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Trinity Recap: Sora recieves a note from King Mickey, reminding him (more like ordering him) to go seal all Keyholes alone. Understandably, Kairi's mad that he would choose duty over love. Sora leaves and life goes on at Destiny Islands. However, the brunet, almost driven crazy by Roxas' constant nattering about his existence (b'cause Roxas did not know that he would still be Roxas after merging with Sora), brings back Organization XIII with the power given to him by Kingdom Hearts, locking himself in Kingdom Hearts as he did so.

Roxas tells Riku, but not Kairi. Naminé chains down every memory of Kairi's that has a connection to Organization XIII, since Sora, obviously, does not want her to know what he had just done.

Sora returns to seal Destiny Island's Keyhole on the eve of Destiny Academy's Halloween Dance. There, Kairi, pissed off, shatters his heart. Riku does worse: he only stands by and watches, not caring if his best friend was slowly dying of heartbreak.

So anyway. The days pass and Kairi feels more and more guilty, until the Knighting. Here King Mickey taps forbidden magic to bind Riku and Sora to the light with the use of the Dark Keyblade and the seven Princesses of Heart. However, since Kairi hates Sora's guts, her once pure touch had been twisted to the touch of darkness. Thus, it has no effect on Riku, but on Sora, it released his Antiform.

Antifrom insults Kairi, but the girl and Riku only sees that it is Sora who did so. Riku hits Sora, angry, and the confused brunet runs off into his nightmare. Antiform steps out of Sora and kills the Keyblade Master, holding onto his soul long enough to rip out his heart. King Mickey and Xemnas arrive on the scene, and Antiform falls back into Sora for refuge.

King Mickey, instead of saying that Sora's half-dead, says that the brunet has decided to continue on sealing Keyholes. Kairi snaps. Sora, knowing that he has to get rid of Antiform, stabs himself with the Dark Keyblade. It releases the thirteen shards of his heart to the Organization.

Sora is now half-Heartless and half-Nobody; neither Riku nor Kairi know. He has an unusual craving for blood and he either (a) drinks from a paopu-flavored blood tetra pack or (b) hunts down Organization members and mauls them.

Riku and Kairi are now a couple, spurred on by Kairi's antiform (now on the loose 'cause Naminé's not there to control her) whispering in her ear.

Sora attacks King Mickey to get the Reverse Keyblade, since his own Kingdom Key would not answer his call anymore.

Currently they are on a field trip to Twilight Town. It is nine fifty-seven in the evening, and it will be an evening to change everything.

Nobody's Perfect Recap: Roxas has just watched Sora lock himself in Kingdom Hearts. He frees Naminé from Kairi and goes back to the Castle That Never Was. Organization XIII is back.

Roxas and Naminé are confused about their relationship; the girl insists they only love each other because Sora and Kairi loves each other. They're living on borrowed feelings. Roxas insists on the opposite, but keeps quiet in order to keep Naminé happy.

Axel and Larxene, as usual, fight and demolish a whole wing of the Castle. Existing goes on for the Nobodies, and Xemnas finds out King Mickey's insane plan for a Knighting. Luxord conducts a drinking game, where (a) he wins twenty thousand munny, (b) Naminé and Larxene get drunk, (c) Roxas spends the whole evening looking out for Naminé, and (d) Axel kisses Larxene.

The Knighting goes wrong, and Xemnas portals Sora back to the Castle with the King forbidding them to tell anyone else. Sora stabs himself with the Dark Keyblade, intending to kill both himself and Antiform, but ends up releasing his heart's shards into the Thirteenth Order.

Roxas gets more and more restless, and Zexion and Larxene start to revert to their Others, who were frustrated lovers while they lived.

More Organization members fall victim to Sora's bloodthirst. Heartless attack Destiny Academy, and Roxas picks up Sora's journal. Naminé still vehemently denies that Roxas loves her and vice-versa. Axel, spurred on by Marluxia, decides to ask Roxas to stab both Zexion and Larxene with the Dark Keyblade to stop them from reverting completely. He does not want to lose Larxene.

