Family Secrets

I do not have anything to do with Supernatural.

I was thinking about all of my clears throat 'family secrets'. Then I wondered 'Do our dear Winchesters have any?' :) Enjoy!

This is a four part story. One chapter for John, Mary, Dean, and Sam. :) Enjoy!

Family Secrets


Number One : Something John never told the boys and never would was that hunting was his family's business. His dad did it, his grand pop did it, and his grand-granddad did it. He was just following the footsteps. When the demon came, the business hit close to home. John never told them because the boys didn't need to know that their uncle was turned into a vampire. And they sure as hell didn't need to know that John had to kill him. Kill his own brother. So when they asked what started this whole charade, he just said 'The demon'. That was sufficient for now.

Number Two : John would never tell either son that they had an older half-sister, Joyce. She was two when she died. Somehow she ended up dead in the pool. John divorced his ex-wife, Joyce's mother, Marie and moved on with life, eventually coping and continuing to marry Mary. She was the only soul he ever told. Every year on Joyce's death date and birth date he stops by the cemetery in Jackson, New Jersey and puts a bed of flowers on her ever lonely grace. As far as he knows, Marie has passed away.