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Elvin Gate


A basket of twigs carefully weaved together slowly floats down the deep blue river. Smoke wafts through the air choking the breath of any survivor. Wilted sprouts pressed into the ground.

Blood drips into the river surrounding the basket. The river becomes crimson flowing without sound. The basket shifts ever so slightly but makes no noise to disturb the eerie silence.

Long pale white fingers lift the basket from the bloody water. He kneels on the bank and sets the basket down carefully. He removes the lid to reveal soft ivory cloth. It parts to open green eyes. The young child is an infant but her eyes have a great wisdom beyond her years.

Small fingers slip from the cloth and attach themselves onto the hand of her rescuer. A small smile graces his lips. Short lashes bat innocently at the man.

"My Lady" he bows his head affectionately.

A smirk forms at the edge of her lips. The title she knows will stick. That was who she was. She releases the hand and lets him close the basket.

He holds his precious bundle close. He heads for the forest. The dark depths of the forest are feared by man. The shadows move and reshape as something else. The air whispers and cackles in your ear. It was enough to make any man go mad… and many had.

The man finally reached his destination. A large white gate stood in front of him. It's thick iron bars glinting like snow.

He reaches out a hand to grip the bars. He can feel the intricate destines beneath his fingers. The metal is cold and full of life. It whispers to the child in his arms.

He pulls the gate open to reveal a city. Hills of plush green grass tucked away farms in there valleys. Large oak trees sway in a gentle wind.

To his right the city stands. The shops are not large but they are neat. At the far end past many people is a large place. With high white walls the palace is a magnificent sight.

He sets off for it at a brisk pace. Holding the bundle close he has no trouble making his way there. The people stepped out of the way politely as the palace loomed closer.

The guards at the door hurry to open them giving them access to the inside. He stepped into the cool dark palace. Pulling the basket away he opens it once more to look at the beautiful child inside.

"This is where your new fate is to be decided." he murmured.

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