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Chapter 84 [AN: don't mind the chapter number's it's for my record to know where I am]

Tsunade was too shocked to notice how the bombs that Deidara was throwing from the air were getting closer to them and destroying the village.

From all the unexpected scenarios that would happen during the invasion, it never come the possibility to face Hinata on the enemy's side. But in this case, it seems that she is not aware of that either.

"Tobi-san, how come that she knows my name?" asks Hinata while said Akatsuki stands beside her like it was nothing wrong. "And she is acting like-"

"Of course you are famous Hinata!" says the one-eyed masked Akatsuki, "After all, you are Itachi-san's student and future wife! Everyone knows Itachi-!"

"Don't you remember me?" screams Tsunade, realizing that they made Hinata believe that she was always on the organization. "It's me Tsunade, and there are a lot of people here worried about you! They-"

"Then why we were ordered to take her to Kami-sama?" asks Tobi in an attempt to keep Hinata on his side. "Believe in Tobi Hinata-san, if you ever known her, you would have remembered."

"I see," says Hinata before she raises her hands to start her hand-seals. But then the Hokage stood up with one last attempt to avoid the almost inevitable fight. "Does the name Seijuro Saito sound familiar to you? Or Kinomoto Yuki and Nakano Hiro? Don't you remember them?"

Then she stopped her hand seals, looking lost in though. Those names, why those names started to roll over and over on her mind like she used to call them a lot before? They felt like she can call them in need, which she can use them to fell powerful, that they mean something more like a mere bond. But isn't the Akatsuki her only family, as Pein-sama said?

But her thoughts were interrupted when Tsunade jumps back to prevent Tobi's hit. Angry and frustrated for what was happening, she runs and manages to pick a huge rock and throw it where the masked ninja was made him jump towards the closest building. "Damn it! Don't you see that I'm trying to make her remember?"

Tobi: "Stop making Hinata-san feel weird! Tobi doesn't like it!"

"It feels…foreign to me." Says Hinata while looks down thinking, "But still…I don't know…" but then the Hokage tried to throw her remaining card,

Tsunade: "What about SAS-?"

But she couldn't say anything else because Tobi managed to take her by the ankles and push her down to the foundations under her feet. The persistence of the Hokage to talk to her instead of fighting and Tobi-san's efforts to shut her off made Hinata raise an eyebrow. "But why she is so persistent…?" but she couldn't continue because she noticed that the building where they found the Hokage is about to collapse. They made it to look inside and see that some ninjas were still there, including Shizune.

Tsunade: "Shizune! Get out of there!"

But then a piece of the building started to fall to where the Hokage's assistant was but before Tsunade could move…


A huge impact of wind pushed the falling pieces up and away from where they could hurt anyone, saving Shizune, Ibiki, council members, and other ninjas standing there. But what shocked them the most was who saved them. But Tsunade wasn't, she looked more moved and happy to see that it was Hinata [using the Akatsuki coat] the one who saved them.

"I…I did it on my own…I didn't even though about it…" stammered Hinata while she looked at what she did. She didn't know that she could something like this, even less with that force. She felt this inner voice that told her that it was the right thing, but what now?

The blonde Kage took the opportunity to escape from Tobi's hold and walk towards Hinata, "Shizune, take everyone to a safe place, I'll deal with this."

Shizune: "But Tsunade-sama-!"

Tsunade: "I'm the Hokage, I can't let one of my ninjas fall into the enemy's hands!"

Hinata: [whispering] "Your…ninja?"

"You can't beat me Jiraya; this is the case of when the student surpasses the teacher." Says Pein while summons his chameleon summon. Jiraya already summoned Gamma and was having a difficult time. Saito looked at how far the fight has gone and clenched his teeth, 'Should I do it? Is this a moment to make it…happen?' though the samurai while he looks at his katana. The sword had engraved a cobra snake with a crown.

Jiraya: "Even if I die fighting someone that I cared so deeply I'll do it! It's my way of the ninja!"

Pein: "Knowing that your death is today and you insist to make it happen? Ridiculous…"

"OKAY, I HATE TO BE IGNORED IN THIS FIGHT!" screams Saito standing between the two giant animals. "DO YOU THINK THAT BRINGING THOSE OVER-FEEDED PETS HERE WILL TAKE ME FROM IT?" and with that the dark haired samurai makes for the first time in his life a simple combination of hand seals. "You are fucking wrong." [Thinking] 'Mika is so going to kill me after this…'

Then the three shinobi looked at the direction of where Saito's home is and they see it blow up, literally.

Out of the HIUGE cloud of smoke, they started to hear a loud hiss. Then they started to notice a crown outstanding from the cloud of dust.

"In reward for your constant offerings, I'll aid you….Seijuro Saito…"

Jiraya: "What the hell?"

Pein: "…!"

Out of the commotion comes out a giant cobra snake. And when it's said giant…we are talking about something even bigger than Orochimaru's Mamba, and by the sound of the voice it seemed female. On the top of her head was a crown made of human bones.

Jiraya: "Queen Cobra? You had under your house QUEEN COBRA? Are you insane?"

Saito: "It was Orochimaru's gift before leaving Konoha, what can I say!"

From the distance, the Konoha civilians screamed in both awe and horror when they saw the giant cobra snake as the third summon on the battle. The mere memory of Orochimaru attacking the village with a three-headed snake years ago came fresh into their minds.

"I think I've heard about it," says Ayaka as the rest of the civilians looked amazed at the new twist of the battle. "It's a summon that only appears when the one who calls it killed a certain amount of people…wait a minute!" then she turns to Mika. "Does his sword have a snake on it?"

"It was Orochimaru's gift to him years ago…" hisses Mika angrily. Saito had a GIANT snake on their basement all this time? That's why he had it closed to everyone? "And he better beat that Akatsuki with it or I'll make him rebuild our home…piece by piece."

"The only thing that matters here is that summons," says the psychologist, "That is Queen Cobra, and she only responds to those who had offered her sacrifices constantly. Maybe Saito didn't know that by killing with that katana over the years had been seen as offerings."

Mika: "But…Orochimaru gave it to him as a gift. He said that it was to protect us."

Then they focused on any surprises on the battlefield, until a giant sequoia appeared in the middle of the village.

Tomoyo: "Yuki…!"

"Don't be stressed Tomoyo-san, I believe that he is okay." Says suddenly Juugo as he held baby Madara [she was still asleep] by the way that the three women didn't move from their spots, he started to feel their next move and wanted to prevent it.