They, currently, are on a field trip to Twilight Town, where Naminé restores the broken memories of Roxas' friends, Hayner, Pence, and Olette. Roxas is down with the flu and the girl stands guard over him the whole day, finally ending up giving him thirteen Curagas to cure him.

Larxene reverts completely to Arlene once Ienzo tells her that Zexion had already fallen.

It is currently nine-fifty seven in the evening, and they had just been caught by Riku and Kairi reading the note that started it all. It will be a night that Roxas and Naminé will never forget.

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XXIV: Seen


"How the hell did you get this?"

Now, Kairi wasn't really the type of person to curse--she was a Princess of Heart, for crying out loud!

However, as the rough suface of the parchment rubbed against her trembling fingertips mockingly, she really did feel this was the occasion for which her behavior might be excused.

She absolutely refused to look at that piece of ragged paper for anymore time than she had to, partly because she had already committed the image to her mind. Dried crimson on one corner, coming apart at the folded edges, hastily scribbled writing in faded black ink, and a message that tore their lives apart.

Naminé's cerulean blue eyes darted everywhere except to meet her gaze. If it was possible, the blonde girl had paled even more, and her lips were pursed together.

Roxas, however, was a different story. His mouth opened and closed much like how a goldfish does when it breathes--only strained syllables and incoherent mumbles came out.

Right now, Kairi didn't really care.

All she wanted to know was how they got the note.

"Uh," Roxas said in a voice he obviously thought was calm and even. Which, unfortunately, wasn't. "Sora gave it to me when, uhm, before he took off for the Knighting. Yeah."

"Why would he give it to you?" she demanded furiously.

"Because...he didn't want it around--" he started, but Riku cut him off with a voice that could slice through steel like a white-hot knife through butter.

"Excuse me," Kairi looked over her shoulder, catching the terrible sight of Riku in a silent fury, "but I live with Sora, and know for a fact that he doesn't let that note out of his sight. And why give it to you when he could give it to either me or Kairi?"

The blonde spiky-haired boy blanched, whipped his little black notebook from the table with a pale hand, tucked it underneath his jacket and sprang to his feet, slowly backing away.

Naminé did the same, toppling the marble chair over with sheer fright.

Both looked very panicked.

If Nobodies could feel panic.

If Kairi were in their footsteps, panic would be the least of their problems.

"WHY!" she screamed once more, so loudly that she swore she heard the panes of glass wobble dangerously. Salt brimmed at the edges of her eyes, threatening to spill at the slightest provocation.

If Roxas and Naminé had the note, it meant that Sora was still in contact with them. That meant they were lying. And that meant that they were hiding something; something so important that it overshadowed the need to tell her and Riku. The mere thought frightened her out of her wits; what was Sora doing out there?

...but King Mickey never lied.

"...for the love of the Creator, please answer," Riku said quietly from behind her, and Kairi heard the now-familiar swish of a Keyblade being summoned. She didn't need to look back to know that the midnight blue Way to the Dawn was clutched securely in Riku's fist.

She ground her teeth and advanced on her Nobody. Naminé pressed herself against her white walls, partially covering a crude drawing of

sand sky beach tree star-fruit a glorious trinity a friendship

a very familiar tree trunk, bent and heavy with ripe paopu fruit, on which two people sat and a third person leant

and all her memories came crashing down pounding like the surf on a golden beach cerulean and aquamarine and beryl

"Answer me!" she roared, tears streaming down her face now, partly of rage and party out of fear and partly out of disbelief but mostly of the expression dawning on both the golden-haired teenagers' faces.


Their eyes reflected it obviously.

Kairi thought she saw a tear quiver at the edge of Naminé's eye.

"Duck!" Roxas suddenly yelled, definite panic contorting his face. Heart pounding, she immediately buckled her knees and crouched low. She heard Riku yell a hurried Reflectga and saw sparkling shards of glass shower all around her, every piece reflecting the twilight and the sunrise and sunset.

