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Ch 2. Um…Atticus?

Dear Diary,

Oh shit! Now what am I doing? A diary? Come on Chazz… Oh wait, I'm a girl now… girls keep diaries! As I was saying, that was the weirdest thing to have happened to me yesterday. I feel the need to punch and kick Jaden various times in the crotch. I hope nobody finds out my secret.

- Chazz

'Oh, that's right! Aw shit… My name! Hmm… What's a girl name? Chazzalena? Chazzmantha? Chazzphanie?' He quarreled with his own mind. "Shit, shit, shit!" He pounded his fist against his pillow. "What the hell am I going to name myself now that I'm a – " At the peak of Chazz's statement, his door flew open revealing a boy with a Hawaiian shirt carrying some sort of guitar.

"-Girl?" the boy finished Chazz's sentence, placing a hand on the wall to support him.

"Atticus? How did you? But? … Huh?" Was all Chazz could stutter. He quickly bunched up the sheets and covered himself up. "You perverted asshole!" When Atticus came to sit down next to him, he quickly slapped him.

"Poor Chazz… How'd this happen?" Atticus questioned glancing toward his chest. He whistled. "You got some serious breasts there, Chazzy! All the boys are gonna be over you like butter over bread! Mind if I… take a closer look?" Atticus smirked.

Something, just something inside Chazz, made him want to throw his duel disk at his head. "Back off you, peppy-happy retarded banjo playing pervert!" Chazz attempted to further push himself backward, but in vain. He had been wearing a night gown he borrowed from Alexis, and realized it was damn tight – especially at the top. 'Wow!' Chazz thought, 'I have bigger boobs than Alexis! Hehehehe.' Then he noticed Atticus frowning after he screamed at him.

"You know, Chazzy… That nightgown is Alexis'. Why doesn't it fit you really? I wonder…" Atticus smirked gawking over Chazz's chest. Atticus seductively walked toward Chazz.

"I'm warning you, you pervert! Another step and I'll cut off your happy place!" Chazz shrieked. Atticus stopped moving.

"Why Chazz…your voice is so high-pitched and attractive now…" Atticus chimed. "So… Sexy." Atticus stopped abruptly, sweat forming – he completely paused, noticing Chazz's pent up rage. "Fuck! I'll be going, sweetie. Call me!" He smirked and blew a fake kiss to Chazz leaving the room.

"That gay perverted peppy-happy banjo playing retarded breast-obsessing queer is going fucking DOWN!" Chazz screamed, so loudly he thought the whole of Duel Academy heard him! But hell did he care. Chazz grabbed a sack, and was headed for Atticus room. He knocked on the door suddenly. "Oh Atti?" Chazz was already on the verge of vomiting. But still, this was his only chance.

He brightened up. "Is that you, Chazzy?" he smiled opening the door quite suddenly, welcoming him in.

"Yeah it is! Gotcha, Atticus. You stupid homophobe." Chazz revealed the sack he was holding behind his back and thrust it over his head. Once it covered Atticus, he tied it up. Atticus squealed inside. "Shut up! If anyone hears you, you're dead shit." He stopped squirming and hoped for the best.

Chazz reluctantly dragged the sack across the room to the window. "Excellent… the pool!" He grinned. "Bye-bye 'Atti'!" He laughed tossing the sack out the window. He clapped his hands together. Well that takes care of that! Chazz silently ran back to his room, hoping nobody saw him. "Well that takes care of him. Now to get my deck together."

Atticus fell. Fell. Fall. Fallen. He splashed into the pool, the crystal beads of water forming around him. It was cold. Suddenly, Atticus' body glowed the same as it did Chazz – and he was going through a transformation. He broke out of the sack and swam to the edge of the pool, getting out there. Atticus had no idea what had happened until he got out, and realized he was barely 2 feet tall.


"Hello, sir! My name is Ranma!" A girl with long black hair stated cheerfully. She was wearing a mini jean-skirt, and a white blouse with flowers on it from Alexis. When the chancellor wasn't looking, she scowled. The girl was Chazz. "I'm here for the entrance exams."

"Very well, Ranma. Follow me please." Chancellor Sheppard ordered in his low raspy voice.

"This is it Chazz." He said quietly.

"Huh?" Chancellor Sheppard replied. "I could've sworn you said something."

