Family Secrets

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Family Secrets


Number Five : Something Jess would never tell, ever, was that she had powers. She wasn't sure how she had them. Heck, she wasn't even sure when they'd work. But they did. She could tell you what people were thinking. And that came in handy for her. But it was still a pain to deal with, especially if you were in a crowd. So she avoided situations that would send her on overload and just worked with ones that were relaxing. Like being alone with Sam. But her powers began to act up before Dean came to take his brother away. She could tell what people were thinking – five blocks away. And that started to scare her a little. But she ignored it and pressed on. Then the demon came. And the last thought she had, wasn't hers. It was the demon's. Sam's mine…

Hope you all enjoyed it! I had an awesome job writing it.

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