Judgin from the stunned look on Naminé's face, the wall of windows had just shattered.

"Not now!" the flaxen haired girl moaned exasperatedly, skittling fingers finding the golden doorknob of her white door and hurriedly wrenching it open.

Riku pulled her up, and she whirled around, eyes widening and staring, unable to tear the gaze away.

A colossal Darkside stared back at her, Neoshadows flooding down its arms to its hand amongst the shattered glass windows and marble frames.

"Run!" Roxas screamed.


"What the hell do you mean, you sent five hundred platoons?"

"The platoon earlier was for recon, Sir. And we did send ten Darkside sentries. Just in case."

Sora bellowed, chest tightening uncomfortably with a feeling he had not remembered feeling for a nearly a year. Fear from Roxas coursed through his veins. Fifty platoons meant nearly a hundred thousand Heartless--and those who had been sent were purely Neoshadows, which were ruthless killers.

Even for a Keyblade Master and a Princess of Heart, they stood no chance of surviving the onslaught. Not unless Kairi unleashed her powers, but the chances were remote. Even if she did, they'd have a hard time. Killing Neoshadows may be easy, but the exhaustion was a whole different thing altogether.

"...Sir Sora?"

"NO!" He yelled, already halfway through opening a portal to Twilight Town--to the Old Mansion. His mind worked furiously, blurting out the first thing that came to his mind. "The Princess is mine!"


The Neoshadow stared at its superior as the fallen Keyblade Master disappeared into the Corridors, and chuckled inwardly.

"...eh. Sir Sora, always taking the tastiest ones for himself..."



"Please please please? Come on!"


Xemnas sighed tiredly and narrowed his eyes. "Stay out of trouble. Don't drown anyone while we're there."

Demyx resisted the urge to whoop; that would definitely make the Superior think twice about letting him tag along on the way to Disney Castle. He was getting supremely bored in the Castle That Never Was; Axel had locked himself in his room, Marluxia had occupied himself in his garden, and both Larxene and Roxas were on that field trip to Twilight Town. Sora had portalled off somewhere. The other people in the Castle might maim him if he got too close. Hm. Maybe he had pissed them off a tad too much.

He started humming softly as Xemnas checked himself and opened a portal to the Corridors. Demyx never exactly got why their leader kept on visiting someone who just ruined an innocent (back then) boy's life. If he was in the Superior shoes, heck, he'd let the monarch die anyway.

He followed Xemnas into the portal, and stepped out almost immediately into Disney Castle.

Eh. It didn't look too different from their own Castle. Except that this place at least had some other color draperies than white. Scarlet red banners bearing the ebony three-linked circles of Disney hung from the ceiling, and lush (and somewhat battered) red carpet lined the marble floors. Hm. He had heard that Disney Castle had some sort of protection against darkness, so why were they able to portal in just now?

He followed Xemnas as he walked down the Colonnade, footsteps silent on the carpet. It was a miracle no palace employees were around.

The silver-haired leader stopped.


"Yeah, Superior?" he asked.

"I'd rather see the King alone," Xemnas continued. "You're free to tour the Castle. Just don't let anyone know you're...well, that you're number Nine. Or else."

"Aww." He furrowed his eyebrows and pouted. "Fine."

"Don't sound so sad; you're the one who wanted to come with me in the first place."

"I said fine," he retorted sulkily, glaring at the Superior's back as he continued walking, presumably towards King Mickey's chambers. Fat lot of good that did him. He adjusted the silver Nobody seal stude on his earlobe (not that anyone would recognize it, c'mon, all the people here didn't believe that Organization XIII existed, much less have a symbol) and started walking aimlessly.

It sucked that he couldn't portal around--if someone saw him stepping out or even summoning a portal they'd surely raise the alarm, and Demyx was absolutely positive that the Superior would not like that.


"...yes. Tomorrow, Etoile. We'll try again. Noo, tomorrow's the last trial. Out! Shoo!"

