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Are you kidding? New York City, that would be great! Can you pick me up from here though, I don't think my uncle will be willing to drive me to your place? This will be so much fun, I've never been to America.

Harry finished his letter and gave it to Hedwig, "take this to Ron". Harry was so excited; it felt like a balloon inside him was going to explode. Ron's father, Mr. Weasley, was chosen to go with a few other Department of Magic wizards to help America to set up their own department. It was a bit of a long story, but Mr. Weasley had gotten permission to take Harry, Ron, and Hermione with him to New York. Sadly Hermione's aunt was getting married and she couldn't come on the trip, so it was going to be a guys get-a-way.

The day arrived that they leave for the U.S., and everyone was rushing around the Burrow. Harry already had his things packed since he had only gotten here yesterday, but Ron was a mess.

"Harry, do you see my wand? I thought I saw it here a minute ago, but it's gone! Help me Harry, your doing nothing." Ron shouted franticly from under his bed.

"Ron, your wand's in your back pocket." Harry responded calmly.

"Oh, then all I need now is my stupid owl and I think I'm ready to go."

He hoisted himself on to his feet and started shouting for his sister, "Ginny, have you seen my owl?" pause, "Ginny?"

Percy came from down the hall, "Ron don't you remember, mum sent a letter across the country and needed to borrow him. And hurry up, your flight leaves in an hour, and dad's panicked, you're already late."

"Why are we leaving in a plane?" Harry questioned Ron

"'Cause Floo Powder is harder to use when your going long distances, and dad doesn't think we can handle it.

One car ride and an eight hour flight later, Harry, Ron, and Mr. Weasley were standing on American soil.


Kurt was feeling great, he had just gotten back from a training session where he had kicked butt. Plus he was taking Amanda to the city for a romantic date tonight. The fuzzy one was on a roll.

"Hey Kurt," Scott said as he passed, "I hear your going to the big apple, your lucky the professor said ok, most of the time he's so strict about going out of town."

"Ja, I know, but Storm's going there for business and he said I could go as long as I check in with her once or twice. And I have to start heading home at 9:00, or else I'll be grounded or something like that."

"Well have fun."

"Tanks, I will"


"Ron, Harry, this is a cell phone, muggles use them to communicate. If you need anything call me. Here Harry you know how to work phone better then Ron. Now boys, my number is already programmed in there. And here's some muggle money. You two know where our hotel is right, meet me there at 8:30 ok?"

"Ok, er, Mr. Weasley, this is pounds, we need dollars, that's what American money is, its different everywhere." Harry responded.

"Well, uh, I have to go, so see if you can bargain for some other muggle money, don't get lost." And with that Mr. Weasley sped off down the street.

"Come on Ron, I saw a currency exchange back there, maybe they can help us."

"Bloody hell Harry, look at that guy, his pants are all the way down on his knees. And all the tattoos that girl has, did we go to America or a 3-ring circus?" Ron stared wide-eyed at a couple down the street while Harry snickered.

"Come on," Harry said still laughing, since there plane had landed Ron had gawked at about 15 people now, America was definitely more unruly than England. The boy's make their way to a large bank with the creative name of The Bank of America.

After trading their money in, Harry and Ron headed towards a coffee shop with the logo of a mermaid. "If muggles aren't supposed to know about magical creatures, then why are there so many advertisements with them?" Ron mused as they walked in.

"I donno? But is there a coffee shop like this on every corner, I swear we've passed like, eight others?"

The boys stepped up to the counter, "One butterbeer," Ron said without thinking.

The lady at the register looked down at them. "Honey," she said in an irritated voice. "First of all you is too young to be buyin' beer, and second dis aint no bar. So you two better buy something realistic or get out." She glared at them.

Harry elbowed Ron. "I would like a Hot Coco?" he said guessing at his luck with American dinks.

"And you?" the lady asked Ron.

"Er, I'll have the same." Then in after thought, "please?"


Amanda arrived at the mansion at 5:00 and was buzzed in buy Xavier. Not even six steps through the gate Kurt appeared.

Bamf, "Amanda, you look great. Vant to come inside, the jet vill leave in a few minutes?" Amanda agreed and the duo set off for the underground runway.

"Kurt, that shirt makes you look so handsome, but why don't you turn off your watch while were still here."

"Vell, ok," Kurt said reluctantly, with a static fuzz a new furry blue boy emerged next to her.

Ororo walked through the door way to the jet, "Kurt, I hope you brought your watch, unless you want to tell New York you big secret today." Kurt turned the hologram back on and climbed into the jet, Amanda followed with a frown on her face. A second later his hologram flickered.

"Well this should be interesting," Ororo said to Kurt. "The reason I'm going to the city is to find some new mutants, but Charles said he was only half sure if they had the X-gene, and just told me that he's lost them all together."

Kurt felt a sudden pain of guilt. "You mean now you just going up there because of us?" he asked.

"No," Storm replied. "The three mutants have disappeared a few times now, Charles will have probably found them again once we've landed."

Kurt's hologram flickered once more.


Harry and Ron found a bench next to a single tree and sat down. It was summer so the shade was greatly appreciated. They sat across from what looked like a busy restaurant. Harry watched as a girl with dark skin and a boy with black hair entered the building. Suddenly Ron spoke up, "Harry, why do you think Americans talk so different?"

Harry, who wasn't expecting a question like that, felt coco squirt out of his nose. Laughing from his spontaneous friend he replied "I donno, that's like asking why Irish people have red hair, maybe evolution, or adaptation?"

Ron was partway through his response when Harry saw that the black haired boy he had noticed earlier was flickering yes flickering, his whole appearance kept changing into some blue figure, and then back again. Then with a puff of smoke the boy had vanished from the restaurant, and the blue figure appeared in the ally next to it.

"Ron, come on, I think something weird is going on in that ally over there."