"Yuki…I'm coming." And with that the blonde woman disappeared in a cloud of smoke. Then the orange haired man looked at the doctor and them psychologist, who instead of being panicked by their friend's action, they smiled.

Ayaka: "I guess…it can't be helped."

Mika: "Yeah, we are part of the Zero Women after all."

And with that they gave Juugo a confident smile and the quiet man understood; they trusted him their children, part of Konoha's future.

"The fact that I disguise as a plant doesn't mean anything, baka." Says Zetsu's dark side while avoids the needles darting his way.

"Just leave the fucking village and fucking bring Hinata back. Then MAYBE I'll let ONE of you live!" screams Yuki in an attempt to hit the Akatsuki. But said rogue shinobi catches the blonde's fists and starts to absorb his chakra a little too fast. Then the blonde ANBU grounded his feet on the earth, but rapidly the caped ninja noticed why.

Zetsu: "So that's why you have so much chakra, you get it from nature."

Yuki: "Feh, what made you think such shit?"

But he couldn't respond because he felt leaves surrounding him to suffocation. It took Zetsu a second to realize the truth: Kinomoto Yuki doesn't need any hand seals, just any contact with nature.

"If you think that it will defeat us you're wrong-!" but suddenly Yuki releases them making Zetsu fall hard on his butt.

Zetsu: "What the-?"

"No…it can't be!" and with that the blonde ANBU runs towards where it used to be the Hokage tower. If what he just felt was real…it means that the Akatsuki threat can go to second priority right now.

Because THEY were back and looking for someone…

And that can be either Sasuke or Hinata.

"This is awesome! By the end of the day this destruction will be one of my greatest masterpieces!" screams Deidara and lets another bomb down. The clouds of dirt and the destruction of the buildings caused confusion and despair everywhere "And no one can stop me from up here, Hn! I'm-!"

Suddenly his giant clay bird turns stiff, causing the blonde Akatsuki to crash directly to a pile of foundations. Trying to stand up, the rogue shinobi groans in pain and anger. "Fuck, who dared to interrupt my work of art!" then he looks ahead of him and sees a pair of huge white haired paws with equally large claws. Finally looking up, he sees Byako with his light blue eyes still glowing.

Byako: "Roar…GRR…" [That thing…took a lot of chakra to take down…]

"So it was YOU!" screams Deidara as he stands up. "I don't know how you did it you oversized pussy-cat, but I'll make you pay, un!"

Byako: "Growl…?" [Oversized what…?]

"Just remember this neko-baka!" Screams Deidara, a ball of clay coming out from one if his hands and forming a series of hand seals, "My ART is bang!" But as soon as he was about to activate whatever it was, someone hits him from behind.

?"They say that is not honorable to attack someone's back, but I shouldn't care right? I'm a demon after all; I'm supposed to not have honor."

Byako: "Roar!" [Toya!]

"Go and get Sasuke, Byako." Says the incubus demon as he stands between Byako and Deidara. "Hinata is in the village, and I know that you felt the bigger 'problems' around us as well." Hesitating for a second, the white tiger looks at the demon's eyes, shocked to see Toya's determination. And that's something that you can't see in the demon's eyes too often, for not saying never. Following that resolve, the white tiger leaves the scene not before jumping and grabbing a Vortion's leg and throwing it away from a Konoha jounin that was fighting it.

The demons are already here.

"It seems that there's one way to get rid of the meaningless enemies." Says Pein while makes a series of hand seals. Jiraya, feeling the high concentration of chakra, went towards Saito. "Get out of here! He'll-!"

Saito: "I'm not stepping back until he tells me where is Hinata!"

From a long distance, Konan noticed what the Akatsuki leader was doing. "No…it will take all your chakra…!"

But it was too late…

Jiraya: "Saito-!"


Itachi's attacks were completely vicious, Sasuke noticed. It was like all that his elder brother wanted was to rip hi in shreds; when it was supposed to be him the one thinking like that. After all, it was Itachi who took Hinata.

Why was Itachi so mad again? Oh yeah…the wedding ring.

While the youngest Uchiha barely managed to dodge another kick, he decided that it was time to know what matters. "Where is Hinata…?"

That caused Itachi's Sharingan turning into Mangekyo, "My student's whereabouts are not your concern!" And Sasuke's eyes as well.

Sasuke: "Of course it does. She's MY WIFE!"

"She was supposed to be mine!" screamed the oldest Uchiha while made a series of hand seals. "I molded her into my perfection! I dragged her away from bonds so she'll only follow me! But she never managed to see me as a man!" screamed Itachi while fire came out of his mouth. Sasuke responded with the same technique, the woods around them falling victims of the Uchiha power.

Itachi: "I promised myself to make her love me not matter the horrors I committed. That she'll depend on me forever because no one else deserved her-!"

Sasuke: "Wind fist…!"

Then the eldest Uchiha didn't saw when Sasuke used the wind technique and sent him against a giant rock. It seemed like they were at the foot of the Hokage Mountain. "You took my parents away…" says the raven haired ninja while he walked towards Itachi with a deadly look.

Sasuke: "You took my clan away…"

Itachi: "…"

Sasuke: "You…fucked my childhood…"

Itachi: "…"

Sasuke: "Now you pretend to take Hinata away from me? Never!"

And just as he was going to give the finishing attack, a huge ray of light blinded both brothers, but Itachi was the only one who could guess what it was.

Itachi: "Pein…!"

The explosion caused by Pein's SHINRA TENSEI seemed to mark the end of Konoha, but suddenly he realized that something was odd. And it was that something stopped the implacable destruction of the jutsu.

Pein: "The one who can do something like this must have a LOT of chakra. But who…?"

Tsunade was stunned, seconds ago she thought that she was going to be dead from that powerful jutsu just like the rest of the village, but then the chakra's explosion stopped moving like it was shield to prevent to keep moving. But now Konoha was saved from the upcoming destruction, but who did saved them?

She found the answer while looking beside her.

Then, the Hokage walked towards the one who was the source of their salvation.

Tsunade: "Hinata…"

The young kunoichi finally released the giant chakra wall that held down Pein's jutsu. Panting heavily, she fell on her knees due the shock. "Why…why I did that?" whispered Hinata to no one in particular "Why the constant need to protect this village, Tobi-san?" says a little louder so said Akatsuki member could hear it. "We came to conquer them and I've just stopped Leader-sama's intentions!"

"I think that you really wanted to save Itachi-san and the others." Says Tobi while stands on a fallen building. "Hinata-san cares a lot for Itachi-san-!"

