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Harry was waiting impatiently under his invisibility cloak, Marauder's Map in hand. He kept his eyes trained on that one dot labeled Draco Malfoy

It was coming closer to Harry every second. Behind Harry stood the unrevealed door of the Room of Requirement – a room which he planned to put to good use only momentarily. Draco was alone and it was after hours. If only the Slytherin boy would walk just a little bit faster…

He pulled his emerald eyes away from the paper upon hearing approaching footsteps whose source could only be the male he had been watching so intently for the last half hour. The blonde boy drew nearer and nearer. The map in Harry's hands began to shake from his nerves, rattling slightly so that Draco picked up his head.

Seeing those gray eyes caused Harry's heart to jump into his throat. He swallowed down, hard, folded up the map and returned it to his pocket, and waited for Draco to walk by.

Once the Slytherin was directly in front of him, Harry reached out an invisble arm and grabbed his shoulder. Draco spun around in surprise, his wand in hand.

"Who's there?" he demanded.

Working quickly, Harry walked – no, Harry ran – repeatedly past the wall he knew led to the Room of Requirement, thinking, "I need a place where Draco and I go and be comfortable," over and over in his head.

The door appeared. Once again, Harry's invisble hand grabbed Draco, pulling him roughly inside the newfound room and shoving him ahead. He followed, closing the door quietly behind him and locking it.

"Who's there!" Draco positively yelled, pointing his wand in every direction, waiting for something to appear that he could hex.

With a flourish, Harry pulled off the invisibility cloak. A warm grin spread across his face at the look of awe Draco now wore.

"Surprise," he whispered.

"What do you want with me? I'll hex you Potter – answer me!" Draco held his wand in two hands now – Harry could see they were both shaking – and a little glint of fear was in his eye.

"You don't want to be hexing me, Draco," Harry coaxed, nearing him very slowly with an outstretched hand. "Put your wand away. I don't have mine out, do I?" He showed him his empty palms.

"Potter," Draco said, a warning note in his shaky voice. "I've seen you giving me funny looks at meals and in class… What's going on?"

The terror on Draco's face was priceless. But Harry wanted Draco to want him, to need him. Desperation was leading to him a sadistic nature.

"I'm going to leave you here, Draco," Harry said slowly as he stopped moving toward Draco and instead headed towards the door. "I'll be back tomorrow."

And he left Draco standing there, stunned, his wand hand motionless.


Harry had been a particularly good mood the next day, with the prospect of meeting Draco again that night constantly on his mind. Once dinner was done, he told Ron and Hermione he was going for a walk to relax a bit, and that they shouldn't wait up for him. Not knowing what else to do, they nodded and allowed him to leave without question.

He hurried up the stairs and back to the Room of Requirement, walking past it thinking, "I need to get back to where Draco is."

The door appeared and he quickly opened it, hungry to see how Draco was after twenty-four hours of being locked inside a room vacant of anything except a bed.

The blonde boy was asleep on the previously mentioned bed, lying on top of the covers as though he had been reluctant to get in it at all. His head jerked upward at the noise of Harry closing the door, and he instantly twisted his body into a more defensive pose.

"Let me out of here, Potter!" he screamed, his voice hoarse.

"Water," Harry thought. "I need water."

Instantly, a glass of water appeared on the floor beside him. He picked it up and casually swirled the liquid around a bit.

"Are you thirsty, Draco?" he asked calmly, staring at the cup and not at the boy now.

Harry heard Draco swallow and knew the answer was yes. Smiling a little bit, he walked over to the bed and sat down.

Instantly, Draco's wand tip was jabbing at his throat. His body tensed, and he held on tightly to the cup of water, his other hand fishing for his own wand.

"Give it to me and let me out, Potter, or you'll regret the day your worthless parents ever brought you into this world," he hissed, voice still cracking from lack of moisture.

"Stop it, Draco. I know you want what I want. How can you not?" Harry asked, his tone seductive. He felt the pressure on his neck lessen slightly.

"Come on," he said gently, reached up and pulled Draco's wand away from him slowly before tugging it out of his rigid hands and laying it on the bed. He moved so he was sitting next to Draco and he put one hand behind his head, grabbing his hair to tip his head backwards. His other hand brought the water up to the Slytherin's mouth.

Draco instantly choked and gagged upon trying to take the first sip, not used to the awkward, forced position. Harry waited for his breathing to return to normal before trying again. Once Draco figured out how to swallow properly, he drank down the remaining water greedily.

"Aren't you lucky I didn't poison that water?" Harry said with a small laugh. Whatever color was left drained out of Draco's face; he obviously hadn't thought of that.

"M-more," Draco stammered out. He cringed at his own pathetic words. Harry knew Draco didn't like feeling controlled.

"More water," Harry thought, and magically the glass was refilled. Draco went to grab it, but Harry yanked it back, some of the liquid sloshing over the sides.

"No way, my love," Harry said sternly. "You have to work for it this time."

"My love?" Draco spat out, a little of his usual sneer returning. "Harry, we're enemies."

"Let's change that," Harry retorted, leaning in his head and pushing his lips gently against Draco's. Draco jerked backwards in shock, slamming his head painfully on the headboard.

"A-alright," Draco said, giving in much quicker than Harry would've figured. "What… what do you want me to do?"

Harry smiled.


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