Hello everyone! Thank you so much for sticking with Harry and Draco throughout the nine chapters of this fic. I apologize for not being able to finish it, but this a fic I started over three years ago and I just can't connect with it well anymore.

I do encourage you, though, to message me.


Because I'm in desperate need of some new ideas for a story, and I'd love to make a few fantasies come true in the process.

The only characters I use are Harry Potter, Draco Malfoy, and Lucius Malfoy, paired in anyway your little imaginations can create. I will not write fics with anyone else from Harry Potter as a main character (for example: Ron, Hermione).

You know I love bondage, and I imagine you must too if you like this fic. Please send me your wildest fantasies! I'd love to make them come true… sort of.

sirius in chains