"But you already saved Shizune!" screams the Hokage, this may be a great chance to make her react, "Think about it! Tell me why you hadn't tried to kill me yet!" then Hinata's eyes turned to Tsunade. "Your task is to take me prisoner, but all you had done until now is saving my assistant and the whole village!"

Hinata: "…!"

Tsunade was about to step closer when she suddenly jumps back to dodge a spear that came out of nowhere and landed centimeters from Hinata's head. Looking suddenly at Tobi, the dark haired ninja saw him mutter something about 'nine-tails is close' and disappeared.

Tsunade: [thinking] 'Damn! He is going after Naruto!'

Then both the Hokage and Hinata turned to the previous attacker, the last one's eyes narrowed at the weird being that had a devious smirk on its face. While Tsunade turned pale, recognizing what it was [she saw them only once], Hinata just kept looking at him, like she started to know what it was.

Hinata: "Who are you…?"

Tsunade: "I think that the right question is…'WHAT' are you?"

Byako made it out from the foundations that Pein's technique sent him. But the white tiger felt a source of chakra that saved the rest of the village from a mayor disaster. 'It's Hinata…but its way too stronger than before.' Thinks the furry animal until other disturbing and dark presences started to flow through the village along with the terrifying screams from falling shinobi. Too many screams for few Akatsuki members. And it was only one thing that can cause such thing.

Byako: "GRRR!" [Demons!]

'You better be okay baa-chan'. Thinks Naruto as he runs through the fallen buildings of Konoha. As the situation worsened, the fear of losing the village leader would be too much for the village. Although his first intention was to aid both Saito and Jiraya in Pein's fight, but after that strong technique he realized that Tsunade was still down there.

He and Sakura took different routes to make this go faster. And when he was about to turn a corner, a rain of kunais surprised him, but he managed to avoid them all.

?: "Uzumaki Naruto…or I should call you nine-tails?"

Naruto: "You…you are one of the Akatsuki!"

"If you can recognize my organization, it means that you know why I'm here." Says Tobi as he steps closer to the blonde ninja, but as a response he is surprised by an army of Naruto's.

Naruto: "And if you know enough about me, you know that I won't give up easily."

"It's okay; it's been a long time since I used my eyes." Responds Tobi revealing his Sharingan, "By the way, my name is Uchiha Madara, father of the Uchiha clan…and I came here to finish what my clan was destined to!"

Naruto: "…!"

Thanks to Queen Cobra's protection, Saito was able to be up as soon as the bright light caused by Pein's jutsu was gone. But his eyes opened wide when his ally during the fight didn't have the same luck. Lying meters away from his was the giant frog, none of his muscles moving. It seemed that he couldn't move to protect himself in time.

Rushing towards the giant frog, he saw Jiraya lying beside him, the pool of blood underneath him told the ANBU samurai that there's not much that can be done for the Sannin.

"Baka, baka, baka…" muttered angrily Saito as he landed on the ground to run towards the white haired ninja under Pein's surveillance. Laying his head on the samurai's lap, Jiraya remained conscious under the man's eyes. "I guess I wasn't for this fight Saito, you were right." Says the Sannin as Saito noticed the wound on his chest and tried to stop the bleeding by pressing his hands against it. "Don't be stupid, we can beat him together…"

Jiraya: "Naruto will do it, when the time comes."

Saito tried to keep his cool and not show his worry, "Are you going to be extremely stupid now? We are going to kick his ass and make him beg for mercy for attacking Konoha and taking Hinata-"

Jiraya: "You've changed."

Saito: "…!"

"Years ago you would only care for your family. But now, you talk about saving Konoha? " smiles the white haired Sannin as he takes out a small book from his sleeve. "I couldn't bring back Orochimaru, or win Tsunade's love. At least I'll try to lead my stupid student into the path of a true shinobi."

Understanding that he was saying goodbye, Saito decided to stop acting, "It's been nice to finally fight beside you…Jiraya."

But then, he started to feel the Sannin's body cold like ice.


A cruel sign that Mino's has taken his soul already…


His scream was heard all over the village, reaching to Tsunade's ears. Even when she is the Hokage and needed to be cold headed right now, no one around her said a word when she fell on her knees and started to cry.

Naruto was fighting Tobi/Madara with the courage and will that was only seen when it came to protect Konoha, but the 'father of the Uchiha clan' was sneaky, evasive…and a smartass. "Damn it, stop fading and fight me face to face! I won't let you have the nine-tails that easy you baka!" screams the blonde ninjas as the Akatsuki leader avoided the impact of the Rasengan once again, "Why are you protecting a village that has always treated you like shit? Do you know what the high ranks have done to people like Sasuke and Hinata?"

"I only see a group of sadistic assholes taking advantage of someone seeking for a bond to share!" but when Tobi managed to go through a group of shadow clones he manages to grab the REAL Naruto and made the others disappear. Raising his free hand to show small flames on his fingertips, the Akatsuki leader looked at the blonde ninja with bored eyes [actually, ONE eye] "Like you didn't do the same thing with Sasuke…" And just when his hand was going to hit the seal on Naruto's abdomen, something forces Uchiha Madara to jump and release Naruto on the last second.

?: "It's been ages Uchiha Madara, but you must understand that there's a moment in life when someone must GIVE IT UP."

Looking up to see who saved him this time, Naruto is surprised to see who it was. Since day one he wondered why this person was so mysterious to everyone. According to the rumors he had a hidden power that he declined to use in years, related to the bloodline limit that he had never used in his entire ninja career. Even his teammates had to respect his privacy to this extent, but why?

Not even Team Zero has managed to see Hiroshi "Hiro" Nakano's bloodline limit in action.

But that 'entrance' was interrupted when the blonde ninja bend down hollering in pain as he held his stomach pretty hard. Madara looked at the scene with mild interest; it seemed that he managed to hit Naruto with that technique anyway. "Oh, and it must be a Nakano thing not being able to save the day in time I guess." And the only thing that Hiro managed to say when he felt the drastic changes in Naruto's chakra was…

Hiro: "Shit-!"

Unexpected for him, Haruno Sakura appeared beside her teammate, she tried to reach him when she felt the high chakra but Sasori was making things more difficult. Luckily Tatsuha appeared and told her to go and help Naruto.

It was a shocking to see the Kinomoto monk back and acting so serious and confident, so she left him. She held the blonde ninja's hand as he fought to keep the nine-tails inside of him. Unlike other times, the demon fox seemed to want to be released once and for all. And a sign of this was when the third tail was already out.

Naruto started to lose this fight.

