Why Do You Seem So Familiar? PART TWO!

Ok here's what's happened so far. Wally gets hits by a car, goes to hospital, meets familiar nurse,

leaves hospital, sees nurse's sister, then a voice says "excellent." So that's a summary of the last chappie.

this chappie we're gonna figure out who the mystery guy is...

"Excellent." A voice said.

Wally walked downtown with his hands in his pockets. He saw a group of teenagers, 5 to be exact. Two had blonde hair, 1 boy and 1 girl. 2 had brown hair 1 boy and 1 girl and the last boy had a beanie on his head so you couldn't see his hair, but you could see his beautiful hazel eyes. They all wore similar outfits but in different shades of blue. The blonde girl wore light blue capris and a white tank top.

The brown haired girl wore baby blue jeans and a long sleeved white shirt. The blonde haired boy wore brown khakis and a light blue polo with a sweater around his neck. The brown haired boy wore light brown shorts and a white collared shirt. And lastly the beanie kid was wearing a Hawaiian shirt and beige khakis (he's kinda different than the rest huh?) They all wore sneakers except for the beanie kid, he wore sandals.

"Hey Lenny, where should we go now?" The blonde girl asked. The beanie kid shrugged, "I dunno." Wally found something VERY familiar about this group of teens. He walked up to them, "Hey I'm-" The 5 answered simultaneously, "WALLABEE! W-WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?" They questioned, stepping back. Wally looked at them, "How'd you know my name?" The 5 kids sighed, "How could you not remember us? We're the Delightful Teenagers From Up The Street!" Wally snickered a little bit, "The Delightful Te-" They all shook their heads, "We know, we know it's lame but Father I mean our father makes us introduce ourselves like that. Anyway you don't remember us?"

The blonde girl asked, smiling, batting her eyelashes close to his face. Wally stepped back, "Uhhh..no." They all looked at each other evilly, "Well why don't you come with us to meet Father? I mean, our father?" Wally smiled, "Sure." In the alley the voice answered eerily again, "Excellent." The blonde haired boy led him to their new mansion, "We got a new mansion. The other one was too childish. It looked too much like our CHILDHOOD." Wally looked at him, "Childhood? You guys are lucky. I don't remember my childhood." As they reached for the doorknob

Wally stepped back, feeling like something bad was about to happen.

"You know what? I completely forgot about...my...uhh..dentist appointment! I need to go...NOW." Wally looked at them. The 5 shook their hands in anger, then turned to him with a smile, "Go ahead." Wally ran off, "Thanks guys!" Wally sighed with relief as he ran away.

OK THEN...what was up with that? Ok just wanted a little bit of action but anyway, I don't think we'll see the Delightfuls for the rest of the story but that's up to you! Review!