Note: More from the Crack Pairing generator. This time the challenge was: Kikumaru Eiji/Kawamura Takashi, Cinema. I claim no ownership for the people used in this fic though.

Eiji happened to like his job. He liked running around the cinema, doing odd jobs. Sure, there were some boring parts to it, like when he was forced into cleaning the bathrooms with his fellow coworker, Watanabe Yuki-kun. And sometimes Eiji had to miss practice or at least leave early.

Eiji missed out on a lot of things because of his job. At least he wasn't the only one since Taka had a job too. But all and all, it wasn't a bad job to have. After all, Eiji got to see all the latest movies, not to mention all the snacks he got. Besides, on days when he had to work after a hot practice, it was nice to come into the air conditioning.

Oishi, Tezuka, Fuji, and Ryuzaki-sensei were the only ones on the team that knew about his job though. Eiji didn't want the others to know that his family was just a little strapped for cash. He was no fool. Eiji knew that with the exception of Taka, all of his friends came from wealthy families. Heck, Ochibi's dad was a former tennis celebrity and the name Samurai Nanjiro Echizen was still brought up from time to time in the tennis community.

But even with both his parents working, Eiji still needed money. After all, there were nine people, plus a dog and a parakeet, living in his house. His older siblings all had jobs too so that they didn't have to bother their parents when they needed money. Eiji's grandfather was retired, so he didn't work and his grandmother occasionally baby-sat their neighbor's five-year-old son.

Tennis equipment wasn't cheap after all. Not to mention all the food he ate. And his friends wondered why he mooched as much as he could.

Taka had been asking the others about what a good movie to take a date to would be. Eiji almost immediately named off several of the latest movies. His friends, or at least the ones who didn't know about his job, stared at him.

"Eiji-senpai, you can actually sit still long enough to watch a whole movie?" Momo kind of spluttered out. Eiji gave his friend a playful frown. "Of course I can," the red head replied. Taka thanked Eiji for the movie advice.

Eiji left practice early, heading off to his job. After a little while, he heard a familiar voice call his name.

"Taka! Is this your date?" Eiji asked. If he could have, he would have pounced on his friend and teammate.

"Yes," the other boy said shyly. The girl giggled and whispered something in Taka's ear.

"Have a good time! Oh, and if you want refills or something, just check with me at the concession desk," Eiji told them, letting the couple go on to watch their movie.