Title: Whim
Author: Aurora-Kayd
Beta: Point-Earedpain
Disclaimer: (insert witty rendition of 'I don't own them' here)
Rating: K+ (for slash)
Summary: It was like, two in the morning. I was sick. So you get spazzy!Vincent X3


"Yes, Chief?"

"What're you doing?"


"On me?"


"While I'm trying to fly the ship."



"Because you're comfortable." A pause

"Are you drunk?" A head shake. "High? Suffer a blow to the head?"


"So… you just…"

"Felt like it."

"Felt like it." Cid echoed.

"Mm-hmm." A moment passed in silence, Vincent fiddling with a buckle, Cid more or less trapped. Then Vincent turned slightly, kissed Cid full on the mouth, got up and abruptly left the deck.

Cid remained in his chair, felling more than a bit bewildered and blinked a few times. Out in the hall, Vincent smiled as he returned to his and Cid's quarters. Confusing people never gets old, Chaos intoned inside Vincent's head.

"Indeed it doesn't."