"Where the hell is Yamato!" screamed the kunoichi as she still held her teammate by her own hands. The flames were causing great damage, but her need to save Naruto was stronger than the pain itself. She always felt useless when it came he or Sasuke; in battles, missions…in their relationship. She even felt that she ALMOST lost her battle for the Uchiha's heart, but now all that she cared was to be useful for once and do her best in this situation.

She'll take care of Hinata-bitch later…but her thoughts went somewhere else when she heard the scream that will cause the next chain of events.


Even with the intensive physical pain that he was enduring at the moment, it seemed that the announcement of Jiraya's death in the distance snapped what was needed for the recipe of disaster.

The rest of the tails appeared.

That stopped the fight between Tobi/Madara and Hiro. The Akatsuki leader jumps away from the red haired ANBU and lands in front of the nine tails. Using the Sharingan, the demon fox is completely free from the blonde ninja's body floating inside of him unconscious.

Kyuubi: "What the-?"

Tobi/Madara: "Just to guarantee that you'll be a good fox and don't try to get free from my command."

Kyuubi: "…"

"Perfect. Now that it's settle let's—AAARRRRGHH-!" screams suddenly the Akatsuki leader while holding his arm. Looking at it, he realizes that that the rigid left arm that is causing a lot of pain was turned into stone.

Standing few meters away from the battle scene, Nakano Ayaka had her third eye exposed.

That was what Sakura needed to charge against the Akatsuki leader, which was impossible since he kept going through her hits. And suddenly the demon fox was standing behind her with a hungry stare.

Looking back at her husband, Ayaka shows a sharp kunai, making the red haired ANBU to look pretty shocked. But what made things even more speechless was this; "Hiro, you must be released."

Hiro: "Ayaka…what…"

"I know that you are afraid of what will happen, but this is to save Konoha." Says the psychologist as her husband was trying to remain impassive. "You are maybe right, but there's also a risk that-"

Ayaka: "—that the village will remain in darkness forever, I know."

Hiro: "And you still think that it's needed?"

The Nakano wife knows her mate very well; the only reason that no one in Konoha [including Team Zero] has ever seen Hiro's bloodline limit abilities was because he was worried about the consequences.

Without warning, she cuts her signature turtle neck of her sweater to reveal her neck full of bite marks. Too shocked to say a word, the psychologist stands in front of Hiro and pulls him down. This caused thick tension between them; it was something that never happened between them. "Don't be afraid Hiro-kun" whispers the woman close to his neck, "It won't hurt…as much as it hurt me before." And in a swing she bites his neck, sucking his blood. Gasping by the sudden sharp pain, he did the same with hers.

As soon as the couple bites each other, the sky started to get dark. The sun was gone; no stars were seen and, were slowly replaced by a red full moon. As the darkness started to go over the Fire Country, ninjas who weren't fighting the demons looked for torches and everything in hand to see in the red lighted darkness.

When they separated, Tobi/Madara managed to see while fighting Sakura that Hiro's once dark blues eyes were now yellow. His once calm and peaceful features were replaced by a devious and macabre smirk. Finally pushing the pink haired ninja towards the Kyuubi, who trapped her between his claws, he turns to face Hiro. "So you are Hiroshi Nakano's descendant…or the rumors about the clan's immortality are true?"

Looking at the Akatsuki leader, Hiro smirks as wolf formed by dark cloud appeared around him, "I'm a descendant, but that won't change that I'll take you down…Uchiha Madara."

Tobi/Madara: "So this is why a pure Nakano is called 'The Prince of Shadows'…or I should call you…Nosferatu?"

"Ayaka, go and help Sakura. Maybe we can still save Naruto too." Those were her husband's last words before he charged against Tobi/Madara. But what made the psychologist cry while she did what he told her to be his dark and death-hungry voice. If Hiro doesn't turn back to normal after this…Konoha will be in darkness forever.

"I never thought to see something like this." Says Neji as he defends himself from long-tongued demons using the juken technique.

"Oh my, now I remember that chakra." Says a dark voice coming from behind; even when he could see it with the Byakugan, he decided to turn around and face it. Now he was face to face with Belphegor, the demon of sloth. "You were that pathetic ningen that Hinata protected from that house…" but the prodigy's defense wavers when he hears those words from a demon that started to eat something that was once human. Hinata protected him from the demons? When that happened? Finishing her meal, the demon laughs at the Hyuuga, "It must be an act of hypocrisy…after all your father always called her a wicked creature…a witch, yeah…that was the right word-" but she stopped only to avoid easily Neji's attack.

Neji: "Don't you dare to say such things about my father!"

Belphegor: "But Hinata was always smart, in the art of getting rid of pests of course…"

Neji: "What?"

"That infamous night of the kidnap attempt, she knew that either her father or uncle will die as the consequence of that event. So let's say that she made sure to make it easy for that Mist ninja to get in." with each word, everything inside of Neji started to fall down. He didn't want to believe in the demon's confession. "She would either get her freedom from the Hyuuga or get one pest down. She was going to win anyway. And sure she did, don't you think?"

"You lie…you're lying!" but the prodigy couldn't scream any longer because he was pinned down by a group of long-tongued demons. "Leviathan will be so mad at me for using his minions…again." Says the lazy demon calmly while the long tongues started to taste the Hyuuga's skin when…

"Super Dynamic Entry!"


A flash of green and a rain of shuriken made the demons to step away for a moment, leaving the white haired ninja to see his saviors.

Neji: "Lee…Ten-ten?"

"Ha! Even when you turned out to be a perturbed mental mess doesn't mean that you power of youth won't be appreciated as a Konoha comrade!" yells Lee on his so called pose as Neji's eyebrow twitched 'perturbed mental mess?'

Lee: "Oh how I wish to have Gai-sensei here to see my display of youthful coolness!"

"Lee, you can show him after Konoha is saved." Says Ten-ten who seemed calm and collected, making Neji to look at her again. What the heck is happening here?

"What a predicament," says the demon as she rests on her 'flesh throne' looking at the long-tongued demons that are now going to the same direction. "The long-tongues are now after Hinata, so it means that Leviathan found her. Now I'll have to call the Scorps to kill you all then go to get her when she is weakened enough-"

Lee: "Then we must hurry to aid Hinata-sama as soon as possible!"

"And give her ningen to kill? But I am hungry," complains the demon as scorpion tails started to get out of the ground. "Besides it's too troublesome to WALK towards my food…" and before they got surrounded by the Scorp demons, Ten-ten throws a glow- light into the air only to see the urge army of demons going to the same destination.

Is Hinata there?

But Lee suddenly pointed at somewhere on the opposite side of where the demons were going, a huge orange light shinning in the middle of absolute darkness.

