Tonks woke up with a pounding headache, she felt around her bed for her wand, but couldn't find it. She lay back. And all the memories from last night flooded through her head. "Oh shit!" she said softly looking towards the end of the bed, at a man snoring slightly in a couch-chair.

She got up as quietly as possible; which was not something she was good at. And tripped on her rug waking him just as she'd finished getting dressed

"Oh, Nymph" he said dragging himself slowly to his feet. His whole body ached from sleeping in such an uncomfortable position. It had taken him a long time to sleep, wondering what was worrying this wonderful, young witch that had been lying in the bed next to him.
Tonks wondered why he had actually stayed; he was such a gentleman… "I'm okay now Remus. I'm so sorry about last night."

She suddenly gasped; it felt as though an icy hand had grabbed her heart. Darryl! That was why she was upset in the first place. Her face paled, and considering she had a terrible hangover… it was amazing she could lose anymore colour.

She dashed into the bathroom joined to her bedroom; and retched into the toilet. Partly because she had a terrible hangover, which she could fix if she could just find her bloody wand, but also it made her sick to remember Darryl's hands roughly pressing into her back, and then his mouth on hers… She retched again. Darryl's hands all over her body; and she then felt Remus hands lift her long hair out of her face, it was such a caring gesture, and he was so gentle…

"It's okay…" he muttered soothingly rubbing her back. He reached for his wand and chanted a healing spell to rid her of her hangover. And Tonks sat back her head leaning against his chest.

"Let me have a shower" She said quietly rising to her feet.

"Okay I'll make you some breakfast, shall I?" Remus asked kindly.

Even though she felt nothing like it, she agreed. He was being so nice to her, she was feeling guilty. He would expect an explanation about her getting so drunk. It wasn't something she did often.

She let the hot water run over her body, she found a large bruise on her ribs, and she felt sore all over. She didn't doubt that Darryl had caused the bruise on her ribs or the bruises elsewhere on her body. She was glad he hadn't actually raped her. Or she would be in a much worse state than she was now.

Getting out of the shower she looked into the mirror and saw her long brown curls; she didn't bother trying to metamorphmagise herself, who would care? Everyone in this house at the moment had seen her like this anyway.

"Nymphadora, I know you don't really want to talk about it. But I think you shouldn't keep it inside. Bottling your feelings up isn't going to help you." Remus said gently, after he had watched her picking at the pancakes (her favourite) in front of her for over twenty minutes. He could tell she was upset, but she looked a little healthier than she had when she had first woken up.

"Okay, okay. I suppose you deserve an explanation. Well that git D-Darryl he, well he felt me up okay? And well he – he-" She fiddled with the button her blouse and he must have understood by now. "Happy now…!" She yelled the last two words, and felt the tears build up in her eyes again.

Remus stared at her dumbly. She had complained that Darryl was always trying to hit on her; NO! His stomach clenched tightly. No one would dare to try and hurt Nymphadora! How could anyone do that? Remus leapt to his feet and sat next to Tonks rocking her back and forth, muttering soothing words to her.

Sirius came downstairs to Tonks sobbing into Remus' shoulder. After using a quick anti-hangover spell he was feeling much better. He rubbed his eyes, or was he? Tonks never cried. He walked back out of the room and back in. But the scene before him was exactly the same.

"Tonksie…? Moony?" he asked using their nicknames. But Remus just looked up at him, his eyes clouded with anger.
"Merlin's beard, what happened?" Sirius asked touching Tonks on her shoulder. "Are you okay? Is your hangover really bad try"
"No, it's not a hangover Sirius" Remus said flatly.

"Then…?" Sirius urged Tonks pulled away from Remus and pointed to a bruise which had now spread right across her ribs.
"Oh…" Sirius said confusedly. What the hell he thought. She never cried over bruises either…
"Darryl" Remus said.

That one word had the effect Remus expected. Sirius twitched. "He didn't!" he yelled and Remus and Tonks jumped. Tonks tears dried and her mouth twitched a little. She nearly smiled.

Tonks had let herself be comforted by Remus and felt slightly better. And now seeing Sirius reaction she felt quite a lot better. Sirius was pacing up and down waving his wand and muttering.

"When I get my hands on him…" He paused for a moment. "I'll ring his fucking neck"
Tonks gave in and giggled. "Sirius, it's okay. I'll get over it, he didn't actually rape me" she finished on a more serious tone.
"I don't fucking care, he still hurt you!" Sirius cried running his fingers anxiously through his already messy hair.

Remus checked in on Tonks late that night. She had decided not to say anything about Darryl to the ministry, much to Sirius' annoyance. She said that she didn't want to cause trouble, and if he had gone much further she would have.

Remus wasn't sure whether she was sleeping or not, her breathing was even. But when he touched her forehead earlier she had flinched slightly…

"My poor Tonks…" he mumbled softly. And he ran his fingers along her jaw. She would be asleep, she was exhausted, and he must have imagined her flinching.

Tonks felt Remus touch her forehead, she tried to pretend to sleep, but her body disobeyed and twitched when he touched her. She was tingling all over. He was so, so sweet!

She knew she had a crush on him, she had for months. But why would this gorgeous, professor like her? She was 10 years younger than him, and his complete opposite.

When he touched her jaw, and mumbled something about "My Tonks" she felt her heart flutter. Did that mean – did that mean he liked her? She opened one eye slowly, and saw him jump back when he realized she was awake.
"And who – may I ask, said I was yours?" she asked cheekily; as she sat up.

Remus sat on her bed, recovering from his fright. He was quite pale, but when she touched his knee his face became pink. "Tonks please don't tempt me tonight."

But she didn't listen. She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed his cheek and moved down towards his lips, slowly. But he was impatient and he lifted his lips to meet hers. he had never felt sparks like this with another man…

"I love you Remus" she said after pulling away to take a breath. She did, she finally could admit it. She loved the gorgeous, scarred werewolf in front of her. No matter what, his imperfection made him, well him.

No one was perfect; she herself had millions of flaws – it seemed to her. And being a werewolf wasn't an imperfection, it was a cruel, cruel curse that Remus had to live with, but – she thought selfishly; it made him Remus John Lupin. And she loved every inch of him. She traced the scar on his face lovingly.

"I Love you too Nymphadora" Remus said, holding her hand gently, he looked into her eyes. "I love everything about you."

Darryl dies after…
Okay he had to stop thinking about great (and painful) way's for Darryl to die. He also had to find Remus, and ask whether Tonks kicked Darryl's butt at work today or not. He knew it wasn't Order business but decided to send his Patronus anyway.

Sirius paced around his room. He was bored out of his brain, and still angry at that dirty bastard Darryl. He wanted to know whether he got his ass kicked or not! Come on Remus…

Tonks Patronus; which was strangely a bird - came flying straight at him.

"I'm busy so is Remus! So piss off. Let's just say… Darryl is in St. Mungos, and I won't be seeing him for quite a while"
Tonks hurried voice echoed around the room slightly. Sirius took the hint; he knew exactly what they were busy with.

They were making up for lost time.