Me: Whazzup

Me: Whazzup?! I don't own Digimon, as usual. I'm back…


Me: (laughs evilly) Thought I'd take a break after starting over with a fresh start? Think again, 'cause my mind's spitting out story ideas faster than Izzy can type up his name on the Internet. Here comes one now.

Izzy: Drat! I just started typing up my name.

Tai: So…what's this story about, anyway?

Me: It features you original DigiDestined from Season I. We haven't seen much of those these days on

Sora: Is there any romance?

Me: Sure! Mainly Taiora, but I could add in some Mimato or Koushimi. Or how about some Jyouimi?

Tai: (blushing) Could you go with those latter couples but skip the Taiora ones?

Sora: What's wrong with being with me, huh Tai?

Tai: Nothing! Just that, well…

Me: Let's start the story before Sora kills Tai. And I need to leave before this chapter ends.

Kari: Why's that?

Me: I can tell you, because I trust you. (whispers) Someone gets kidnapped.

Kari: Who?

Me: Your brother.

Kari: (starts crying) NOT MY BROTHER! (runs off)

Tai: What'd you do to make Kari cry?

Me: Oh boy…

Tai: You'd better apologize right now!

Me: I'm sorry! NOW LEAVE ME ALONE! (runs off)

Tai: THAT WASN'T A DECENT APOLOGY! (gives chase)

Digimon: Season I

True Feelings Realized…Too Late?

Chapter I-The return of Myotismon

The DigiDestined were taking the long trek down Spiral Mountain. They'd just barely defeated Apocalymon and were deposited at the site of their previous battle against Piedmon. Everyone was restless but Tai was trying to keep everyone's spirits up.

"Don't worry, guys! I'm sure we'll reach the bottom of the mountain before the sun goes down." Tai insisted confidently.

"That's what you said an hour ago and I still see skies!" Gatomon retorted irritably.

"There's no need to argue. We just need to take a break for a while and then when we're rested, we can start moving again." Sora suggested.

Tai agreed with Sora's idea. "Okay, troops! We're taking a break!" Tai and Sora sweat dropped as everyone-including their Digimon-collapsed in a heap on the ground.
"Hehe. Guess we'll set up camp." Sora giggled.
"Guess so." Replied Tai.

While everyone slept, Tai and Sora managed to set up camp and get a fire going without Agumon's assistance. Then Tai was able to get some decent food cooked up. That pretty much got everyone else up.
Later, after everyone had their fill and went to bed, Tai took watch for the night but had an extra guest next to him in place of Agumon.

"I didn't know you cooked so well, Tai!"

Tai blushed at Sora's compliment. "Comes from Dad's side of the family. Mom does…what she can, but thanks anyway. What about you?"

"The only decent thing I could cook is eggs." Sora remarked.

"Once we get back home, I'll teach you the finer arts of cooking in my house-while Mom's out." Tai declared. Sora couldn't help but laugh at Tai holding up a cooking spoon in the air like a chef.


Tai turned his head back around to Sora. She'd suddenly found the ground a very interesting place at the moment. "Is it just me, or is she blushing?" Tai thought to himself.

"Can we make a promise? That no matter what happens to either one of us, whether you move or I move or something happens before we get home, we'll always be best friends?" Sora giggled silently as she held out her pinky finger.

Tai smiled as he grasped Sora's pinky with his own. "No matter what! Best friends forever!"

Below the DigiDestined…actually, below their campsite, a dark and demonic evil they thought they'd defeated long ago was returning thanks to the defeat of the Dark Masters and Apocalymon. As he smelled his prey, he burst through rock after rock, struggling to free himself from his prison and get to whoever he'd considered his enemy. Myotismon was his name…and he sought revenge against one of the DigiDestined…

The ground shook under Tai and Sora's feet as the noise got closer to higher ground.

"Tai, what's going on?" Sora asked worriedly.

"I don't know. It sounds like someone's under this mountain…and he, she or it doesn't sound friendly!" Tai and Sora rushed back to the campsite as fast as possible.

"Tai, what's going on?" Kari asked as Tai and Sora came running in.

"I don't know."

Then the ground split open and Myotismon appeared in all his glory, fully restored and ready for action!

"DigiDestined! I am back and ready to have my revenge on the one who defeated me." Myotismon declared.

"And I'm ready for a chance to avenge Wizardmon! Lightning Claw!!" Gatomon hurled herself at the Virus Digimon with her claws extended, ready to strike.

Myotismon laughed in response. "Please! I know every move you make, have made and will make. You were my most loyal servant. Crimson Lightning!!"

WHAP! Gatomon cried out as the red whip-like beam slashed her across the cheek. She wasn't hurt too badly. Tai got mad.

"No one hurts my sister's Digimon and lives to tell about it! Agumon! DIGIVOLVE!!"

Tai's Digivice glowed as Agumon Digivolved straight to the Champion level.

"Agumon Digivolve to…GREYMON!!!"

"You too, Biyomon!"

"Go to it, Gabumon!"

"Biyomon Digivolve to…BIRDRAMON!!!"

"Gabumon Digivolve to…GARURUMON!!!"

The three Champions started forward toward the Ghost Digimon, ready for action. The other DigiDestined's Digimon got up, Digivolved and went to help, except for Gatomon.