It was the Kyuubi.

Within the cloud of destruction and chaos behind them, the Uchiha brothers kept fighting like nothing else mattered. Although Sasuke was worried about the rest of his comrades [for not say 'friends'] on the battlefield and his daughter, he knew that if Itachi wasn't stopped now, he won't be able to save Hinata.

And he can't let the enemy know about their child either.

Finding himself pinned against a tree, Itachi forced a kunai on his right shoulder and looked down at him with devious eyes. "I'll make sure that she'll never remember you…foolish little brother." Hissed the missing ninja, "I'll turn you into ashes, just like what you did to me! Then I'll cut out that fucking finger of hers! I'll erase you from her existence!"

Sasuke: "By the way that you are acting, it seems that you know that you'll fail-"

"You know what my eyes see Sasuke?" says Itachi as he takes out the kunai from Sasuke's shoulder and aims to the heart, "My happiness with your death!"

"ROARRRRR" [Sasuke!]

Then Itachi had to jump back by the loud roar and strong presence of another being. Panting heavily between the two brothers a slightly-wounded Byako looked at the youngest desperately. "Grooooowllll!" [Hinata is in the village!]

Sasuke's eyes opened wide and whispered, "Hinata…"and just when he looked at his elder brother's direction, said ninja was running back to the village. Standing up and running towards the village as well beside the white tiger, the young shinobi's hands clenched tight when he heard Byako's next revelation.

"Grrr-!" [The demons found her-!] But Byako stopped explaining and stopped in his tracks impressed, provoking Sasuke to do the same and look at the same direction. They almost failed to see eight flaming tails in the middle of the night.

Sasuke: "Shit…Naruto…!"

And with that both tiger and shinobi went to separate ways, with the promise to try to reunite as soon as possible.

Yuki made it to the Hokage Tower [or what remained of it] and felt relief to see Tsunade surrounded by ANBU ninjas as she sent slugs to aid the surprising amount of wounded ninjas and civilians.

Yuki: "Okay, someone must tell me what's going on-"

?: "It's war KINOMOTO, I thought that you already noticed it…ku, ku, ku…"

Turning at where his ANBU comrades gasped at, the blonde ninja sees GAAP sitting over a rock like he was having a good time.

Random ANBU1: "What the heck is that?"

Random ANBU2: "Is that even human?"

"You bastards!" screamed Yuki as the Kinomoto spear appeared on his right hand, "Where's Hinata?"

"We always knew that she had it…you know, the killing talent." Responds the demon as his cracked wings waved just to show off. "Even brainwashed by ningen she went off to fight my kind." By this Yuki opened his eyes wide. Brainwashed? Then it hit him…

Yuki: [whispering] "Akatsuki…"

"It was quite amusing to see her asking to your leader [pointing at Tsunade] who I was, but attacked me anyway." Then he shows a brand new hold in his cracked wings, "Oh…, but that darkness-"

Yuki: "She won't fall for that you fucker-!"

"Ah, but it started already." Cuts off the wrath demon, "The hate and fear is so palpable in this place right now. And we must hurry since someone is looking to get her as well. Does the name 'Root' sound familiar to you, Kinomoto Yuki?"

Tsunade: "Danzou…!"

"But don't worry Kinomoto; soon you'll see the pure darkness of a warrior when she has not enough with my kind!" But Yuki's fist collided with the demon's jaw and sent him off the rock. "The dark chakra won't take her over you heard me? We'll stopped it and then-"

GAAP: "It already started."

Yuki: "…!"

Standing from he just fell, the Wrath demon started to laugh like nothing happened. "It happened before, the ningen called Itachi started to be scared of her, that's why he tried to have absolute control over her. And as expected from someone that is not match for us, he failed."

Yuki: "You are lying! She never told us-!"

"Because she can't remember them," says the demon, making the blonde ANBU to fall on his knees. Does this mean that her end is closer than they thought possible? "But this time, we won't let humans to interfere…she'll belong to Mammon…or any of us who manages to control her!"

With that, GAAP disappeared.

Tsunade, who listened to the whole interaction, decided to ask. "Yuki, what's going on? Do you know why those things are looking for Hinata?"

"Tsunade," says the ex-Kinomoto heir, "Please…tell me what she did when she saw GAAP. I…need to know…" then the Hokage understood why he needed to know it, so she decided to tell him as soon as possible.


Then both the Hokage and Hinata turned to the previous attacker, the last one's eyes narrowed at the weird being that had a devious smirk on its face. While Tsunade turned pale, recognizing what it was [she saw them only once], Hinata just kept looking at him, like she started to know what it was.

Hinata: "Who are you…?"

Tsunade: "I think that the right question is…'WHAT' are you?"

But GAAP, the demon of Wrath didn't looked shocked or amused, just found out immediately what was going on and decided to use it in his favor. "Oh, so you don't remember what's inside of you?"

Hinata: "What do you mean-?"

"Stay away from him Hinata," says Tsunade as she puts her hands together 'this thing is dangerous, he wants her!' thinks the Hokage as the demon starts to laugh. "Do you think that you can stop me ningen? It will take more than a Sannin's power to even try it." Then he turns his gaze to the dark haired kunoichi, who is looking at the Hokage strangely. So his suspicious were true, someone tried to play with her memory.

"Someone tried to hide the truth from you," says the demon with a devious smirk, "just close your eyes and look where no one can reach you..."

Tsunade: "No! don't listen to him-!"

But it was too late…

Too fast to be noticed by either Hokage or demon, GAAP ended up on a building that was PRETTY far away from the scene, provoking a large cloud of smoke around where he landed. When he managed to realize that he was hit, he looks up when he feels that he can't move.

And instead of looking afraid or shocked, he just started to laugh. The Hokage, who noticed one second later that the demon was hit, she ran to the scene…only to see something incredible.

Hinata had her one fist going through GAAP's wing and the other with her katana stabbing his shoulder. When she put it out, blood stained the blade and her hand, making her look at the red liquid on her hands like it was something new and interesting.

The mixture of gore and innocence made Tsunade to stand on her position.

Even when he was free from the attack and wounded, the Wrath demon moved closer to the dark haired ninja in front of him. "Does the blood remind you…who you are?"

He got another hit, this time crushing him into the ground. But that didn't matter when said ninja and Hokage found themselves surrounded by no-winged demons. "Hinata! We have to-!" but Tsunade's words died when he noticed something; she looked just like she was before Orochimaru and Itachi's assassination…but this time her coldness went into a whole new level. With very faint dark chakra surrounding her feet, she disappeared as the rest of the demons followed her…then the sound of her fighting at them started.