"No sir. I didn't." And Chazz decided to keep his trap shut. That was a close call.


"I activate Raijeki! It destroys all of your monsters!" The proctors Penguin Soldier, Archfiend Soldier, and Insect Knight were vanquished into floating particles of nothing. "Now, I attack you directly, wiping out your remaining life points! Go, Cyber-Tech Alligator! Pulverize that swine!" Chazz shouted pointing toward him. His life point counter went to zero. The duel was over.

"Nice job, Ranma. But I'm putting you in Slipher. Have a great rest of your day, miss." He walked off and Chazz fumed.

"SLIPHER! I beat the SHIT out of the proctor! Damn Sheppard." Then he remembered – Jaden and Syrus. "Oh no… No way! I refuse to share a dorm with those pricks! God damnit!" He was in a rage. As usual."This sucks!" It wasn't before long when he stumbled into them in the hall, and they came to a shrieking stop in front of Chazz. He put his hands on his hips.

Jaden blushed insanely. He looked her up and down. "Wow… Are you new? Umm. Ranma is it?" He grinned that twofaced grin. Oh how it pissed him off.

"Yeah… that's me." He hissed quickly. "Just so you know we have to share a dorm, thanks to fucking Sheppard." Chazz sighed and quickly narrowed his eyes again. Jaden and Syrus were so red he couldn't tell their faces from a freshly picked apple.

"You can sleep in my bed, Ranma!" Syrus squeaked.

"No Ranma, with me, I insist." Jaden returned, grabbing her hands and looking into her eyes.

"Don't touch me!" Chazz smacked Jaden's hand in disgust. "And I'll decide later on. I'll be going now." He brushed past the two boys and left quickly and without haste. 'Oh fuck no. I am NOT sleeping with Jaden, Syrus, or grilled-cheese boy! My life is just one problem after another! This sucks, this sucks, this sucks, this sucks, this SUCKS!' He turned a corner, and headed to the lunchroom. Jaden and Syrus would be headed there but he'd just have to avoid them. And to his surprise, he walked into the lunchroom and everything went silent. The girls were muttering things he couldn't hear and the boys were blushing wildly and gawking. Instantly, a mob of boys rushed over to him.

"Oh hello, my name is Koga!"

"I'm Bankotsu! Will you be my girlfriend?" Holy fuck. Chazz was in the center of a mob of a bunch of crazy buffoons who were interested in his breasts and ass.

'Perverts…' he thought. Apparently it was out loud, but unheard. "Oh, no sorry…please excuse me! But my name is Cha- err…Ranma, if you must know." Chazz sort of smiled at them and winked, turning about face to find a lunch table. It wasn't before long before the controversial 'she winked at me!' war. Chazz scoffed. He sat down and stared at his food.

"Hey Ranma." Came the alluring voice of Jaden. "Mind if we join you?" Chazz WANTED to kicks him in the balls or cut his head off, but for some reason, he didn't. He was more mellow and for some reason… he WANTED Jaden to sit there.

"Sure…" Chazz calmly said, smiling weakly. The two of them talked for a while, even when everyone else had got up and left the lunchroom. Chazz was really enjoying himself. Wait… replay that last statement. Chazz was really enjoying himself? That's so… un-Chazzish. Jaden was also having a great time with Ranma – I mean, Chazz. The two really had something going on. 'I have to get out of here now, I think I'm losing my nerve! I don't like Jaden. I hope…What the hell am I thinking! I HATE HIM!' Chazz thought. "Jaden I… I have to go, thanks so much for the chat." Chazz ran off quickly. What he said to Jaden just now was pretty much killing him. As he ran, he heard Jaden's voice trailing off, 'Wait, I'll walk you back to the dorm!' but he ignored it. "I need to take a shower to get my head straight…" Chazz opened the door to his room and walked into the bathroom. "OH MY FUCKING GOD!" Chazz screamed an ear-piercing scream when he saw what was in his bathroom. "GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE, YOU PORKER!" Chazz yelled again, kicking it. The shower had been running for some reason, and it just so happened it was kicked into the shower. Suddenly, the black little pig he saw before, wasnot there.Now revealed a naked boy – Atticus. Chazz had no idea what to do, except hang his mouth wide open and try to contain himself.

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