Can't or Won't

Posted - 09th June 2006
Rating - T (just to be safe)
Pairing - Cath/Sara (you've been warned)

"Come on Sidle" Sara felt arms wrap around her waist and push her into the bar she was lent at – a bottle of beer in hand. The hands moved to her tone stomach, and caressed her skin as the body that was against her moved in time with the music. A Skilled, confident, seductive movement that was enough to take Sara's breathe away. "Are you standing here all night or you going to dance with me?"

Catherine Willows would not take no for an answer, she wasn't sure if it was the alcohol she'd drunk that made her this confident but she didn't care. She took Sara's hand in her own and attempted to drag the brunette to the dance floor. Sara pulled back reluctantly, "Cath I don't dance" She says, as she nervously looked around the room to see if anyone was watching them. Most of the Las Vegas Crime lab was packed into the bar and Sara was more than a little self conscious.

"I'll teach you" Catherine smiled, as she moved her hands to Sara's waist. She pulled the younger woman into her, "Come on…"

"Cath, they're all here" Sara pointed out with a growl through her gritted teeth.

"I know" The blond smiled, "and they are all about to find out that your mine Sidle" she smirked before moving her fingers to the belt loops on Sara's jeans and dragging her, bottle and all, into the crowed. Sara had no idea what she should do – so she just stood there stunned. They soon moved into the crowded dance floor, and Catherine wasted no time in moving into Sara – who stood - shell socked.

She was about to protest again, and tell Catherine that she 'didn't dance' but before she could the other woman moved forward and pushed her lips against Sara's passionately pulling the woman out of the fear and into their love. As they kissed Catherine took the bottle from Sara's hand and passed it blindly onto the table at there side before wrapping her arms around the waist of her lover. Pushing backwards until she found more room, then she began to move, as did Sara who danced sensually into the other. The two no longer kissing just looking into the others eyes, there was just the two of them.

The music ended, and as the next began to play Sara backed up a little – a smirk playing on her lips. She moved her hands from Catherine's body – then she took her hand and led her back to the bar. When they arrived Sara ordered two beers –

"…You know…" Catherine growled lowly, as she put an arm around Sara resting her hand on her lower back and pushing herself against the one and only Sidle, "For someone who doesn't dance…you sure did good" Catherine licked her lower lip and she looked at Sara's mouth – wanting nothing more than to kiss her.

Sara smiled, as she passed a drink to the blond, "I said I don't dance – not that I can't" She explained.

"Is that right" Taking the bottle, Catherine held it as she still watched Sara intently, who lifted the bottle to her lips and took a long, needed drink. Catherine took this opportunity to move closer and presser hr lips softly against Sara raging pulse. This stopped her from drinking; she turned and pulled Catherine into a passionate kiss. This lasted a few minuets as the two made out with each other admits the bustling crowed that passed them, they broke apart each fashioning a smirk.

Catherine lifted the bottle to her lips. Neither moving apart, still the same closeness as when the two had been kissing. Sara also took a swig from her beer before she moved her hand from Catherine's back to rest on the top of her leg.

Leaning forward she spoke into the blonds ear "So you think they know?"