned immediately Gai. "The mask in form of a cat means that is a hunter, but the red marks all over it describes it as a captain, a strong one." Then Kakashi looked at the scene in acknowledge. "Is true, but that doesn't mean that he can beat Sasuke, he's gotten too strong and…"

But his questions were responded when both ninjas attacked face to face. Suddenly Sasuke puts out a kunai at the same time as the captain and now it only can be seen sudden moves and the sound of blades colliding like thunder. After some blows, they step away in a safe distance; breathing lightly like that was nothing. In that moment, the ANBU captain makes a sign and one of his teammates takes Naruto and steps back in the safe area.

Sakura runs desperately starts to heal her beloved friend. But Naruto couldn't take his eyes from the two warriors, fighting in a non-stop battle, matching almost equally in their blows. But something that Naruto noticed made the situation ever stranger….

…Sasuke deactivated the sharingan, and even with the match almost equally, he didn't activated it yet.

This also was noticed by Orochimaru, from his safe corner. What are you doing, Sasuke-kun. but his eyes relaxed and then he grinned. ku ku ku, I see. Sasuke-kun has found a decent match and decided to make it last, but right now we can't be here wasting time and chakra, we must move before he--

His thoughts were stopped when something hit him from behind with huge force. He immediately looked back and what he saw was the AMBU captain fighting him. Orochimaru looked back and saw that Sasuke was still fighting the captain over there!

Sasuke was getting tired; this captain must be really strong to hold like this. But he decided that this must end now, he didn't have the time to play. In that moment he activated the sharingan and in a fast move copying Rock Lee's speed, he appeared behind the captain and send a kick, only to he hit by the captain with he same force that he sent the kick. Sasuke stepped back and immediately, almost automatically, he looked where Orochimaru was.

It must be a damn good clone. he smirked; he was going to have fun after all. But when he was about to pop it, the 'clone' went with a fire jutsu, and make it out in time.

In that moment, everyone looked where the fire came from, even Sasuke to see what happened. Orochimaru had stepped back in awe, not understanding how this 'clone' was capable to make a jutsu while the other was fighting in a very different way. In a fast move, he invoked a snake from his arms with an unexpected attack, but the captain was able to avoid it and cut with a chakra cord the snakes.

"That technique…" muttered Neji in obvious surprise. "What is it Neji?" asked worried Lee. "That is obviously a Hyuuga move, but how…there's no Hyuuga member in ANBU, even less captain…"

Hearing this and noticing his enemy a little distracted by the clones work, Sasuke pounce the captain on the face, making the mask crack and break. The clone's mask was also breaking, making this even weirder than it may look like. Slowly, the pieces of the mask started to fell down, and when everyone saw the face of the captain, gasps can be heard all over the place.

Naruto and Neji were the most shocked ones, they couldn't believe who was. Sasuke just stood there, unable to speak, his sharingan deactivated just to make a better look. "You…you are…"

But before he could answer, one of the ANBU team did it. "Yes, is our captain, she is Captain Hyuuga Hinata for you. The strongest woman of the ANBU force."

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