I'm not usually a yaoi shipper, but I've come to really love this pairing. And you might not consider it yaoi because in this story, Chazz is really a girl . Anyway, hope you enjoy my rambling, or this rather bland story.

Ch 1. What the hell?

"Get the hell away from me you twats!" scorched the angry voice of none other than Chazz Princeton. He heard giggling behind him as he ran and rolled his eyes. 'Those stupid-ass slackers…'

"Come on Chazz, let's duel! Dueling, dueling, dueling!" was the obnoxious voice heard belonging to none other than the revered Jaden Yuki.

"Oh my fucking god. Just shut UP!" Chazz yelled furiously. He HAD to lose them. He just HAD to!

It was a relatively nice day out, but then again, no day was nice for Chazz. He always thought every day was the worst day of his life. That's just how mental he is. Anyway, if you're wondering how Chazz got here, it's not a very long story. Jaden had been asking Chazz for a duel, and he was obviously avoiding the brunette. Jaden and Syrus are in pursuit of Chazz now. Poor Princeton kid… he can't keep the slackers away…

The former obelisk turned a corner looking back at them snickering. A second ago he was staring at Jaden and Syrus, but now he was staring into an infinite void of darkness. His vision was very blurred. He could hear, feel, smell, and see – absolutely nothing. It wasn't long before Chazz realized he was knocked unconscious. Chazz lay at the foot of a tree.

Jaden and Syrus halted at the site of his mangled body. "Chazz?" Jaden bent lower toward him. "Chazz-a-roooo?" Jaden poked him intently.

"Maybe we should leave him alone, Jaden…" the short blue-haired boy Syrus stated. "He wants us to leave him alone anyway and –" Syrus' words were tuned out, said in vain. Jaden continuously poked Chazz hoping for some sort of response. Nothing. He groaned.

"Syrus, he doesn't look all too good." Jaden said in a worried fashion. Indeed, Chazz' face was completely pale white. "Let's take him to the infirmary."

"Let's hurry up Jaden, look at those clouds!" Syrus shrieked. "Come on!" He said running ahead, leaving Jaden behind to deal with Chazz. And Syrus was right. The sky looked pitch black when it was sunny and bright a few minutes ago. "Strange."


"What… where am I…?" He blinked his eyes open to vaguely make out a few figures standing before him. "Why am I in the infirmary…?" Chazz was so confused. He slid his butt up against a pillow and looked forward. "Jaden!" He snapped.

"Yes Chazzy?" He chimed. And how the hell was that NOT going to piss Chazz off?

"You little ass! Where am I? What'd you do? All I remember was laughing at you idiots and then darkness. What happened, dammit!" Chazz flashed enraged glances at him and Syrus who were hovering over him like bees over a flower. "Give me some fucking breathing space too, you shmucks!" He spat at them. They moved back wearily.

"Calm down, Chazz. You're in the infirmary – and I didn't do anything except carry you back to the academy. And you're fine – but you ran into a tree and were sort of knocked out cold." Chazz quickly glanced out a nearby window. It was pouring rain – a monsoon!

"Oh…" was all he could manage to say bunching up the bed sheets in his hand. He stole the peering eyes of Bastion, Zane, Atticus, and Alexis who had apparently been there as well. "Now why don't you BONEHEADS, and Alexis, leave me alone!" He crossed his arms snorting. It wasn't long before everybody evacuated the room – or that's how it seemed. Under the pain and suffering, the dark sky raining down droplets of tears, Chazz sighed a long, meaningful sigh.


'Did it really happen? Was I carried back to Duel Academy by… Jaden Yuki? Of All people!' It was two days after the incident and Chazz was contemplating on what had really happened. It wasn't a very important matter, but what was important, was that he had a test in Banner's class on some sort of alchemy. "-Shit." He pulled on his usual attire and gave himself a long hard scowl in the mirror. He sighed again. Picking up his alchemy textbook, Chazz was off to class.

"Good morning, Chazz." Professor Banner cheerily said petting his purring cat pharaoh. Chazz scoffed and stormed off to his seat. Chazz was tormented by the stupid happy expression on Banner's face. Jaden entered the room late, and that expression was completely forgotten at set time. "Now class, as you know, today is the Alchemy test. If you studied, you should do well." Half of the room groaned, a portion of those belonging to the Sliphers. The bespectacled professor continued on, "And if you didn't study, you're sure to bomb it." More groans.

A hand was thrown into the air quite suddenly. "Yes, Chazz, what is it?" Banner asked noticing his hand rose in the air.

