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Chapter Nine: I'm finally home

It was a Friday, a week and something days since everything had finally calmed down. Yuki and Haru were cuddling on the couch in the club.

"Haru, what will you do now?"asked Yuki.

"What do you mean?"asked Haru.

"I mean, now you have everything you want right?"asked Yuki.

"That I do. But I will do anything you wish."said Haru.

"Will you..."Yuki began as he got down on one knee.

"Marry Me?"asked Yuki.

Haru smiled, took the emerald ring Yuki had.

"Do you even need to ask?"asked Haru and they kissed.

-Meanwhile with Ayame and Shigure.-

"Oh...young love...(sigh)..."said Ayame dreamily.

"Maybe one day we can give them a few pointers."said Shigure.

"Oh! I can plan the wedding!"exclaimed Ayame happily.

Ayame ran off to tell Yuki and Haru of his wonderful idea.

Shigure sweat dropped and ran after his beloved.

-Meanwhile with Momiji and Manabe.-

"Manabe! Look!"exclaimed Momiji holding a picture of Yuki and Haru kissing and Haru holding a ring.

"They're getting wonderful."said Manabe.

Momiji grinned.

-Meanwhile with Akito and Kyo.-

"Damn...they're getting married. At least Yuki's finally happy."said Kyo.

"Yes, but I hope this isn't rushing things."said Akito.

Kyo rolled his eyes and watched as Yuki and Ayame talked to each other.

'I guess we're all finally at home.'thought Kyo.


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