A/N - The following is a meme that went around LiveJournal for awhile. The idea is to write a description of your vision of a character. What is the history behind the "Faith" in my fics?

My Faith…

Can't walk by that ribs place on 77th without thinking of Buffy, barbeque sauce, and sticky fingers.

Refuses to take 76th or 78th.

Started wearing make-up in the fourth grade.

Never owned a Barbie.

Stole the neighbor girl's, but hid it under the bed immediately.

Used to sneak into the cheap theater for the black-and-white flicks.

Beat up Ricky Simon for ratting her out.

Kissed him afterwards.

Wonders if any of the Sunnydale crowd knows her last name.

Caught Red checking her out a few times back in the day.

Despises motels.

Said nothing when she returned home to find the door busted and the Christmas lights gone.

Put the bath beads from Joyce in the tiny shower anyway.

Wishes she hadn't smashed the stupid little ceramic Christmas tree from Buffy.

Wishes she had gotten to apologize to Joyce.

Doesn't know what day she was born.

Still has the birthday card from her Watcher.

Doesn't think she would have killed Xander, even if Angel hadn't knocked her out.

Wishes she knew for sure.

Can't eat chocolate-chip cookies anymore.

Never belonged anywhere like she did in the Mayor's office.

Always hated school libraries.

Is still an ex-con who didn't finish high school.

Remembers everything Mrs. Post told her.

Knows Buffy blames her for the brat's shoplifting skills.

Isn't sorry for that afternoon of playing hooky, swiping lipstick, and teaching the kid how to put it on right.

Knows that never really happened.

Always felt like Oz was watching her, human or wolf.

Sometimes felt like he was the only one.

Remembers clearly the image of Buffy in chains.

Wonders how much of a laugh they had over her after that.

Knows the part of Wes that got off on what she did to him.

Wishes he hadn't seen her cry.

Somehow doesn't mind that Angel did.