"…Can I use the lavatory?" Chazz managed to say. He needed an excuse to get the fuck out of there. Banner sternly looked at him and then finally said,

"Ok Chazz. But hurry it up."

"Thanks Retar- I mean Banner. Heh!" Chazz bolted out of the room, in spite of feeling a little guilty. He ran through many different corridors, left, right, down stairs. He even ran into and knocked over a girl on his way. It was Jasmine.

"Ahhh…Jasmine…!" Chazz' face was completely flushed. His cheeks were drowned in a crimson red color, and his brow embedded with sweat. He lay on top of Jasmine, his face only millimeters away from hers. He noticed her eyes slant, and Chazz backed off. He got up and helped her up, saying in the process, "Jasmine I… I'm sorry, I can explain…", thus resounding in a nice hard smack on the side of the face. She walked off giddily as Chazz rubbed the red hank mark on his cheek. "Oh fuck it." He scoffed at himself, and kicked a wall. Chazz was furious. "This place, these people – I can't deal with the damn tension! And I can't stand that little man-whore Jaden!" Chazz groaned annoyed. His quick pace was now a run, and he made his way to the exit. "Goodbye Duel Academy!" He shouted, pulling himself out into the rain. He just ran, and ran, and ran… His eyes were closed. He could do nothing but run. Chazz had to run far away from the academy, and swim off into the ocean. Duel Academy was making Chazz's life a melodramatic soap opera – and he was the one put in misery. Chazz had suddenly tripped on a twig and landed on the ground with a harsh thud. He shrieked in pain as he lay crippled in murky dirt and watery dirt. "Why me… Why me…" He pounded his fist to the ground. A shining light surrounded Chazz's body as soon as a droplet of rain hit his tear-stained face. Something was happening to him. But he had no idea – he drifted off to sleep, hoping the pain would just go the hell away. Mud. Blood. Tears. Nothingness.


It was the day after the test, night rather, and Banner had Chazz failed. As if it mattered. He still lay, fast asleep, in the cornucopia of imagination within his mind. He wasn't lying in the mud anymore, rather in a bed in the infirmary – once again. However, he was still sleeping, and had no idea what had happened to him. His face still filthy and impure with mud and tear stains. His eyes slowly creaked open. Nobody had been there. "Damn it, my attempt at leaving has failed…" he hung his head. His hair fell as his head did. Chazz didn't realize anything. "Hmph." He started up his shower. He knew he was writhed with mud – he looked like a walking shit monster! Not a problem – for a shower would fix that. He pulled his shirt off, followed by his pants, boxers, and shoes, until he was completely nude. He walked into the bathroom, and opened his eyes to his body in the mirror. All that followed was an ear-piercing scream, and nothing more. "What… what happened to my voice? And – " he looked in the mirror once again, his eyes expanding. His voice had been completely changed, it was now much more girly and high-pitched. "Holy…" He was looking in the mirror again. First he noticed his hair had grown longer and straightened. His eyes looked relatively the same, though. Then he averted his gaze down to his chest. "Wh…What! I have fucking boobs?" blushing at himself at the sight of his two large breasts, he looked down and screamed again. "WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO ME! All I did was take a damn nap and… Crap!" He, I mean, SHE stated. Then he realized. 'Oh shit! I don't look like Chazz Princeton anymore! They'll definitely get suspicious… I better think of something.' It wasn't long before he realized the water had still been running, and his bathroom became smothered in steam. "This day just couldn't get worse…" he said, groaning. He had no idea how he was actually turned into a girl, and it was probable he might not ever. But what mattered now was, he was sure to have boys hit on him – and Chazz Princeton was NOT a queer! Well, technically he was a girl now, but that's beside the point. He would also have to pass the selection exams. AGAIN. 'Crap, I have to change my deck! If they realize my deck is, well, mine, then they'll find out the truth! This sucks!' He grimaced. Hopefully being a girl wouldn't be too bad, if he knew HOW to be a girl. And that was still the least of his worries. "I can't believe I have such a sexy ass and big breasts… jeez, I'm a boy, boy's would die to have this! I just hope I don't get any lip or ANYTHING from Jaden or I might murder him." 'Hey Chazz, that's a great idea!' He smiled, stepping into the shower, feeling the warmth of the shower water trickle down from his face to his chest, and down to his feet. The next day would be one of the greatest challenges Chazz would have to face head on – even if he didn't want to.

Author's Note:

Ok, I know it sucked, I know. But bare with me folks. I can't write. Well, please review anyhow, constructive criticism is well accepted, thanks. 