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Chapter 2: Journey Into The Witch's Lair

Omniscient POV

Lex Luthor ran to the front doors of Smallville High, ignoring the rain soaking his expensive coat. When he reached the doors, Lex pulled the handle, relieved to find that the doors swung open to allow him entrance. This meant that Chloe was still hard at work in the Torch office.

Lex entered the front corridor of the school, dimly lit by the few lights left on. Music drifted to Lex's ears as he started down the hallway. The music grew louder as he continued toward the Torch office. When he reached his destination, the music was blaring in his ears. Because the door was open, Lex peered inside the office to see Chloe Sullivan sitting on her swivel chair in front of her computer. Chloe was leaning back with her eyes closed and her feet resting on the desk before her. The volume on the radio beside her was turned up to an unhealthy level.

"Chloe," Lex said as he knocked on the door that was standing wide open. The music was too loud however and Chloe did not stir. "Chloe," Lex said much louder, but the blonde before him was still oblivious to his presence. "Chloe!" he yelled, but still to no avail. Lex planted a smirk on his face as he walked toward Chloe. He leaned down close to her ear and said softly, "Chloe."

Chloe felt hot breath on her ear and heard her name being whispered. At that moment, she snapped out of her half-sleep, jumping in alarm. That was a very bad idea however, as her swivel chair was knocked off balance when she started. The chair overturned taking Chloe with it. She opened her eyes to see Lex Luthor standing above her, flashing his trademark smirk. Chloe growled as she scrambled to her feet and turned off the music.

"Give a girl some warning, will you. I swear you took ten years off my life," she chided while righting the chair.

"I did."

Chloe blushed slightly. "Oh."

Lex smirked again. "Doesn't your loud music bother the janitors?" he asked.

Chloe laughed. "Mr. Jackson's the only janitor left at this hour and he's completely deaf."

"Not surprised with the volume of your music," Lex commented.

Chloe hit him on the arm lightly. "So Mr. Luthor, to what do I owe the pleasure."

Lex smirked at Chloe's use of pleasure. "Please, Chloe, call me Lex. I should hope that we're past formal names now that you've slept in my bed."

Chloe snorted. "I was a cat, Lex. So anyway, why are you here?"

Lex stiffened slightly. "I have a bit of a problem."

Chloe snorted again. "I've known that for years, but don't you think you should consult a shrink and not a high school reporter?"

Lex smiled. "Very funny," he said his voice dripping with sarcasm.

Chloe smiled widely. "I thought so." She then sat in her desk chair and motioned for Lex to sit in the one next to it. He complied, and Chloe leaned back in the chair. "So, Lex, what seems to be the problem?" Laughter danced in her eyes, and Lex only smiled.

"Something's wrong with my house."

Chloe studied him for a moment before saying, "I'm not interior decorator either."

Lex sighed and ran his hand over his smooth head. He looked up at Chloe who was waiting expectantly for him to elaborate. He took a deep breath and began to tell her what had transpired in the last twenty-four hours, starting with the girl in the box. Chloe had a look of quiet contemplation on her face while he told his story. She didn't speak until the part about finding the body in his dining room, while the man who's body was before him stood next to him, very much alive.

"Wow," she exclaimed, "he's like a real-life Schrödinger's cat…Wait, that doesn't make any sense. It's like half an oxymoron. Wait, that doesn't make any sense either-"

"Chloe!" Lex interrupted her.


"You're off topic."

"Oh, sorry. Please continue." Lex sighed, hiding a grin, and finished his story.

Chloe contemplated what he told her for a moment before saying, "It's probably a curse."

"A curse?" Lex said, raising one eyebrow.

"What? Don't tell me you don't believe in curses and spells after everything that's happened?" Chloe asked incredulously referring to the cat incident.

"Oh, I believe in curses, but a curse has to be cast, correct?" Chloe nodded tentatively. He continued, "I'm just wondering who cast it."

Chloe laughed. "There must be a long list of people who would what to drive you crazy." Lex glared at her. "Sorry, but you have to admit, you're not exactly everyone's friend."

"Gee, thanks." Lex sighed. "Well, what are we going to do about this?"

Chloe stared at her computer as she pondered their next move. Lex watched as her eyes sparkled while trying to solve the problem. "Well, there is a place we could go to find the counter-curse," Chloe glanced at the clock quickly, "but they're closed now." She resumed staring at her computer. "But you can't go home," she muttered, more to herself than to Lex. "You'll just have to stay at my house tonight."

Lex smirked. "Don't you think things are moving a little fast Miss Sullivan?"

Chloe rolled her eyes. "Don't you wish," she said before explaining, "You can't go home because your mansion has gone psycho, so you can either stay at the wonderful Motel 6 down the road or you can stay in the guest bedroom at my house. Your choice."

Lex's smirk widened. "Lead the way, Miss Sullivan."

Chloe's POV

I can't believe it. Lex Luthor is staying at my house. My dad is in Metropolis so I am in my house alone with Lex Luthor. Could life get any weirder?

After our conversation in the Torch office, we drove our separate cars to my house. I showed Lex the guest bedroom and quickly left for my own room. Then I changed into pajama pants and a tank-top. I curled up on my bed with my favorite book, but I couldn't concentrate. Just two rooms over was Lex Luthor. A year ago if anyone would have told me that I would spend one night as a cat in Lex Luthor's bed and another night with Lex Luthor in my guest bedroom, I would have sent them to a white padded room. It's odd how things turn out.

Giving up on sleep, I walked downstairs to the kitchen to get some warm milk.

