Note: Yes, this is pure crack. The challenge from the crack pairing generator was this: Echizen Ryoma/ Tezuka Kunimitsu, Speedos. This is the result. I definitely claim no ownership.

Ryoma's eye twitched. He wasn't quite sure how his senpais' had talked him into this. Something to do with Ponta and a month, he remembered. Still though, the young boy was not quite so sure he would have accepted that month of Ponta for this.

It had started out simple. Fuji-senpai had invited them all over for a party. That alone should have sent off warning bells in his head. When they were there, Fuji-senpai then had shown them the food. Since it was after a hard practice, the guys had pretty much attacked it, Momo-senpai leading them.

Eiji-senpai then decided that they needed some sort of entertainment. Fuji-senpai's sister, Yumiko, brought out her karaoke machine. The young tennis prodigy was not quite sure if he would ever be able to erase the image of Eiji-senpai and Fuji-senpai singing that Britney Spears' song, Crazy. Ryoma was sure that he just might need therapy after that. Though, that wasn't the worst thing that had happened with the karaoke machine.

Somehow, just somehow, Ryoma wasn't quite sure he wanted to know how, Eiji-senpai and Fuji-senpai had talked Momo-senpai, Oishi-senpai, and surprisingly, Tezuka-buchou, into singing NSYNC songs. Ryoma felt like that was torture enough since 1, the five sounded horrible, and 2, he had had enough of the pop music culture when he had lived in the States. Of course, the music was just now getting to be really popular in Japan since there always seemed to be a delay of a few years.

About that time, Taka-senpai had left, along with Kaidoh-senpai. Ryoma wished he had been smart enough to leave then as well. But, he had not and so, had been forced into playing one of Fuji-senpai's favorite games. It probably had something to do with Inui-senpai's latest juice, which had been purple. Bright purple with green floating things in it.

And so they had played truth or dare. Ryoma had stupidly picked dare though, when Fuji-senpai had asked. Which is why Ryoma was where he was now.

In a Speedo. And not just any Speedo. Oh no, it was Tezuka-buchou's Speedo. Ryoma did not even want to begin to think about why Tezuka-buchou had his own drawer of clothes in Fuji-senpai's room. That was just wrong, in his opinion, on so many levels. It wasn't that the fact that his senpai's were involved, for lack of a better of word, but the fact that they had clothes at each other's house. That implied something more than kissing. Since Ryoma was only twelve, he had yet to really hit puberty. So for him, just the thought of kissing someone was kind of disgusting.

Still, of all things' he would have expected Tezuka-buchou not to own a Speedo was one of those things.

A car pulled up in front of the Fuji house just then and honked. Eiji-senpai stuck his head out and came back a few minutes later saying that it was, in his own words, 'Ochibi's cousin coming to get the little guy.'

Ryoma quickly threw on his clothes, thankfully never having left Fuji-senpai's room where he had been changing. Making sure he had everything, Ryoma practically ran away from his crazy senpais and down to where his cousin was waiting for him.

Upstairs, Tezuka calmly made a remark about having to get his Speedo back the next day.