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Chapter 1

It's been a year since Kaadja and his gang try to bring back Sephiroth, Now that it was over two men sat on some squeaky bar stools in a small bar at a corner where Aeries once stood. Reno turned to his partner " Hey, buddy how come I'm the only one drinking this Wild Turkey? But you're still on your first shot?" Rude just raised an eyebrow. Rude was not a very heavy drinker; He was more of the cool calm kind. As for Reno he was spunky, energetic and somewhat a loud mouth. The only time he wasn't was when Rufus was around. But that's why rude loved him. Yes, it seems untrue that a big dude like Rude loved such a small skinny man, especially Reno. But he did, the only problem was he was scared that Reno wouldn't have feelings for him. As he began to daydream his partner nudged him. " Hey, what's wrong with the sexy man?" Reno said a smirk on his face. Rude tried to hide the blush that was growing on his cheeks." I'm fine." Rude said. Through his sunglasses he started into the other's emerald Green eyes. Rude tipped the shot glass back feeling the rum slither down his throat and hit his stomach like a ton of bricks. " How about we blow this joint and go back to my place?" Reno asked. Rude nodded he paid the bartender and headed off into the warm summer night. After the silent walk that seemed forever, they finally got to Reno's apartment. At first Reno couldn't find the right key, thanks to all the drinks he had. But Rude helped him and unlock his door and turned the light on. Rude looked around the redheaded's place. It was a decent looking apartment. It had a large kitchen and living room. Reno's room was medium size room. Rude looked around trying to find the skinny little redhead. He soon heard a voice that said " Damn it all!" Rude knew right away who it was. Laughing he sat on the leather sofa waiting to see what Reno planned on doing. Finally he came plopping down next to him, Rude could smell the alcohol coming from Reno's breath as he spoke "I don't know about you but I stink, I'm going to take a shower care to join me?" Thru his glasses his eyes widen, He couldn't believe what came out of his mouth. Rude tried to act calm." No, it's ok I'm fine. Reno shrugged and got up heading towards the bathroom. Rude sighed. He wanted to go, he was just scared. He knows that Reno is drunk but Rude remember them both taking showers at the Shinra's locker room. I mean it was no different, He thought to himself. But it was different. If he gotten into the shower with Reno he knows he get a hard-on. Before long he decided that he would join Reno. And there he headed towards the bathroom.