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Notes From the Author:

Blackluck Angel is the sequel to Plains of Daluram, which are both part of the Blackfire Trilogy. Though recommended, it will not be necessary to read Plains of Daluram to fully enjoy this story. However, I do greatly recommend taking the time to read it as it will better your understanding of the events in Blackluck Angel.

Prologue: Reflections

Dear Journal,

Though the day has been rather uneventful and thus I have nothing of interest to write in this journal at the moment, two milestones have just passed today. Firstly, this entry marks the hundredth entry into this journal since I bought it about five months ago and more importantly today marks the six month anniversary of the life-altering events I'll simply refer to as 'The Kronos Affair'. I still have trouble believing how much time has passed since and the experiences I underwent those couple of days.

Six months ago also marked the anniversary of the death of my parents, which I had always celebrated with my sister since we were little. Since I couldn't return home to celebrate, I instead joined my sister in her home. To be honest, I was planning on using the celebrations as a means of getting close to my sister and then doing as much damage and carnage as possible before high-tailing it out of the tower. Things didn't quite go as planned as I was dragged away from the Tower with the Teen Titans when an alarm went off at a museum warehouse. At first we thought it would be a small, isolated incident but instead we encountered a strange armored warrior by the name of Kronos. Hostile right from the start, Kronos seemed intent on taking down the Titans and he did so rather quickly. Only because I wanted to get back to the Tower to continue my own plans did I finally jump into the fight and show everybody just how strong I was.

That wasn't the end of the fight though. With Kronos' back against the wall, he suddenly opened up a dimensional rift that pulled the Titans and I into the unknown. When I awoke, I was separated from the other Titans and in a strange land that was very akin to my own home of Tamaran. This land was known as Daluram and was inhabited by four demon clans: the Taurantons, a bull-like demon race of powerful fighters; the Yerwn, a dragon-like clan that are strong but few in numbers; the Balor, a powerful mage clan that was the current rulers of Daluram; and the Nkrath, a reclusive and peaceful clan. Though the Titans were all separated, they worked on their own little problems and found new friends and enemies in this realm. Through our trials, we found friends in three new figures: Jacqueline L'Armor, a small-time French hero, Tyrael Veritas, a paladin from central Europe, and Terubia, an orphaned nkrath demon who swore vengeance against the Balor clans.

With the help of these new friends, we finally managed to reorganize ourselves and discovered what we were dealing with. The ruler of Daluram, Napharak, who was a great hero of ages long past, was the key to securing a way our of Daluram and back to Jump City. Raven apparently knew Napharak well from her studies as a child and was able to convince Napharak to join our cause in fighting against Kronos.

Kronos was back in Jump City, causing havoc that the other allies of the Titans were trying to contain but with little success. In order to weaken Kronos, a Balor sage explained that two 'pocket dimensions' had to be sealed by Raven and Napharak. It sounded easy at first until we were told that the former rulers of Daluram had been imprisoned in those pocket dimensions by Kronos and would try to stop us. My sister and I volunteered to hold off Kronos while the others split into two teams to handle the pocket dimensions. The fighting was hard and tiring and most of us came extremely close to death in the process. All of us suffered a number of injuries in the process but we were victorious over Kronos.

Throughout the Kronos Affair, my relationship with sister had been put to a number of tests – I rescued her from the demons, fought with her viciously, and almost died saving her from Kronos. When I awoke after the battle, Raven, who apparently had caught a glimpse into Kronos' mind during the battle, debriefed me. It was explained to me that Kronos was a warrior from the future who had traveled back to our time in order to prevent some disaster from dooming almost all life in the galaxy. I had to admit that it was hard to believe but Raven had no reason to lie and she said she confirmed what she saw in Kronos' mind. At the moment, I just didn't care about that as I was still recovering from my injuries. However, as time passed on, I wondered the same thing that was on everyone's mind – what event was Kronos trying to prevent? And how did it involve us?

After the Kronos Affair, with two near-death experiences under my belt, I decided that it was time to make something of my life and maybe make myself a better person. I promised I would keep my nose clean and I would be there to help my sister whenever she needed me, but I'm still skeptical about giving the whole 'hero business' a shot. Two near-death experiences were enough for me and I wasn't interested in getting more of those for some misguided idea of justice. I left Jump City and started traveling around the world – taking in new sights and learning new things about this planet I now call home. Last I checked with Robin, things were still relatively same with the Titans. He was still going out with my sister so I was pleased to hear that.

My sister's 18th birthday is in only a few weeks and I plan to return to Jump City in order to surprise her. Tomorrow, though, I have one last trip I wish to make. Though I spent a great deal of time training so I didn't have another near-death experience, I felt that my hand-to-hand skills were still lacking. Pleading with Robin, I eventually convinced him to give me some advice. Instead of giving me some lessons like I had hoped, he directed me to a person that taught him a while back, known only as the True Master. He gave me a map and told me where to go and a few pieces of advice, though he kept me in the dark about a lot of things, telling me that I would learn many things about martial arts and myself.