End of flashback

"Until she disappeared from this area, all that she killed were those things, she didn't touch anyone around yet." Reassures Tsunade, but felt like what she was saying wasn't helping at all.

"They are provoking her," mutters the blonde ANBU since everything was getting clear; "The more she fights, the more vicious the killings will be." Then he just realized the real danger. "If she kills someone innocent…"

The demons have planned this all along?

But suddenly an explosion on the other side of the village made his hesitate to run after where Hinata went. Anyone would think that it was Deidara attacking, but the force of that blow wasn't something compared to the past ones, this one was completely controlled. And there's only one person in Yuki's book that can do that.

Yuki: "Tomoyo-!"

"I'll go; but you must find Hinata before it's too late." Says Tsunade and sends more slugs to aid the injured. But the ANBU around her tensed by her decision and stepped on her way. "We can't risk to get you injured Hokage-sama-"

"Before being Hokage I am a Sannin, remember that." Snaps the blonde as she looks at the horizon, realizing for the first time the flames coming from the nine-tails. Then she realized that Tomoyo is heading there too. Her gaze turned to the Kinomoto shinobi, looking worried where his wife was fighting right now. "I'll make sure that she is okay Yuki, and you shouldn't doubt about her abilities, she is YOUR wife after all, right?"

And with those words, the blonde ANBU smiled at her and nodded. "If something happens to her; then Hinata, the Akatsuki, and the Kyuubi will have to join forces to stop me." And he is gone in a cloud of smoke.

The katana swings like a violent violin, taking down the demons on her way. But they kept coming like pests, hungry for her flesh, for her soul. Unknown to Hinata, every minute fighting was making her less human; focused only on the battle, not realizing that the dark aura around her was increasing slowly.

This caused a wicked smile on the demons that sensed it.

On the top of a nearby building, Kiba and Akamaru were looking for familiar faces. Shino was called to fight with his father while the Inuzuka was looking for his peers with no success. Negative thoughts were forbidden right now.

But when he saw Hinata down there fighting demons and wearing the Akatsuki cloak, mixed feelings went down on his stomach. 'She must be the one who brought those bastards here' was the first thing in his mind. But what he saw weeks ago brought him back to his senses.

The image of Hinata holding a baby…Uchiha Sasuke's baby…

It hit him like a brick wall.

Eve with all the things that happened since she left Team Eight, Kiba couldn't stop thinking why he never noticed her façade. Can someone hide their true personality for so long? Why she never trusted them? Although Kurenai's relationship with Asuma may be the reason behind it, it wasn't enough for him to get it.

Inuzuka Kiba was still wondering why Hinata changed them for Team Zero.

He could have supports her in everything…even with her past undefined relationship with Itachi. That's what friends and comrades do, right? But as she fought covered in blood those hideous demons, he clearly understood; that either he or Shino would ever accept her situation.

But he wanted to prove it wrong. He wanted to know if he was really able to fight on her side; if he was strong enough to face the reality of this chaos. He wanted to know if his love for her was as strong as her will to be like this.

He wanted to know if he had the same strength that maybe leads her to Uchiha Sasuke.

On the corner of his eye, he saw a huge being getting closer to the ANBU captain at a stampede speed. Only for him to realize that it was a two-legged bull aiming at her.

Hinata started to notice that the number of enemies increased on the last half an hour. But something told her to not stop. Suddenly, a large demon with long bull horns stepped in front of her. Even when she don't recalled where she had seen him before, something in her conscious made her speak his name…

Hinata: "Leviathan…"

Leviathan: "You are closer to HIS desire, but I came to get you before M-!"


The seven feet demon crashed against a nearby wall as Kiba and Akamaru growled in anger. "You fucking creatures leave this village and Hinata alone!" as he said this, a long-tongued demon took the white dog by it's waist and lift him from the ground.

Kiba: "Akamaru-!"

Then, a katana came out of nowhere and cut the demon's tongue, making Akamaru to fall on the ground severely wounded. Rushing to his side, the Inuzuka ninja looks around, noticing that most demons started to surround them carrying a great variety of weapons.

They were so fucked up…

Suddenly, a chakra barrier was formed around them, protecting the duo from the demon's warth. Looking in front of Kiba was Hinata with one hand holding a kunai, the other holding a hand seal. He suspected that it was the seal to keep the barrier.

Kiba: "H-Hinata…?"

Not looking back at him, she closed her eyes and screamed what her heart told her to scream at the moment…


Then they were surrounded by a white light that lasted for mere five seconds. When it was over, Kiba saw the area around them covered by demon corpses and the one called 'Leviathan' badly injured.

Kiba: "What was that…?"

Then he saw the ex-ANBU captain kneeled, but still holding the seal. But what worried him the worst is that black chakra aura covering her little by little. "I don't know who you are, or why you tried to help me." Says the kunoichi as she stood up with her back to Kiba; "But I paid my debt saving the mutt. Now leave." And with those words she breaks the seal at the imminent attack of a new group of demons and starts fighting again.

Still stunned by her words he tried to stand up, but felt his knees weakening…


Out of nowhere, Shino and his father appeared to aid him and Akamaru; but Kiba's eyes were still focused on the dark haired woman that was fighting with all she got.

"Snap out of it, she is lost." Says the Aburame trying to make his comrade come back to reality. But what the Inuzuka said next shocked him beyond belief. "She…Hinata is not longer a shinobi Shino. She has turned into a warrior."

Shino: "A warrior? But what's the difference?"

Looking at her once again, he finally understood all his doubts about what he had in his heart for her. "She is not fighting for the Akatsuki, the Hokage, or Konoha." By this Shino adjusted his glasses as he carried Kiba on his back. Then he started to understand what his comrade was able to witness moments ago.

Kiba: "She is fighting for all of us in this world."

"Naruto! Wake up! We need you! Naruto…!"

Sakura was still trying to make Naruto to wake up from the coma that the Nine-tails caused on him. But every time she got closer, the Kyuubi snapped trying to kill her. She can't blame him, he was kind of 'domesticated' as soon as the blonde ninja has the final world when it came to tame the beast, but now thanks to the Akatsuki leader, this was too hard to deal with.

And to make things worse, she has to watch her back from the fight between Hiro and Madara.

Sasuke was running through the broken buildings of Konoha. Under other circumstances he would have looked around to see if he could find either allies or enemies; but his eyes were now towards the Nine fire tails moving around in the distance. Even when he wanted to get Hinata first, if his Sharingan doesn't stop Naruto now, it will be useless to get his wife while their world will be destroyed by his best friend.