He looked over his shoulder in time to see a girl with immaculately-curled hair and a waterfall of pink satin skirt huff out of a door and stomp down the corridor in the opposite direction. Said door slammed shut and the corridor was silent once more.

Demyx's ears perked up. If he wasn't mistaken, that was music that he had heard. Oh yeah. That could really brighten up his day. Walking up to the door, he wrenched it open.

"I told you Etoile! Tomo--" a brunette paused her oncoming tirade, and sighed. "Oh. I thought you were somebody else."

But he was too preoccupied with gawking at the room he had just entered. The walls were all draped in black, and no less than three tiers of seats occupied the entire room (which was the size of a small auditorium) in a semicircular fashion. Every chair had a music stand in front of it, and only a few people were seated--some were practicing violin, others flutes, still others oboes and other instruments. Shiny, brass and silver instruments.

His fingers itched to summon his Sitar, but something told him that wasn't exactly the right thing to do.

"Nice, eh? I take it this is your first time to enter the Music Room," she commented happily.

"Imaginative name," he said dryly, eyes roving.

She clasped her hands together. "Soundproof. We have our own acoustic system and the biggest range of instruments you could ever find in the Worlds. The best musicians, too."

Demyx blinked. So this was the Disney Orchestra Larxene was harping on about? It was awesome. Well, to him, that was.

"Hey, can I borrow one of your guitars?" he requested. If he didn't play any time soon his fingers might just take over his mind and summon his Sitar for him. A water-wrought instrument appearing out of thin air was something people would definitely consider freaky.

The brunette shrugged. "Sure. Anything to get you youngsters interested in music."

He snickered, watching as she retrieved a guitar case from one of the many hung on the walls and unzipped it. Youngster? He didn't think he looked that young, thank you very much.

"Hey...how come that violin isn't in a case?" he asked, pointing to one of the instruments cradled in braces high up the wall.

"Oh, that," she sighed dreamily. "That's a violin I have reserved for an amazing violinist. If she decides to come back..."

"Ah. Larxene," he mumbled.

She handed him the guitar with an air of wide-eyed surprise. "You know her?"

Demyx shrugged. He had the temptation to say 'Not only that, but she long ago tried to kill me on a regular basis', but his words came out as "Yeah, we're friends."

"Wow. Well, if you see her, please tell her to stop by Disney Castle again and see me, Shelinda."

Not an option, he thought inwardly, since Larxene was much too preoccupied with trying not to revert, and Zexion was making that a very hard thing to do. But he nodded all the same. "Sure, Shelinda. I'm Demyx, by the way."

She smiled warmly, and clapped her hands. "Well, Demyx. Want to start with the basics?"

"I know a little," he answered. "Let me play something. Erm. How about this?" He ambled over to a random chair and plopped down on it, instantly recognizing the notes on the white music sheet clipped to the stand. He must've stumbled across the seat of the solo guitarist.


Shelinds looked dubious. "That's a slightly advanced piece, Demyx. If you know only a little, then that is definitely not for you."

"Nah," he waved a hand dismissively, and poised a hand over the strings. "It's okay, I can try, can't I?"

She frowned. "Go ahead."

Demyx grinned. She had no idea that his music could actually kill if he wanted too. Not to brag, but he was that good. Maybe it was a good thing that he left Xemnas alone, after all.


They hurtled through the hallway, Kairi almost toppling over the handrail twice. Heartless rose from the floor as they streaked past, black antennae of darkness brushing their feet as they ran. It took the combined force of Riku and Roxas' Keyblades to merely clear their way through the first landing of the grand stairs.

Riku cursed out loud, and Roxas did the same. Naminé's grip on her hand tightened.

The first floor was not visible under the teeming darkness that was thousands of Neoshadows. They seemed to be waiting for them to come down. Even as she thought of this Neoshadows rose beneath her feet, and it took a few well-placed and hasty swipes of the Way to the Dawn to clear them.