Myotismon chuckled as the seven Champions came closer to him. "If only they knew my ultimate plan for conquest! The Digital World will be mine before daybreak!"

"Nova Blast!!" Myotismon sidestepped to the side and avoided the fire attack.

"Meteor Wing!!" Smiling, the Ghost Digimon then pulled his cape over his head and protected himself from the fire barrage.

"Howling Blaster!!"

"Electro Shocker!!"

"Needle Spray!!"

"Harpoon Torpedo!!"

"Hand of Fate! Hyah!!"

Myotismon, who then felt it was time to unleash his newest attack, easily avoided all five attacks.

"Observe DigiDestined, your downfall as I unleash my newest attack in place of my Grisly Wing!"

Tai's eyes narrowed as he and his friends looked up at Myotismon.
"Everyone, keep your guard up."

"Energy Absorber!!"

The seven Digimon groaned as their energy was sapped from their bodies, and in turn, the DigiDestined's life energies were sapped from them! Tai struggled to stay standing, as did Sora, Matt and the others, but since the Digimon drew their strength from their partners to Digivolve, it was hard to stay standing.

"Everyone, get out your Crests!" Tai gasped out.

The Crests of Courage, Love, Friendship, Sincerity, Knowledge, Reliability, Hope and Light shot up in the air surrounded by the colors of orange, red, blue, green, purple, gray, yellow and pink. Myotismon smiled evilly as he launched himself at the eight Digivolving Digimon.

"Greymon Digivolve to…METALGREYMON!!!"
"Birdramon Digivolve to…GARUDAMON!!!"

"Garurumon Digivolve to…WEREGARURUMON!!!"

"Kabuterimon Digivolve to…MEGAKABUTERIMON!!!"

"Togemon Digivolve to…LILLYMON!!!"

"Ikkakumon Digivolve to…ZUDOMON!!!"

"Angemon Digivolve to…MAGNAANGEMON!!!"

"Gatomon Digivolve to…ANGEWOMON!!!"

The eight DigiDestined pulled themselves to their feet as their Ultimate level Digimon rushed their adversary.

"Giga Blaster!!"

"Wing Blade!!"

"Wolf Claw!!"

"Horn Buster!!"

"Flower Cannon!!"

"Vulcan's Hammer!!"
"Gate of Destiny!!"

"Celestial Arrow!!"

The attacks were absorbed by Myotismon seconds later! Even the Gate of Destiny closed and its energy was sent into him. The Virus Digimon laughed evilly as he floated toward the DigiDestined.

"What do we do now, Tai?" Matt asked.

Tai knew one thing: They were running out of options. The DigiDestined counted on him to lead the team and even if Agumon and Gabumon Warp-Digivolved, Myotismon would simply use that new attack and eventually strip them of their energy. Unless…

"I'VE GOT IT! Everyone, send your energy into Angewomon!" Tai instructed.

"Giga Blaster!!"

"Wing Blade!!"

"Wolf Claw!!"

"Horn Buster!!"

"Flower Cannon!!"

"Vulcan's Hammer!!"

MagnaAngemon chose not to activate the Gate of Destiny until the right time.

"Celestial Arrow!!"

Myotismon disappeared in a burst of light.

"Gate of Destiny!!"

It opened, but nothing went in.

"What gives? He was supposed to go in!" Matt insists.

"Maybe he was deleted." Replied Izzy.

The smoke faded and Myotismon was still there! The DigiDestined gasped in shock.

"Impossible!" yelled Tai.

"There's no way he could've survived that attack." cried Sora.

"Maybe he's at the Mega level and this is just a disguise." suggested Mimi.

"SHHHHHHHHH!!!! Don't give him any ideas!" warned all the DigiDestined-including T.K. and Kari!

"Energy Absorber!!"

The DigiDestined and their Digimon cried out as their energies were sapped from their bodies. They couldn't stand the pain any longer and dropped to their knees, unconscious, except for Tai, Sora and Kari. The Digimon deDigivolved to their Rookie forms-except for Gatomon.

"Now, to capture the DigiDestined and the Digimon I need to enact my plan! Crimson Lightning!!"

Tai barely managed to cry out as the red beam snaked him around his neck. Sora and Kari struggled to get to their knees and help Tai, but they were so weak, they could barely move their necks. Myotismon floated to where Agumon was and simply picked him up.

"TAI!" Sora barely gasped out.

"Farewell for now, DigiDestined! I'll be back for the traitor. AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA…" Tai managed to drop his Crest of Courage to the ground as Myotismon lifted him up into the sky.

"TAIIIIIIIIII!! COME BACK!" pleaded Kari. The young girl started crying softly.

"TAIIIIIIIIII!!" Sora managed to drag herself over to the Crest of Courage and gripped it tightly in her hand. "It's my fault…I should've protected you better…" Sora started crying as the night sky slowly faded away into the dawn.

Me: And now, it's time I leave before…AHH!

Sora: (strangles me) Bring…Tai…back…NOW!

Kari: Don't kill him! He can't continue the story if he's dead.

Matt: Now the fans can focus on me and not Tai!

Sora: (turns and strangles Matt) HOW CAN YOU SAY THAT ABOUT TAI?! And you have the Crest of Friendship!

Me: (gasps for breath) Go…ahead and…kill him…I won't miss him that much. (everyone turns toward me) I'm kidding! Sheesh…