But when he turned a corner, he saw a pretty impressive image.

"No! ASUMA!"

In front of him and Shikamaru, they saw how Hidan managed to kill Sarutobi Asuma. Using his death technique, the Akatsuki member managed to pierce himself with his lance. "HA HA! This is a great sacrifice for Jashin-sama!"

Taking out his katana to fight the religious-fanatic shinobi; a hand lands on Sasuke's shoulder. He doesn't have to look back to identify the chakra, it was Yamato. "Go after Hinata, some ANBU comrades told me that she was fighting those monsters wearing the Akatsuki cloak." Noticing the young shinobi's eyes towards Asuma's body, he stepped forward. "This revenge belongs to Shikamaru and his team. My duty is to go and try to remain control of the nine-tails and yours is to save your woman and Konoha. Now go!" with that he pushes Sasuke forward and the Uchiha doesn't need anything else…

He runs to another direction, trying to locate his wife.

Juugo looked at the events that were occurring to the village from the top of the Hokage Mountain. As his girlfriend was taking care of baby Madara, he was looking at Team Zero's kids, who were watching the chaos down there seriously. "Kids, you should go into the caves with the rest of the civilians." Says the orange haired giant, not getting response from them.

Juugo: "Eh, kids…?"

"Something is coming, something with a dark aura." Says Kira as the rest nodded, and before Juugo would ask what they were talking about, something grabbed his leg. Everyone looked scared as they noticed that it was indeed a snake what grabbed their friend. As the civilians screams for such thing, from the shadows emerged someone who one though would appear in the middle of the battle in the village; it was Kabuto.

Luckily, Anko was one of the many ninja in charge of the security of the rest of the village habitants and stepped forward as soon as she realized who it was. "You filthy bastard!" screams the woman as Kabuto burst in laughter.

"I just had to take the chance that both the Akatsuki and most of Konoha's pests are too busy getting eachother for me to gather some specimen individuals." Says the gray haired man as he eyes the Zero kids. "Not to mention the rumors about the power that the infamous Team Zero children may have inherited from their parents…ah!" but he couldn't say anything else because Kato, Saito's eldest son took the moment of distraction and cut the giant snake that was wrapped around Juugo.

Kabuto: "How dare you…!"

"Okay, not let's show him what we can do!" screams Eiri, Yuki's eldest to his little brothers as the six eldest [including Shinji] started to make hand seals at the same time. And before Kabuto will realize what was happening…

"Blue Wall!"

The blonde kids created a chakra wall around the civilian refuge. When he realized that he was left out, Kabuto looked angrily at the situation and started to summon snakes to look for an opening. While this was happening, Uriel who was one of Hiro's youngest kids raised an eyebrow. "'Blue Chakra'? Couldn't you think of something more original to name it?"

Tetsuo [Yuki's son]: "It doesn't matter, it's a cool technique anyway-"

But their moment of joy was interrupted when a snake came from the underground [didn't know that Kabuto was capable to do it] and grabbed Kinomoto Shinji. And as the rest of the kids and ninjas tried to free the child from the evil man's intentions to take him away; something in the little kid snapped as his last resort to make it free.


And when that scream went through the village, a blonde woman aiding Sakura while they were trying to wake up Naruto heard it clear. Kinomoto Tomoyo heard one of her kids in danger. When she turned to the voice's direction [the Hokage Mountain], a new presence appeared on the fight scene. Yamato appeared breathing hard and standing between the two women and the Kyuubi. Although he ran like his life depended on it, he felt that all the adrenaline that he needed for this fight was there for him, that everything will be alright.

"What are you still here Kinomoto-san?" screamed the man as he made hand seals, also watching what Tobi/Madara and Hiro were doing during their fight, which it seemed to be pretty even. "Go and please aid the civilians! They must be in great danger!"

"My kids…!" though the blonde woman as she clenched her fists; if someone dares to hurt them…

With that though she started to run towards the mountain where everyone who is not a shinobi was put for protection. In an amazing speed that Sakura has never seen before, the pink-haired kunoichi knew that whoever dared to make that child cry…will suffer for the rest of this life…and the next.

Because no one messes with mother instincts...

Blood, a scent that is characteristic in only two places; the hospital and the battlefield. Curiously Hinata felt like she always belonged to the chaos related to this scent, but never to sanitary white walls. The red liquid ran slowly through her katana's blade, as she sliced in half a no-winged demon like a raged violin. But those monsters kept surrounding her, turning her movements into a scenario full of destruction. The classic notes belonging to the announcement of the requiem of those who were fighting that night.

And still, she felt that what she was doing was completely normal; that the darkness forming inside of her due to the fight was done for a reason. And a small part of her told her…that she was going to end like this. And as the dark aura was taking over her senses, she walked around the destroyed village like a zombie. Not caring to look to the sides and killing the demons that dared to attack her 'by surprise'. She didn't needed her eyes to see them, she can taste their blood before her katana made it spill in on the ground. Covered by old and new blood that didn't belonged to her, the now dark eyed kunoichi had the Akatsuki cloak hanging from her shoulders, not caring how she looked at the moment. Hours ago she was looking forward to see any of the organization members, maybe her 'fiancée' Itachi…but now she felt that it doesn't matter if they are okay or not.

As long as she had something to kill, it won't matter anymore.

And those thoughts seemed to be let known by the six main demons of the Seven Sins, that instead of being angry at her for killing their minions [and practically winning the battle], they smiled knowing that in the end…victory will be totally theirs.

But everything seemed to go stop when she saw a dark figure approaching her…and it wasn;t a demon.


"…sensei?" asked the young woman as the red-cloud cloak and the red-black eyes identified the person running at her was identified as Uchiha Itachi. But for some reason, since she woke up days ago, she wasn't able to call his name.

Itachi was glad that he got to her first. He wasn't going to leave her to Sasuke, never! She has been his only light in his madness. He loved her yet had an enormous jealously towards her all these years. Seeing her improving into the abilities that he never understood and was supposed to have, but never did. He was never called to the elements like it was supposed to; he was never able to see the demons after him either. And it clouded his vision of love towards his little student when he realized that one day she'll surpass him enough to be the one able to kill his little brother. And hell broke in his head when she admitted to say that Sasuke may defeat him in battle…which it happened.

He was supposed to be fight darkness, but instead became one himself.

And yet, thinking at first that she revived him because she loved him. It hit him hard when he found out that Pein used her inner guilty for his death to make such forbidden jutsu. It was worse when she remained hidden from everyone after what she did, like she regretted it. But everything that he knew worth living was gone when he found out that she returned to Konoha and married his brother.

