The Black Rose On Fire

Author Notes: Hey everyone, I own nothing. And, yes this is reposted, and will be slightly different. But I swear the storyline is practically the same as I originated it to be.

Universe: Alternate Universe.(The curse doesn't exist. But they have some traits of their animals.).

Parings: Yuki x Hatsuharu, very slight: Kyo x Akito(male.)., Shigure x Ayame.

Rating: R, M, MA, X, NC-17(later.).

Hatsuharu: 528 years old, he's a vampire. Has long fangs that he can shrink or extend to his liking, but the max length his fangs can go is to his mid neck length. He's wearing a black vest with studs all over it, black leather pants with cut outs of fishnet in them, zippers all over them, and studs on them. Black combat boots, with black laces. A black trench coat. He's also got a black choker on, several chain all over his clothes, and several black bracelets and silver rings on. He's got 6ear piercings in each ear, 2 eyebrow piercings in each eyebrow, a side nose piercing, a tongue piercing, both nipples pierced once, a naval piercing, both testicles pierced once, and his twelve inch cock pierced 4 times. He's got a black rose tattoo on his shoulder, black flame tattoos on his wrists, and a black rat tattoo on his ass. He's also got black angel wings that he has holes for in his trench coat, and only other vampires, and his family(AN: But they're all dead.)., and once he's mated with his mate can see them, unless he wants other people to see them. He looks about 18 years old. He works as a stripper in a local club, and is extremely wealthy because he never eats, or drinks anything besides blood from animals. He will drink his mates blood without turning them into a vampire, but he will turn them immortal, however the reason he doesn't bite regular people, is that they will be turned into a vampire, and he doesn't want that. His vampire friend Ayame has found his mate, a 20 year old man named Shigure. Hatsuharu is still a virgin because a vampire can only have sex with their mate. Yes, he has split personalities. He is a day walker.

Yuki: 16 years old, a junior in highschool, and a perfect student except that he's gay. He's never had a boyfriend except his ex-boyfriend Kyo, but he lives on his own and works at a local bookstore. His best friends are Kyo and Akito who are dating each other, both think he drastically needs to get over Kyo, he always seems so depressed. Yuki has always been somewhat of a loner. He dresses in a black velvet long sleeved shirt, black leather tight pants, black combat boots, has a black choker on, and a few black bracelets. He is a virgin.

Kyo: Akito's boyfriend, and one of Yuki's only two friends. Kyo loves to show a lot of P.D.A. with Akito so Yuki often drifts away from them. He's 17, a junior in highschool, and one of Yuki's childhood friends. He's not a virgin, but Akito just really wanted to. He lives with Akito in a one room apartment right across from Yuki's apartment. He works as waiter in a restaurant. He dresses in green cargo pants, a green and white t-shirt, and green laced white tennis shoes. They've been dating for 2 months.

Akito: Kyo's boyfriend and one of Yuki's only two best friends. Loves to show P.D.A. with Kyo, and Yuki tends to drift from the two. He's 18 and a senior in highschool, he's going to a college to become a science teacher. He's one of Yuki's two childhood friends. He's not a virgin but Kyo really wanted to. He dresses in a red long sleeved shirt, black cargo pants, and red laced black tennis shoes. He lives with Kyo in a one room apartment, right across from Yuki's one room apartment. He works as a chef at the restaurant Kyo works at. He hates thr fact that he and Kyo ended up hurting Yuki's feelings the way they did. They've been dating for two months now.

Ayame: 568 years old. He looks about 26 years old. He has large fangs that can extend just like Hatsuharu's. He doesn't have piercings or tattoos like Hatsuharu, he's not that crazy. He has met his mate/boyfriend a 20 year old man named Shigure who will never age anymore because Ayame gave him immortality but didn't turn him into a vampire. Ayame is extremely rich because he owns a shop full of "Men's Romance.", as well as a stripper, dancing, whore house/club/bar. Hatsuharu works at this bar. He only drinks Shigure's blood now, but because Shigure is his mate he can't turn him into a vampire. He used to drink animals blood. He has black demon wings that only other vampires and Shigure can see unless he wants other people to see them.(AN: Since his entire family is dead by now.). He wears a long black silken dress that is Chinese style, and some black high-heels. He is a day walker. He is Hatsuharu's only friend other then Shigure, but Shigure just met Hatsuharu. He's not a virgin, but didn't lose it until Shigure. He lives in his shop with Shigure.

Shigure: A 20 year old bar tender at Ayame's club. He's also Ayame's mate/boyfriend. He's not a virgin but didn't lose it until Ayame, lives in Ayame's shop with Ayame. He wears a dark blue silk shirt with silver snake patterns sewn into it, black slacks, and black polished shoes.

Summary: AU. Yuki is a lonely boy who meets Hatsuharu, a vampire who believes Yuki to be his one mate. Recently dumped by Kyo for Akito, his other best friend, can Haru help him recover? Yuki x Hatsuharu. Rated for later chapters.

Chapter One: Hello My Darling

Hatsuharu walked through the lonely streets of New York, it was a Monday, 12:00p.m., noon. He was merely looking around at shops, passing Ayame's shop only to stop dead in his tracks at the smell that every vampire knows, the smell of their mate. He ran towards the smell and saw a highschool, he went up into a tree and followed the smell to a beautiful boy who was sitting alone and staring at the ground sadly. The boy was pale and skinny, almost looking like a girl, but Haru knew that he was indeed a he. Haru smiled and shrunk his fangs so they would fit barely out of his mouth, he went down from the tree and up to the boy.

"Hello."said Haru.

The boy looked up with sad eyes and a pained look on his face.

"What the hell do you want?"he asked coldly.

"Yeesh...what crawled up your ass? Do you always act this way to people who just wanna talk to you?"asked Haru.

"I don't usually get along with people, and I've been this way ever since I remember. My only two friends are really close to me though, but they're too busy sucking each other's faces off to even give a shit about me anymore."said Yuki.

"Well that's still no reason to take it out on me."said Haru.

"Yeah...I suppose you're right, sorry."said Yuki.

"Don't worry about it. What's your name?"asked Haru.

"Yuki."said Yuki.

"My name's Hatsuharu, but you can call me Haru."said Haru

"Why not Hatsuharu?"asked Yuki.

"I have split personalities, and my other personality calls himself Hatsu."said Haru.

"Interesting."said Yuki.

"Most people freak out when they find that out."said Haru.

Yuki merely shrugged. The bell rang.

"Well it's off to class."said Yuki.

"Wait just a minute, I have something for you."said Haru.

Yuki looked at Haru as he pulled a black rose lit on blue fire out of his pocket.

"This is a gift for you, the fire can never burn up the rose, and it won't ever burn you."said Haru.

Yuki took the rose, the flame turned red as he held it, and Haru walked off.

'Hatsuharu...what the hell is this rose for?'thought Yuki.

Yuki put the rose in his pocket and went to class.


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Kyo: O-O I'm dating Akito!

Akito: Come here darling...

Kyo runs into his arms and they kiss.


Haru: ...

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