Title: No One, Someone, Everyone
Characters: All
Length: Double-drabble (200 words)
Thanks to: my beta, tnhand1022

No one ever knows when the funerals are over.

Everyone stands solemnly, gazing sadly at the ground. Someone always says something. Sometimes they know the last name. Sometimes they don't. Seems like nowadays people are making sure someone knows, just in case.

Someone makes the wooden cross. Someone tries to remember a prayer. Everyone hopes it's okay with the body's religion.

No one wants to touch the body. Someone always does.

No one acknowledges that the fence around the graveyard is adjustable. No one wants to be the one to move the posts when they run out of room.

Someone always cries.

Someone spends the whole time staring at the ocean.

Everyone thinks about being next. Someone wishes for it.

No one ever sings, although someone considers it.

Someone laughs inappropriately, that desperate look in his eyes. Everyone looks at him reproachfully.

No one wants to be the first to walk away. Everyone watches everyone out of the corner of her eye. Someone fidgets.

Someone's stomach growls. Everyone thinks about dinner, flooded with guilt and practicality.

Everyone waits for someone to throw in a handful of dirt.

Everyone knows they'll feel better after the ritual. No one ever does.