The thing that he was afraid to see, became reality…she fell in love with Uchiha Sasuke.

But as he approached her in the middle of this chaos, he swears to try harder and make her love him, not matter what.

But just as he was about to touch her, strong pain hit him in his chest, crashing him against a wall.

Hinata: "SENSEI!"

Looking down, the pain became unbearable when he realized what happened. A spear crosses his heart, pinning him to the wall with it. As his body started to shake due to the incredible pain and blood loss; he felt how Hinata didn't waste time and took it out from his body, he felt how his now pierced heart started to lose battle as she put him on the ground, holding his hand tight in a effort to keep him awake.

"Sense, please stay awake. Someone will notice your chakra dropping and will come here. Damn it where's Konan? Does anyone knows medical jutsus-?" kept rambling and screaming Hinata until Itachi touched her cheek with his other hand and tears came out from his eyes. He was crying because he was dying, it was because as selfish as it sounded, he noticed that in the hand that was his…she was still wearing her wedding ring.

The wedding ring that Sasuke gave to her, the symbol that she was already his.

Then it hit him for the last time realizing…that she'll never love him. That no matter how powerful he'll become or how many times he'll revive…she'll always belong to Sasuke. To his little brother who loved her since he was a kid.

"Y-You'll never l-love me…d-d-d-don't you?" asks Itachi as his strength was leaving him. Hinata stopped talking and listened to him wide eyed. "Y-You never s-s-said my n-name since I c-came back…"

"Sensei-" then she shut up, realizing what he was saying. Why she didn't call him Itachi if she was supposed to marry him? At night she saw dark eyes in her dreams, dark eyes with a lot of promises…but she felt that they weren't Itachi's…why?

Hinata: "I never meant-"

"Shhh…" muttered Itachi has his hand cupped her face, noticing that the white eyes that he used to adore were now black, making her look more like an Uchiha. But still her eyes made him feel full inside, like all she wanted was to please him…that it was never love. And with that sad and silent confession…his eyes closed, not being able to tell her how much he loved her.

As soon as his chakra was long gone, the young kunoichi looked at her sensei's corpse as demons surrounded her, laughing at her loss. And still in front of his body she wasn't able to call him 'Itachi'. Making a series of hand seals that just came out of her mind, appeared Raven, the large crow summon animal in front of them. "I don't know who you are, but I know that you'll do what I'll ask."

When the bird looked down at Itachi, he understood.

Hinata: "Take him away from here…as my sensei he deserves a proper funeral."

With that said the bird took his corpse with its claws and flew away. And as she watched them leaving, she lifts her right hand to stop another spear, this time it was aiming her. Turning it into ashes [for her own surprise], she looks where it came from. Probably the same being that ended with Itachi's life was now threatening her.

And at the top of one the remaining buildings of the village, stood a shocked Danzo.

He stood nervous, after all he managed to kill Itachi easily, but he always had his reserves with Hinata. She never accepted to be under his wing after all what he offered to her, the damn brat has become his biggest obstacle to become Hokage after Hiruzen's death. If he manages to get her down now, the council won't doubt to put him in priority in everything. But what he'll do now that he saw what she did with the spear?

He couldn't answer that at the moment because suddenly she was in front of him and she kicked his head, sending him more than 200 meters away. Looking up still shaking due to the hit, he saw the kunoichi walking towards him in a very slow pace. Her eyes, whom were now dark, was combined with the dark aura that he managed to feel and see around her. Right now her gaze was sorely on him…meaning that she is serious on killing him.

But he always had something on his sleeve.

Danzo: "Attack!"

As he said this, member of the ANBU Root started to come out from everywhere. Most of them were holding out weapons, and that made Hinata clench her fists. She hasn't killed any human since the attack started, but if they push her…she won't hesitate.

When the first group ran to attack her, they were surprised that she made hand seals to make a thick, tall wall of rock separating them from her. Danzo was surprised to see that she was showing no intentions to kill anyone, after all the gruesome ways that she disposed of the demons all night. Then he thought that she must be pushed to hurt anyone, so he can justify her assassination.

With that in mind, the wall that she created exploded by explosive tags. When it was down, the second group [composed by member of the Aburame and Yamanaka clan] approached her, this time she pushed them away using water that came from nowhere. This time she created once again another rock wall and started to walk towards Danzo. Suddenly, the spear that she 'disintegrated' earlier re-appeared in her left hand. Danzo's eyes opened wide when he realized that if he doesn't do something, she'll kill him with no remorse.

And just when she was about to hit him with the spear, she suddenly dropped it.

"That's enough, Hinata."

Looking up, Danzo realized that she remained still as a statue. But when he looked a little forward and noticed it. Behind Hinata, a tall figure held her by the waist, leaving her speechless. Who dared to hold her like this? But then the warmness of this person behind her gave her mental images of someone who always made her feel like this…the same dark eyes as her sensei, but she could differ one to another, why?

"It's me…Sasuke."


"S-Sasuke…" then those images started to get clear in her head:

"My name is Uchiha Sasuke…"

"They are all dead…I'm alone…all alone…they are gone…"

Hinata: "T-That name…"

"You should let your hair grow…"

"If you dare to kiss or fuck someone else, I'll kill you."

Hinata: "W-Why…"

"I won't give up."

"I hate you…for letting me go."

Hinata: "Why it feels so good…"

"…I love you."

Hinata: "…to hear it?"

From the distance, Yuki managed to find Hinata, but instead to look happy for what was going on, he stood in total shock. Beside him landed Gaap, and when he noticed why the Kinomoto wasn't moving, he started to laugh so hard that it echoed through the whole village.

Gaap: "So we were right this time!"

Yuki: "No…it can't be…!"

Gaap: "and we thought that it was Itachi, but we turned down that theory when he didn't showed signs of evolution…"

Yuki: "Oh Kami…why?"

"And the ironic of the situation is…" says the wrath demon as he watched Sasuke stopping Hinata from killing Danzo by just hugging her. But unaware of the couple at the moment was they were covered by a pair of large black feathered wings…coming from Sasuke's back.

Gaap: "…that she is being held by our lost leader! KU KU KU!"

Yuki: "…!"

Gaap: "Uchiha Sasuke is the reincarnation of the demon of Pride! Our leader Lucifer is BACK!"

A/N: the music that had inspired me to complete this chapter and made secure to upload it was "Requiem for a Dream" from the same movie. You can look in on 4shared and type 'requiem for a dream remix'. It's awesome; it's a modern version of Mozart's famous peace.