"Summon, now!" Naminé yelled, releasing Kairi's hand and raising her own, in imitation of her summoning her Dusks on the beach over half a year ago. Roxas crossed Oblivion over the Oathkeeper, and frightening Slayer Nobodies answered his call, claws sharp and shining in the orange light.

Dusks flooded the stair steps behind the blonde girl, and the two Nobodies simultaneously gestured to the Heartless flood, shouting one word.


What happened after was pure chaos. Kairi dearly wished she had the foresight to bring her crossbow. She planted a foot firmly into one Neoshadow's general torso and kicked it into the nearest suit of armor, backing into Riku slightly to avoid a swipe at her face.

"Riku! Kairi! Get out of this place!" she discerned Roxas' strained voice over the Heartless screams, and the platinum-haired Wielder struggled to clear a path for them through the creatures. His fingers pulled away from hers, and Kairi was pushed deeper into the Neoshadows. She was knocked down to her feet, hands scrabbling uselessly at the ancient layer of dust covering the hardwood floors.

She desperately focused her magic on just getting out of here, and prepared to cast the most powerful Firaga she had ever dared to cast.

"Kairi!" she heard Naminé scream shrilly, and no less than ten Dusks immediately set to work clearing the area around her. Kairi took a deep breath and bellowed ," Firaga!", immediately incinerating both Heartless and Nobody around her in a three-foot radius.

But it was no use. The more she defeated, the more they seemed to be spurred on. She started wondering whether this might be a trap or not; she had never seen Heartless in a flock as large as this. Exhaustion was starting to creep in, and she yelled out Riku's name. He shouted back in reply, the sight of him blocked by the Neoshadows. Roxas' Keyblades were carving death into the darkness, but Naminé was nowhere in sight.

It was hopeless.

Fatigue seeped into her very bones.

She fervently hoped for a miracle.

"No! Retreat! RETREAT!"

...and miraculously, the Heartless crowd seemed to thin around her, until she could finally see Riku and Roxas, albeit still a bit blocked by the number of Heartless around each of them, clamoring for the Keyblades' touch.


What did that mean, retreat?

And it seemed she had heard the voice before...

Her feet seemed frozen to the spot in fear, and they refused to follow her mind's commands. She cried out for the platinum-haired Wielder in fright. "Riku!"

"Get DOWN!" a voice yelled hoarsely, and Kairi vaguely saw a shadow hurtle out of the advancing Neoshadows in front of her, knocking aside the Heartless and pinning her to the ground.

A Neoshadow lashed out with razor-sharp claws at where her neck should have been if she had not been knocked down.

Oh God, a talking Neoshadow, she thought, as her vision blurred under a veil of tears, her assaulter shadowed by the crowd of Neoshadows pressing against them. It turned to face her left, shouting out orders. Incredibly stupid orders, if she might add. She stared at the sickly yellow eye with revulsion, but she couldn't take her eyes off it.

"Retreat! Damn it!" it yelled, pressing her shoulders to the floor almost cruelly, knees (-oh God did Neoshadows have knees?-) straddling her and pinning her hands to the floor. She was feeling incredibly caged, and her feet drummed uselessly on the ground. Cripes, it was either she got killed by an entire horde of Neoshadows, or by a single one.

She heard Naminé scream.

"Let me go!" she yelled as loud as she can, hoping to shatter whatever Heartless had for eardrums. If they could hear, that was.

The shadowed figure over her trailed off mid-command, slowly turning to face her. "K-Kairi...?"

Sky-blue eye and glowing yellow eye stared into her own eyes blankly, and she felt its--his hands tighten convulsively around her shoulder. Her breath caught in her throat as mahogany brown hair fell haphazardly over sky blue, and ebony did the same over pale yellow. Lips moved soundlessly, pouting, brooding lips she had not seen for nearly a year.

It was so impossible her head spun.

black and darkness and light and splotches of crimson and

A silver crown pendant dangled on its equally silver chain, sparkling in the twilight streaming in from the shattered windows.

Her heart constricted painfully, and she managed to choke out the first thing that came to her mind.



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