Chappie 6: looks like it's that time of year again! Update!! Ahh jk guys. Well. Ok. Quick recap. First chappie…blah…2nd blah…3rd blah…4th blah…5th! 5th Wally saw kuki with hoagie. He was mad. This chappie wally will…dun dun dunn…..UNLEASH HIS RAAAAAAAGE!!! XD anyway. Enjoy everyone! Just a note. Italics is a thought. Just in case I don't feel like writing it out…you'll get it. Soo…let's say kuki was thinking about pie. I'd do this. '(kuki) "pie."' alright peeps? Ok. Let's get this goin!

"Ooooooh my gooooosh…look at WALLY!!! HE LOOKS SOOOO CUTE WHEN HE'S ANGRY!" A fan girl said. All the other girls giggled. "AGH…I GOTTA GET ALL THESE GIRLY GIRLS OFFA ME!!!" Wally thought. Suddenly he saw a boy with blonde hair go by him. "Hmmm…" Wally said scratching his chin. Wally tackled the boy, Nick, gave him a backpack identical to Wally's, fixed his sweater so he looked like he a had a bowl cut, and whistled. All the fan girls turned around from their gossiping. Wally, wearing Nick's hat, "LOOK!!! IT'S THAT WALLABEE AGAIN!!!"

Nick looked, and the next thing he knew he was being chased by millions of girls. "YES…" Wally whispered. Then he saw Hoagie with Kuki again. And was really…really…MAD. He lifted his sleeves and stormed over to Kuki and Hoagie. "ARE YOU SERIOUS? Mushi just slid down the stair rail and fell on her face?" Hoagie laughed.

Wally lifted his hand and gave Hoagie a clean punch in the face. Kuki looked at Hoagie in horror, "OH MY GOD!!! HOAGIE!!!" She yelled sitting next to him on the floor, "Are you ok?!" Hoagie wiped some of the blood off his lip, "Yeah…Oww…" Kuki stood up and glared at Wally, nose to nose, "I. Hate. You. You know that? WHAT THE HECK DID YOU DO THAT FOR, YOU JERK?!" Wally looked at her, then at Hoagie and stammered, "Well….he…" (Wally) "Come on…I gotta be tough. I can't be a wimp. BE A MAN!" "He was in my way." Wally said, proud. "Oh. Well. I'm in your way. You gonna punch me to the floor?" Kuki asked. (Wally) "What do I say?" "It's not good to hit girls." (Wally) "Smooth." Kuki scanned him and scoffed, "You're such an idiot. And a jerk." She turned around and helped Hoagie up and walked away with him. "HE'S SOOOOO MANLY!!!" A fan girl in the back squealed. "YEAH! BUT HOAGIE DIDN'T GET ANY REVENGE! THAT'S WAAAAY MANLIER!" All the fan girls murmured in agreement. "Laaaater looooooser." The fan girls said to Wally as they chased Hoagie, "WAIT FOR US HOAGIEEEE!!!" While Wally just stood there in disbelief of all that happened within 2 minutes.

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