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Chapter 7

Rude closed his eyes hearing the gunfire; He stood still waiting to feel the bullets puncture his skin. But he open his eyes and looks at himself realizing that he didn't get hit, But his smiled faded when he saw Reno standing there. Reno looked back tears flowing outta his eyes, "You're the only person who I would take a bullet for." After that Reno collapsed on the floor, Rude looked up at Rufus who had a smirk on his face. "Oops, did I do that." Rude bend down lifting his lovers' head, one shot wound was in his side, the other one shot thru his shoulder. Rude stood "You son of a bitch!" And before Rufus could protect himself rude slammed him thru a table and began to punch his, fists getting bloody with every punch. Rufus flipped over Rude and rammed his fist into Rude's mouth. Again Rude got up pining the blond haired man to the ground. "What did you do to Reno!" Rude growled through his teeth. Rufus laughed " Well you're little love bird didn't want to date me or even gave me a chance, I even offered my cock to him but he just bit down on it, So I did the next thing….I raped him." A smirk forming that really set Rude off. He looked around finding the duck tape that Rufus used on Reno, in a quick swift Rufus was tied up. " You dirty man, you ruined my man's life, and worse you raped the wrong person cause it's pay back time." Rude pulled Rufus cock out as he grabbed his dagger and begins to skin Rufus cock. Rufus screamed in pain, a puddle of blood began to form on the ground. Rude smirked and kept doing it, until he heard Reno's voice, "Stop, don't go down his level, you're better then that Rude." Rude nodded and stopped, As soon as Rude stood Rufus stood up, HE freed him self from the duck tape and attacked Rude, He pinned Rude down a gun pointed to his head. " Say good-bye to you're life." Before he could fire a gunshots were heard, all Rude could see was a bullet knock the gun outta his hand and the other two bullets shot through his head and temple. Rufus dropped to the ground lying there in his own blood; Rude got up and looked to see who fired the shots. There standing in the doorway was Elena and Tseng. " What you guys doing here?" Elena smiled " Before Rufus came to get Reno, me and Tseng visited him and he told us the whole story." Rude looked confused" But that doesn't tell me why you guys did it." Tseng cleared his throat. "Because if that would have happen to Elena I'm sure you and Reno would be there for us." Rude nodded in agreement, He stood up shaking both their hands before heading towards Reno. "You ok babe?" Rude ask looking into the tear filled eyes of Reno. "Yes, I'm doing good I'm just glad you're ok." Rude smiled and lifted Reno up. "Let's take you to the hospital." Reno smiled and he carried him off to his car. After they left Tseng looked at Elena. " So what should we do with him?" Elena smiled "he can be buried next to his father." After said and done Tseng and Elena pulled a blanket over him and walked off with his body. And in the end Rude and Reno both lived happily ever after