I was reaching for the cinnamon sticks when Lex walked into the kitchen. Heat rushed to my cheeks when I saw him. His lavender-colored silk shirt was unbuttoned, leaving only his white undershirt between his skin and my eyes. The undershirt didn't help much though as it showed off his lean and muscular chest and stomach. My blush deepened as I realized I was staring and my top had ridden up revealing my stomach during my relentless search for cinnamon. I quickly pulled my top back down as Lex strolled over to me, his smirk in place.

"What were you trying to get?" he asked. I pointed to the cinnamon sticks. Lex easily reached them and handed them to me. I blushed brighter as our hands brushed slightly while exchanging the spice. I turned away from him busying myself with my milk, trying to hide my red face.

Once I had composed myself I turned back around. Lex was leaning against the counter, still smirking at me. "Do you need something?" I asked.

"A glass of water." I nodded and grabbed a glass from the cupboard. "I can get it," he said, reaching for the glass in my hands. I grabbed my mug as he walked to the refrigerator. I stirred my warm milk with my cinnamon stick idly while watching him pour his water from the pitcher in then fridge. He sipped the water and turned back to me.

"Having trouble sleeping?" he asked.

"Huh," I said blankly. He nodded to the mug of warm milk in my hands. "Oh, yeah." To my great dislike, the blush returned to my cheeks. Lex chuckled, and left the kitchen with his water.

Lex's POV

After breakfast (cold cereal) and Chloe's five cups of coffee, I found myself in my car with Chloe sitting in the passenger's seat. At first Chloe had insisted that she drive.

"You don't know where we're going. I do. I should drive," Chloe argued. She is very cute when she's irked.

"You just want to drive my Ferrari," I countered.

Chloe made a dismissing motion with her hand. "That's beside the point, and you still don't know where we're going."

"You'll just have to direct me then," I replied, smirking. I pushed past her and climbed into the driver's seat. Chloe glared at me and made her way over to the passenger's seat. So now I'm on my way to Grandville with Chloe Sullivan telling me where to go.

We stopped in front of an old store front. The big purple letters read:

The Witch's Lair

"Chloe, where are we?" I asked, slightly put off by the dark windows and name of the shop.

"A magic shop," she answered casually as she walked up to the front door and entered the foreboding establishment. I tentatively followed her.

The walls inside were deep royal purple, accented by golden tendrils trimming the windows, doors, and shelves. The shelves held an array of odd and mystical items. Jars of herbs sat behind a long counter that doubled as a showcase. Behind the glass of the counter were orbs, talismans, and tiny statuettes. Scented candles and incense added to the mystical and airy feel of the shop.

A boy that looked to be a little older than Chloe sat behind the counter, his feet propped up next to the cash register. His hair was dark black and disheveled as if he refused to brush it. His black shirt read Metropolis University, and his dark baggy pants sported a few tiny silver chains. He had not noticed us for his attention was focused on a thick novel. Chloe smirked wickedly, walked up to him, and pushed his feet off the counter.

"Whoa!" the boy yelled as his feet hit the ground. He looked up to see who had disturbed his reading. His face immediately lit as he saw Chloe. "Chloe!" he exclaimed jumping to his feet. He ran around the counter and hugged her. Though I didn't have any problem with that (why should I?), I was still a little uncomfortable to see this man hugging Chloe. Before I could protest, the man had pulled away from Chloe and was leaning against the counter.

"What can I do for you squirt?" he asked.

"Well, actually, it's not for me. It's for my friend," Chloe explained, gesturing to me.

That was when he noticed me. His eyes narrowed in disapproval. He obviously recognized me, but he still said, "And who is this?"

Chloe sighed; she had not expected this reaction. I was quite used to it however, and stepped forward with my hand outstretched. "Lex Luthor," I said as way of introduction. The man clasped my hand firmly before letting it go.

He continued to eye me suspiciously as he asked, "How do you know Chloe?"

I was about to snap a retort when Chloe said, "Well, we both do live in a town called Smallville." I smirked; Chloe obviously didn't want to tell this guy about how she helped me take down my father.

I turned back to the man and said, "I don't believe I caught your name."

The man smirked and replied, "I don't believe I said it."

Anger coursed through me at this man's rudeness. Chloe must have seen through my calm façade because she immediately played referee. "Stop it," she scolded the man. "Lex this is Bram," she said gesturing to the man. "Bram this is Lex," she told the man while gesturing to me. "Introductions over with?" She turned to each of us expectantly. "Good! Now, Bram, may we please use the library?"

Bram's eyes glowed with mischief. "I don't know. I'm not sure I want to help Lex Luthor."

Chloe smirked and walked toward Bram. "Please," she said sensually, merely inches from Bram's face. The room had suddenly become very hot. It took all my strength to not go over there and knock Bram out cold. Bram merely laughed at Chloe's act and handed her a key.

"Thank you," she said taking the key and walking to the back of the shop. I followed her and she led me to a dark staircase, hidden by the shadows in the corner. Chloe ascended the stairs, the wood creaking with each step she took. At the top of the staircase was an old door. Chloe used the key to unlock the door. It swung open to reveal a brightly lit room with shelves upon shelves of books. In the center of the room was a large oak table, piled high with even more books. Chloe set her bag on the table and went to one of the shelves. I examined some of the titles: Basic Magickal Principles by Emma Fletcher, Daemons, Possessions, and Dark Magicks by Raven Roth, Healing Magick by Gregory Martin, and An Examination of Evil and Its Roots by Arella Azar.

"So…why are we here?" I asked Chloe.

"We're here," she began, carrying a large stack of books to the table, "to find the counter-curse." Chloe then sat in a chair and pulled a book to her. She began flipping through the pages, her eyes darting over the words.

"What do you want me to do?" I asked.

Chloe looked at me as if I was insane. "Grab a book and start researching," she explained as if it was obvious. I sighed and resigned myself to a day of pouring over books that I probably wouldn't understand.

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